What are your SYMPTOMS ??? Presently in the Past

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  1. 1sweetie

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    I have seen numerous surveys in the past but if this question was asked, I don't remember. I know we are all similar but I want to know how similar. This disease has many symptoms and they come & go. I'm going to do 2 lists...One that I'm currently experiencing and in the order of how they are affecting me and the 2nd list of symptoms that are better at the present time but still appear from time to time or are being controlled by meds.


    1. Serious Cognitive Dysfunction

    2. Memory Problems

    3. Pain (all over body pain)

    4. Flu like symptoms

    5. Sensitivity to noise, motion, sound, light, smells

    6. Irritable Bowel/Constipation/Bloating/Pain/Spasms

    7. GERD

    8. Nausea

    9. UNRELENTING FATIGUE (This should have been 2nd on this


    10. Lack of concentration

    11. Irritability

    12. Deep depression due to not knowing how to deal

    13. Loss of self worth

    14. Pain in feet that is not controlled by anything for over
    30 minutes

    15. Uncontrollable sweating/Heat Intolerance

    16. Abnormally low body temperature

    17. Weight Gain and can eat very little

    18. Edema

    19. Dry Eyes

    20. Strange issues in mouth

    21. Sinus/Allergies/Mucous(mainly in the early morning

    22. Sciatic Pain

    23. Difficulty breathing with only a small amount of
    physical activity.

    24. Numb feeling in hands. Drop things

    25. Scar badly now

    Symptoms that are better due to medication

    1. Sleep (It takes 5 different pills)

    2. Restless legs (These pills are also the ones that help

    3. Swollen lymph nodes(not as often)

    4. Difficulty Swallowing(not as often)

    5. Headaches(Better due to sleep improvement)

    6. Heavy bruising

    7. Deep bone pain in thighs

    8. Some improvement in hand pain

    9. Ringing in ears and fullness in ear (lasted for 2 years)

    10. Orthostatic Hypotension (Great improvement & I don't
    know why)

    11. Finger nails will grow again

    12. I use to have a strange smell that smelled like burned
    sugar especially on my hands.

    13. Falling down lots

    14. Blackouts

    I certain that I have forgotten so much and will remember when I see what each of you are feeling.

    Symtoms that are under control due to meds
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  2. Cromwell

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    I think all of these. I hardly use meds, so cannot answer the med thing, so pain lasts more than 30mins period.
    Gotta go

    Our new oven door just fell off, gee, anyone know how to fix it?

    Love Anne C

  3. 1sweetie

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  4. FoggyDayz

    FoggyDayz New Member

    1. Serious Cognitive Dysfunction

    2. Memory Problems

    3. Pain (primarily in legs)

    4. Fatigue

    5. Lack of concentration

    6. Insomnia (I think this is caused by meds though)

    7. Depression/Frustration

    8. Abnormally low body temperature

    9. Low blood pressure

    10. Canker sores in mouth (multiple - to the point of not being able to talk/eat)

    11. Chronic sinusitis

    12. Sciatic Pain

    13. Numbness and tingling in arms/hands

    14. Cramping in calves of legs

    I'm on Cymbalta, Relafin (sp?), Florinef, birth control pills, Flonaise nose spray, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, and a Multi-Vitamin, and salt tablets when I am having dizzy spells.
  5. chloeuk

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    Feeling exhausted all of the time
    Short term memory loss
    severe dizziness
    Pain in most joints
    morning stiffness(joints)
    Numbness down one side of my body
    muscle pain like running a marathon, muscle weakness
    bladder problems
    tachycardia..confirmed that dizziness is due to my cardiac function being affected by cfs.
    rash on face and chest
    feel hot then cold
    pins and needles in hands and feet
    short tempered and very forgetful
    change in cholestrol normal to 6.9
    sore throat, mouth ulcers
    bruise very easily
    blurred vision( do get migraines tho)
    sugar craving weight gain of 17lbs in 3 weks due to prednisone
    fighting depression...been there before in and out of hospital, I am determind to try to stay positive and hope like hell this flare will pass.
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  6. jane32

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    Oh gosh I feel bad for posting b/c my symptoms are low. I think I had a lot more last year when I first came down with it..in fgact I know I did but now I am doing better then before but still can't work or plan and I spend my days indoors with the tv and computer.

    1. Fevers-my biggest problem-up to 101 during fever cycles and in the middle of the month now it seems.

    2. Fever and flu like cycles-every month I feel like I get the flu-aches and chill and all then it goes away after 10 days.

    3. Fatigue

    4. Short term memory problems

    5. Always word searching-can't remember names or places

    6. Insomnia -constant waking through the night and early morning. It is hard to fall back asleep. Working on this now with Lunesta.

    7. Muscle weakness

    8. Musle pain when I do too much-like walking or stretching

    9. white coated tongue I guess from candidas..weird mouth

    10. If I have my fevers then I can't stand loud noises and sounds. I am not sure if I could go to a movie theater.

    11. Headaches after doing too much (usually 4 hrs.)

    12. I have always had Gerd issues but new diet is helping.

    Hopefully my list continues to shrink. I think if I could knock out the fevers my fatigue would be better...if only my wishes came true!
  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

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