what are your ways to lose weight

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  1. jojo114

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    so people anyone gained or lose weight lately
  2. ST1978

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    I lost 57 pounds on Slim 4 Life. I also joined a gym. I was told diet and excercise would make me feel better. I feel better emotionally, but I'm still tired and in pain.
  3. valleyann

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    Since the beginning of January, I have lost almost 20 lbs. And I have another 18 lbs to go, so I"m halfway there... :)

    I haven't really been exercising, but I have lost it by eating only healthy foods. I have cut out all (most) sugar, salt, bad fats, and bad carbs. I usually eat only fresh food, like veggies, fruits, and lean meat. And I only drink water, tea, and coffee (with skim milk).

    So not only do I eat healthy, but I'm making sure I don't eat as much calories as my body burns, thus weight loss. So I try to limit 200 or so calories 5 - 6 meals a day.

    I also start every morning, with supplements "Greens" which is a green supplement, Omega-3 pills, Multivitiman pills, and Magnesium Citrate pills.

    Anyways, that's what has been working for me. I like to call it a lifestyle change, rather than a diet, because now I only like these foods and have no cravings anymore.

    I will be starting an exercise program soon...probably more walking, yoga, and maybe some light weight lifting.

  4. momof471

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    I'm doing weight watchers I've lost 45 lbs in almost 11 months. I still have a long way to go but its working for me. It would go faster if I could work out more.
  5. Catseye

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    Just like skeesix, I tossed out all unhealthy food and the weight just slipped off. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar and lots n lots of veggies.

    When you give up wheat and dairy, it's an easy rule to follow and you automatically eliminate 90% of all junk foods: crackers, cookies, breads, ice creams, cereals, pasta, yogurt, etc.

    And you start eating veggies until you're blue in the face. Then, one day you wake up and you crave them and love them. I eat a bowl of veggies 4-5 times every day. I eat just a little every couple of hours or so and never eat until I'm full, only until I'm not hungry anymore. When I drink juice, I drink about 1/4 of a small glass, just a few sips.

    If you don't like veggies, boil them in chicken broth with lots of onion, garlic and all colored peppers and then they're yummy.

    good luck!

  6. Greenbean7

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    I lost 52 lbs on Atkins about 4 years ago and have kept most of it off. However, I don't recommend Atkins, especially since we are already sick and I think we need more fruits and veggies. Thinner might look better, but healthy is the key.

    I eat a lot of fruit and some veggies. The only veggies I like are carrots and radishes. I eat apples, oranges, grapes and most any other fruit I can get my hands on. I also eat raw almonds a a small (ok, tiny!) box of raisens for a snack.

    I also eat several small meals aday and I think that is a big one. Keeps me from binging at the end of the day.

    I see those commercials for the "miracle diet program of the day". If you read the small print at the bottom it always says "when used in conjuction with a sensible diet and exercise program". Hum, wonder what does it? The sensible diet and exercise or the pills you paid a fortune for!!

  7. hollie9

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    You guys who cut wheat and dairy, you also are eating lean meat and veggies?

    Do you ever get constipated from lack of cereal type food?

    Does it take a lot of prep time to fix your veggies, are you cooking with great recipes or anything? I don't have the energy to be cooking a lot. Do you buy veggie burgers and frozen stuff like that?

    What about kids and husband, do they go along with the same diet, if not do you cook two meals?

    Your results are really impressive, I could do it for awhile but my husband would not be willing.

    I take it you're not drinking wine?

    Very interesting.

  8. Clay2

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    Lymphocytic colitis, 36 pounds in less than a year. Sorry, couldn't resist. Black humor.

    Seriously, my wife is doing really well by convincing herself she is gluten intolerant. Like BI said above, once you stop eating gluten, there isn't much use for sugar. Ask her what her symptoms are from eating gluten, "it makes me fat". She's deadly serious.

    Constipation isn't a problem with enough fruit, and magnesium supplements help too.
  9. katvwolf

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    I've been on Weight Watchers for 11 years, minus my pregnancies. It helped me lose and keep off the weight. Plus, it teaches you how to eat and doesn't deprive you. You can eat everything in moderation.

  10. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    When you guys say "gluten free" are you talking about no grains at all or are things like Ezekial Bread or other gluten free grains OK for you to eat?

    What do you have for breakfast? Are you eating egg whites or whole eggs?

    How are you cooking these bowls of vegetables? One of you said boiling, can you fry them in olive oil?

    Any of you using protein powder and making shakes from it?

    It sure sounds like you're getting good results, and without exercise, that's dynamite. I can't seem to lose on any diet, have a history of yo-yo dieting and take meds that hamper weight loss. So I'm needing a new way to take off some pounds.

    I can't picture what veggies you are eating, broccoli, chard, peppers?

    Any help appreciated.

  11. ILM

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    25 lbs when I first removed all milk products from my diet.
    No cheese, no cows milk, no casein, no lactose, no whey.
    No traces of dairy.

    Most boxed food products contain milk, so all of those foods are out.

    I lost 25 lbs in about 3 weeks.

    Now I limit fried foods. When I eat out I choose grilled chicken or a salad.

    B/c of the milk ( I am allergic) I don't eat any desserts unless I make them myself and i'm not too into baking.

    I never ever deny myself.
    When you start denying yourself then you cave in and binge.

    I eat a few cookies or a few bites of chocolate when I want it.

    I also read all labels. I know what I am eating, how much fat and how many calories. I know what all the secret words are ie potassium lactate is milk.

    I use olive oil and eat a lot of veggies.

    It's about simple choices. Limit fried foods, eliminate dairy, fill up on salads and veggies before you touch the dinner plate and drink water.

    I drink propel flavored water b/c it's easier to drink that plain water. I drink 32+ ounces a day.

    And no soda. I do not buy sodas to keep in the house.
    I will drink them sometimes when we go out and when I get sick, but other than that I keep it out of the house.
    And if we are somewhere with a fountain and I am not drinking unsweet tea I will do half diet and half regular soda, it doesn't affect the flavor but it cuts sugar.

    You have to take little steps like that and be very aware of what you are putting in your mouth.
    Other than that I don't diet. I am 5'7 and 130 lbs.

    hope this helps.

  12. ILM

    ILM New Member

    I also use whole grains.
    No white anything.

    Whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, brown rice.

    No bleached white flour ever.

    Adding whole grains in makes such a difference.

    Where there are 2 options pick the healthier one.
  13. moab341

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    has illuded me for the last year and a half. I gained about 25 lbs and cannot take it off.
    I lost weight on Atkins and I simply cannot eat carbs and lose weight.
    I feel awful when I eat them, so it's not even an option. Of course I get a few in the veggies I eat, but that's about it.
    I take supplements for what I can't eat.

    I've been too tired and sore to exercise much in the last year, but I am starting to walk again.
    It's sooooo frustrating when I was so thin and gained weight without ever really changing my eating habits.

    I take Neurontin and will talk to my new Dr. about that when I see him Monday. I have so many questions to ask him!

    I want to get back in my skinny clothes.

  14. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    That is impressive weight loss!

    I'm not sure I could ever get that result. I already don't eat fried foods, eat only whole grains, never white flour products, haven't had a soda in years, haven't eaten sugar for years and check ingredients to make sure it's not there in any form. I do add Stevia sometimes.

    The only thing I do different is eat milk products, only fat free.

    I was checking the calorie counts on products that are gluten and dairy free, and they are high! I average about 1100 calories a day. Yet don't lose weight.

    Unfortunately I just ordered more whey protein powder, I guess that's out on a dairy free diet. It doesn't have casein or lactose in it.

    Any idea what your daily approx. calorie count is with the no dairy diet? You said you check for calories.

    Are you eating eggs or egg whites?

    What are you eating for breakfast if all dairy, eggs and grains are removed?


  15. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I was so bad off for awhile last year that the only things I could eat were veggies, brown rice, chickpeas, apples, grapes and very tiny servings of chicken or fish. I ate these for months. My liver was congested and couldn't hardly handle anything. For the veggies, I get broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, onions, garlic, all colors of peppers (esp yellow and orange, best tasting) and potatoes. Use tons of onion, garlic and peppers for better flavor, cut them up small and boil them in chicken broth or alone. Just get as many different colors of veggies as possible, even rotate them around. A big pot will last for days. Then I just eat some every couple of hours or so. My husband would not eat a veggie unless it tasted like a cream puff.

    I hate to tell you, you're gonna hate me, but I have a maid now. My husband was doing all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry for 3 years AND running the business while I was incapacitated so about a year ago I moved us out of the country where full time help was cheap. We don't have any children. I couldn't let him kill himself anymore. Now she does all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My husband and I do the shopping now. She cooks separate stuff for both of us. He won't eat my stuff and I certainly can't eat his. I stopped smoking and drinking wine when I got ill 4 years ago. There was no "quitting" involved, I couldn't move or feed myself. Wine and Marlboros were the farthest thing from my mind. I don't miss them at all now, BTW.

    For breakfast, I have a big bowl of veggies! And then about an hour later I have a poached egg. But before breakfast, I take a bunch of pills and some powders.

    Now I have finally been able to introduce other things into my diet. I've gotten over my food allergies so I eat energy bars and dehydrated foods made with nuts, fruits and veggies, all raw. I have protein, fiber and green food powders. I have totally changed my taste for food. When I first tried all this stuff about 3 years ago, (the powders and green foods) I thought it was really gross. Now my body says "aahh, thanks" when I suck some down.

    I do have grains with some of the dehydrated foods, but not alot. I eat alot of brown rice and chickpeas. Look at xchocoholics post in the chit chat board about healthy recipes. A bunch of us have submitted quite a few there.

    I have no clue what my calorie count it. I have lost my cravings for food. I only eat when I'm hungry. I think people like to eat all the time (I used to, anyway) because we were so depleted of nutrients that our bodies were telling us to eat but we kept putting the wrong things in our mouths. You can get gluten free breads, crackers and cookies, but you can overboard with them and just fatten yourself up. Just because it's gluten free doesn't mean it's nutritious, it just means it's not as bad for your digestive system. Use them as transition foods while your body gets used to the veggies. You have to acquire a taste for healthy food. It took me a very long time, but now I hate junk food and can't eat it. About the only junk food I know I could eat and enjoy is some Hagen Daaz ice cream. But then I'd pay dearly for it the next day.

    You definitely want to cut down on grains. Cereal and milk or toast and butter are probably the worst things you can have for breakfast, the cereal and milk are both full of sugar. Plus grains aren't all that easy to digest. I've eaten tons of different things for breakfast trying to figure out what's best for me and veggies and protein were it. Grains are fattening, filling and not the best source of nutrients. I'd use the whey protein powder as long as you don't have a dairy intolerance. But mix it with a small amount of water instead of any type of milk. Remember, you're eating for your body now, not your mouth and tummy! Bummer yes, but that's the price we pay for living in a junk food society.

    And there's nothing wrong with eggs but I'd get the cage free or organic ones for sure. They're twice as expensive as regular eggs, but still cheap as far as food goes. And they taste better, ALOT better. Poaching an egg is easy and you don't have to worry about grease. Just pour a little bit of vinegar in some boiling water, put the fire down so it's not a big, rumbling boil and gently pour the egg in it. Depending on how you like it, it should be cooked in 2-3 minutes. I like them runny, so more like 2-2 1/2 minutes. It's like a grease-less fried egg. And you'll really appreciate organic eggs this way. Yum!

    I don't eat any red meat, either. It's too hard for me to digest. I use ground turkey if I have a "red meat craving". One last rule for me with food is food combining. Protein and starches (steak and potato, hamburger and bun, chili with meat and beans, rice and meat) are extremely hard to digest when mixed together. You may not notice, but you won't be able to get all the nutrition out of the food this way. Starches begin digestion in the mouth and need an alkaline environment. Meats need good, strong stomach acid. When they mix in the stomach, the alkaline neutralizes the acid somewhat and nothing gets broken down properly. That's why chili is so musical!

    I'm sorry, it's not easy and you have to do alot of meal planning, but the results are worth it. The biggest problem with a healthy diet is the expense. Fresh produce is alot more expensive than the food that comes in a box.

    bon appetite!

  16. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I'm slowly losing weight by avoiding artificial sweeteners MSG and other synthetic foods.
  17. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    ...how you all are doing it.

    I didn't cut dairy completely out of my diet because unless you are lactose intolerant I don't see a big deal in having a little dairy in your diet. I do have fat free though. Usually I have some skim (fat free) milk in my coffee every day and every so often I have cheese with my meal.

    I typically don't eat grains...you can get fibre from fruit and veggies, but also i take a fibre supplement every morning. I can't stress enough how important fibre is! The daily recommendation is 25 g and it coats your stomach preventing sugar from being absorbed. So it's great! That's why I take it first thing in the morning. I have been thinking about adding some whole grain bread and wraps back into my diet, because I do enjoy those. I just think it has to be in moderation though.

    Other than my fibre supplement (powder form - sugar free), every morning I also take this drink this supplement called Greens (powder form - with water), it has amazing things in it like Licorice Root, Royal Jellie, Milk Thistle, and many more extracts. It's a good supplement if you feel you aren't getting enough veggies.

    Along with my two supplment drinks in the morning, I take omega 3 pills, multivitiman pills, and magnesium citrate (I think I have mentioned this above).

    Then I finished off my breakfast with one hard boiled ege. I eat the yolk and the white...other than the cholesteral in the yolk i think it is really good for you. I put a little pepper on it for flavour.

    This is what I have evry morning...and I love it! I'm used to it and now I crave it. I love eggs.

    For a snack in the morning usually have berries, or some other fruit.

    For lunch I have veggies...raw veggies (dipped in vinigar) or a salad (with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinagrette).

    For an afternoon snack I have a handful of raw almonds or a few veggies.

    Then for dinner I have lean meat (chicken breasts, steak, etc.) only the size of my fist, with a few seasonings on them and veggies. I mix up the veggies, one night I'll have corn, next night I'll have peas, etc.

    I cook for my boyfriend too, so he is getting used to eating healthier. And if he doesn't want what I am cooking he realizes that he'll have to fix himself something else. Too much work to cook two different meals.

    I think that the most important thing to dieting...is eating 5-6 small meals a day. Never eat until you are full. And only drink water, tea, or coffee (without sugar).

    You can find so many amazing recipes out there for healthy meals and replace any ingrediants you dont like. I eat raw and cooked vegetables, but from my knowledge raw are better because I takes your body more calories to digest the raw veggies than the cooked ones...so you get to eat yummy veggies and burn calories digesting them. :)

    A very good snack I eat is air popped popcorn. Instead of butter I sprinkle olive oil over the popcorn and then you can add your favorite spices. I put pepper and sprinkle fresh sqeezed lemon juice too. It's delicious and popcorn is considered "empty calories" so I've been told you end up burning calories while eating this tastey treat.

    Some days I skip the meat to give my body a break. I'll still have my egg which has protein and maybe I'll have some almond butter (no sugar, low fat) spread on an apple - which also has protein.

    I also love oatmeal (porige)...I cook it without salt and then chop up some apples and add it to the cooking oatmeal with some cinamon. It's Sooooo good! Sometimes I'll add a bit of skim (no fat) milk to it or eat it plan.

    Anyways...I think that this is probably too long for anyone to get through...but I hope it helps.

  18. sascha

    sascha Member

    i haven't even weighed myself. i am eating according to a strict plan in order to try and lessen my CFIDS symptoms. i am being very disciplined, and enjoying it, so far. it has been @7 weeks.

    no gluten or any kind of refined grains. no sugar, alcohol, caffeine (except kukicha tea), red meats (only poultry and fish), nothing pre-prepared. lots of water. carbs from low-glycemic fruits and vegetables only eggs are included, as are feta cheese, some parmesan cheese ok, olive oil, coconut oil. i'm emphasizing lots of different colored fruits and vegs. i include kefir and goatein whey powder in blender drinks, but otherwise no dairy.

    i do have oatmeal mixture with other things in it, like flax seeds. i buy flax seed crackers.

    i am feeling better, and i notice i have lost weight from how i look and how clothes fit.

    unfortunately, my back went out big time, so it's hard to notice much of anything else until it gets better.

    i'm on a rampage to improve my health in 2007- no holds barred!

    i do make hot chocolate w/two tsp. organic unprocessed cocoa. i whir it in the blender with 1 C non-fat soy milk, a packet or so of stevia, and sometimes some vanilla flavoring. when it's all smooth, i heat it. it's v.good.

    i do not get so hungry on this plan, which is something, because i am a real food junky.

    it will be interesting to check back in as months go by- see where we're all at- GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!! Sascha
  19. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    ordered "The Weight Loss Cure". I'm hoping I can post that I lost 40 pounds in a couple of months.

    They were also doing a thing on the news about Beyonce losing 20 pounds in 10 days on some type of cleanse. I missed the show. If anyone saw it, I'd like to hear how.
  20. ILM

    ILM New Member

    are not a dairy product, but I still don't eat them b/c they gross me out.

    I used the sparkpeople.com website for a while and tracked everything I ate and I eat about 2000-2100 calories a day and that maintains me at 130.

    My big problem is sometimes I get an out of control craving for sugar or something fried and I don't believe in deprevation so I give in and go way over 2000. and end up with reflux or a sugar drop...

    Ideally i'd like to go about 1800 calories a day and loose abt 3-5 lbs, but I think I would starve.
    I'd also love to kick the sugar cravings.