what are your thoughts/Dr, Klapow/"new" roundworm in CFS patients

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    I just read on this site about Dr. Klapow's discovery in the year 2000, I believe, of this "new" roundworm (C. pulmoni) in PWCs in a high percentage of people with CFS -found in PWCs sputum, and I can't find any real recent mention of the study. I searched the Message Board topics for Dr. Klapow and there was nothing discussed that I found.

    The part that intrigued me was how he says this roundworm could apparently be responsible or partly responsible for Orthostatic Intolerance, low cortisol levels, and memory and immune problems, I think? I hope I remembered that correctly but now I'm not sure if that's right. I wonder if anyone here has read any very recent info. about this "C. Pulmoni" roundworm in CFS patients.
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    and it's very interesting. The time it takes for the test though makes it's costly, though I gather they're looking for a better one.

    Another potential chronic pathogen which I presume is treatable.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



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    We are just walking hotels for every pathogen that decides to take up residency. Kind of like the human version of the Roach Motel. If we could just find the human version of Raid, we would be better off.

    Love, Mikie
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    why oh why did you say that! I just got the most awful mental picture....

    I just know it's gonna show up in my dreams tonight! ROFL