What Bed for MCS, Allergies, and FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goodkamra, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. goodkamra

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    Hi All,

    I'm shopping for a new bed and am wondering if anyone out there has any advice for me. I have FM, allergies, and am somewhat chemically sensitive. I need to find a very comfortable bed that is also hypoallergenic and isn't loaded with nasty chemicals. Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone out there have a natural latex bed? Are they good for FM? Are air beds good for people with MCS...or are they full of chemicals too?

    Thanks much,

  2. schnoodle

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    But I will be interested to see if someone has the answer. I too have your problems. anyone out there have any info?
  3. teach6

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    I don't know about the MCS, but I have a friend with FM who swears by her number bed, which is adjustable for each side. When she travels she always takes her Aerobed because she can't sleep on hotel beds. I usually don't have that problem in hotels, because the conferences we attend together are usually held in nice hotels.

    I hope this hleps a bit. You could probably contact the company with some questions about what is in the bed. Just don't tell them you have MCS or they'll say it won't cause you any problems, without even knowing.

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    had air incorporated in it but, would cycle so you wouldn't have the pressure points, So comfortable and I can't believe I slept 5 hours straight. I wanted to ask the doc to give me a script for one. I wounder how much that would cost and maitanance but, it was so comfey to me I want one. Now, to get up and find out.

    Hope you have success and let us know, Kim
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    I have all of that and more. I currently sleep on a foam bed and I have a couple inch plushy topper on top.
    I also have allergy barrier pillow cases and also
    I have an allergy mattress cover. When I tested
    positive for dust mites my allergist gave me a catalog
    of products to look through. He suggested the
    pillow and mattress covers. I also put a special
    filter in the air conditioner.

    I have seen the commericial for those number
    beds and they look nice. I have always wanted
    a hospital bed though because it is just so darn
    hard to get comfortable!

    Good luck,