What are your underlying INFECTIONS and HORMONE DEFICIENCIES?

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    This is sort of a companion thread to Kathy622's "Name the Name" Lyme thread. I'd like to know who has what infection and how it's manifested or affected hormones (if applicable.)

    Seems like no one has "JUST" Lyme anymore! It's well known that chronic infection DOES affect hormone output status. Many of us have low thyroid function, poor adrenal function and have lost the ability to make growth hormone.

    An infection list would be hard to manage as there are so many possible combinations. I have started this thread but won't have time to respond to it.

    My daughter is getting married on Sun 8/24 and I'm working on getting kyphoplasty done on 5-6 osteoporosis related compression fractured vertebrea. I need to do something SOON because I've been essentially bedridden since Feb with severe back pain.

    One thing is clear to me -- Lyme causes immune system supression where our bodies can't control every day pathogens. This point was made clear in the movie "Under Our Skin".


    One or more strains of Borrelia;
    borderline positive for mycoplasma pneumonia;
    Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) -- caught this in Jan in Phoenix so I hope it's GONE!


    Pituitary: growth hormone;
    Thyroid: very low T3 & T4 -- NORMAL TSH and no ABs;
    Adrenal: very low production of cortisol and DHEA;
    Sex hormones: premature menopause at age 38 -- currently have pellets installed in fatty area of hip.

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    I have not been diagnosed with Lyme but I am looking into this as a possibility of some of my health issues.

    Hormonally? Well I am a mess...

    I have a residual pituitary tumor that is making itself known so everything is messed up as far as pituitary hormones, which includes just about everything...LOL

    Thank you for this interesting post,

    Karen :)

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