What are your opinions of homeopathic vs prescriptions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tiredTina, May 29, 2003.

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    I talked with someone today who's sister has fibro and has been taking homeopathic meds and is doing 80% better. She is so enthusiastic about it and swears by it. I'm not so sure how I feel about it, I had an experience taking some vitamins and supplements from Bob Canon's Vitamin Store (in Valencia, CA) and it really didn't do all that much for me. And it was ssoooo expensive. I know someone else who swears by an acupuncturist/herbalist. Says she's in remission....I guess I just need some info. Can anyone help?
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    My husband just started taking homepathic drugs for sleep and pain control, he feels much better than he did. My aunt who has FM says they don't work for her at all. My advice is ask your doctor if they are o.k. and if he says yes-which he should, try them. Everyone is so different, what works for one person won't work for someone else. Good luck.
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    Hi Tina,

    Homeopathy seems to have worked for me. After trying many different treatments, I tried electrodermal screening at my chiropractors office. I felt better in less than a month and after 6 weeks, I feel that I am in total remission.

    The machine will also tell you which of your supplements you should take and how much. But basically, the drops are all that you need. The machine finds out what all your weaknesses are and the drops repair the imbalances that are causing your illness.

    It's harmless, relatively inexpensive, and worth a try.

    Good Luck,

    Mrs. Zoso
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    I obviously don't know all that much on the subject, but you all have given me enough to check into it. I appreciate it! :)
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    I just wanted to say that I researched this the other day and all I found was sites saying that the machines
    were not effective and listed as quack devices.
    Who knows, they may help some though.
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    I too am using homeopathic remedies under the supervision of my doc. I love it when we try new remedies -- he doesn't use a machine but lays the meds on my chest and puts his fingers in my ears to test my body's reaction to them. I can't see what he's putting on my chest since I'm lying flat on my back, but I can usually feel my body's response to the ones he ends up giving me. Some give me a feeling of "rightness" and my body calms.

    Anyway, the homeopathics work for me. My FM symptoms have settled down tremendously since I started. Now, my reactive arthritis is the major problem instead of the other way around.

    As someone else said, homeopathics are not supplements or even herbs. There's a lot to learn!
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    I don't believe this has to be a "vs" situation.
    I see a D.O. and in order to best treat me as an individual, (according to those treatments that work best in my situation), I take homeopathic remedies, and also many vitamins, supplements, herbs, and also need prescription drugs.

    By choosing one over the other, a person is limiting themselves to something which might very much avail them benefits. Additionally I have some symptoms which homeopathy, vitamins, supplements, herbs, just will not address. These are treated with RX'es. There are many other aspects of my CFS/FM that respond better with homeopathy or other methods for me. So in my situation it is very much a combination of both that are essential to my treatment.

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    that spun off, I think, from some people that weren't having success with Guaifenesin. Through them I found a company called Custom Homeopathics. customhps. They do testing through your saliva and then make individual remedies specific to each person's needs.

    Seems like lots of people have success with it ... and it is something I want to try. Anyway, supposedly they have great customer service and support. Something to look into for those that are interested. Love to hear of any of you who are doing well on HP's. Hugs,
  9. layinglow

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    I think there is a flaw in that line of thinking. Most people are under the assumption that because something is "natural", it has no side affects. That is not the case. One of the problems is first, this belief, secondly the lack of research and studies that have been done, in controlled conditions, and with a high patient numbers, and thirdly the lack of information available on the side effects.
    Natural, herbal remedies do have side effects. They have been know to produce paradoxial reactions in differing individuals. The substances and active ingredients are those which developed into modern pharmacology. Even on their own without introducing RX'es into the picture, one can find side effects, and contra-indications in herbs. For example---something as safe sounding as sage, should not be used by epileptics, as it contains thujone. Ginseng is contra-indicated in those with hypertension. Nutmeg has been known to produce convulsions and palpatations. Lavendar is a uterine stimulant, and will greatly increase cramping during menstruation. Hops, should be avoided by those who suffer from depression. I could go on indefinitely, but think I have made my point clear. Natural remedies do have side effects, just as prescription medicines have. The fact that the side effects and contra-indications are not readily available to the consumer makes them hazardous, if taken without the assistance of a trained professional, or a great deal of research. This occurs all the time, due to the misconception that they have no side effects and if they are natural--certainly they are safe. Exact dosages are also another problem in this area. Many can be quite toxic, doing liver, and kidney damage, cause comas, etc. when taken in higher doses.
    Some assume that if a little is remedying their problem, more would be beneficial, and again in comes the misconception that after all, they are herbal and completely safe; a little more won't hurt.

    We then run into the problem of mixing herbal or natural, with prescription meds, and the knowledge of side effects and contra-indications there, is very dismal.
    Let me give you an example of posts on the board within recent months. The first deals with olive leaf extract. Time and time again, I see in replies, those who respond saying to the poster, "use olive leaf extract". One would assume this a benign substance, after all its natural, and for pete sakes its made from olive leaves, correct?
    Herein lies the problem. All herbs, and plants have chemical compounds and active ingredients (that is where most of our drugs are derived from). When a poster is told to use olive leaf extract, and the replier has no knowledge or history of other conditions, or medications that this person is taking, grave consequences can follow. The person asking for advice assumes--this advice is good---after all its "natural" i.e. safe, what harm could it do? When in fact olive leaf extract should never be taken by those who are on hypertension medications, blood thinning meds, or diabetic meds. Finding this contradiction is tough, it will take you hours of research to uncover, as there is very little research in this area.
    Another example which happened recently was a person who decided to take St. John's Wort. Unfortunately, she was on an SSRI, also. This can result in Serotonin Syndrome, a life threatening crisis. They should never be used in combination.

    I think we need to be very careful. Herbs do have side effects and contra-indications. You state all drugs have side effects. Yes, drugs have side effects, these are clearly listed and easily found in the literature provided by the pharmacy, and the prescribing doctor. Not everyone who takes a particular drug will have one, or any, of those side effects; a small percentage may have them.
    Herbs are often purchased with very little knowledge or the help of a practicioner, and are assumed safe. These are substances that do have consequences to many, with side effects and contra-indications.

    As I said, I have to use a variety of treatments, ranging from herbal, homeopathic, supplements, vitamins, and conventional medicines. I am not convinced that there are any more ill effects from the prescription medicines I have tried as compared to some of the homeopathic, or herbal remedies. I have had adverse effects, probably equally in both. I think we should be cautious in our treatment with both, relying on the competance of our physicians, and research on our part as well. In my opinion, due to the lack of trials and research, and the tendency for many not to research thoroughly, or treat themselves by enlisting help from those without knowledge of their current meds and other existing conditions, and the ease of availability without a practioners assistance, makes the "natural" routes a potential for harm.

    I am not sure I understand the reference about just treating the symptoms with RXes....as this is done equally with homeopathic and herbal preparations, as well. There are a few maladies we can "cure" that occur in these DD's, such as candida overgrowth (which can be cured with both rx'es and "naturals"), however, these syndromes are merely a list of symptoms, anyway. There is no cure, so we are left with the only option available; treating symptoms, and trying to improve overall health.

    Best wishes, LL
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    Who specialized in homeopathy--at that time I had NO clue what it was, at all! But figured my PHS at the time covered him, so good times! I didn't understand his line of questioning. So he had me buy his book on how homeopathy works. Well, I read it and was skeptical. But I went back to him and when I came back he 'customed tailored' some remedies for my symptoms. He gave me pills under my tongue and said NOT to touch them. Or they would be ineffective...But I was like, they are going in my mouth wouldnt that render them even more ineffective? He also, told me not to smell coffee or tea tree oil. The former is impossible to not do! So he said, "Disregard it". I was said ok. He promised in 30 days I would be free from depression, anxiety, hair loss and skin problems. I was SO excited.
    Well, nothing happened :-( and I never went back

    I have heard Many people helped by these pills, so I really can't discount them. I mean homeopathy, is an old form of medicine and is really the safest of any I can think of.

    So, If it works for you. And you can afford it. Go for it!
    I tried one pill for my headaches also,,,, unfortunatly, it didnt work. Oh well. I tried
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    I was just posting what I came across via research
    on this topic. It was unbiased on my part.

    I, myself, have had both bad and excellent experiences with chiropractic care. The first dr. I saw just pulled
    everyone and those in family into the office and made
    them go many many many times. I also heard he
    bilked insurance companies. I do not believe he had
    my best interests at heart.

    My current chiropractor is wonderful. He treated
    me lots and lots and lots of times for FREE. I was
    a very bad case and although he helped somewhat,
    he didn't help enough and I ended up with surgery that
    was not successful. He let me go to his office
    just for PT if I wanted. No appts, just call and see if certain things were free. When I had my surgery,
    he visited me in the hospital - he wanted to observe
    the surgery but he could not due to a previous commitment. He did want me to go and see him
    after the surgery to help me get minimal scarring.

    My orth. surgeon agreed because he had faith in
    him. The first time I went he called me up at home
    and asked me how I was doing after he worked on
    me. I told him I was in so much pain. WHen I went
    back the next time the PT told me the dr. asked everyone what they did to me! LOL Anyway,
    my point is that there are both good and bad in
    all professions. I currently am trying to seek
    out an ND.

    On another subject, I have only heard bad things
    about Live Blood Cell analysis. Probably on
    quack but I have heard from people themselves.
    My neighbor believes in it.

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    ..the problem I have with homeopathy, is that if the theory behind it is correct, then everything we think we know about physics is wrong and we have to start all over again.

    to LAYINGLOW - why can't you take OLE with meds for hypertension? That's one I never learned. Klutzo