what best/strongest muscle relaxer you've used?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daylilyfan, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. daylilyfan

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    With this shoulder injury, I've been holding my shoulder funny now for 2 months. I went to specialist and now know it's tendonitis, bursitis, and a muscle that was stretched far enough to have tiny tissue tears. Dr. gave me a couple lidocain and steroid shots. My family Dr. did same thing, and it didn't help. BUT, this Dr. must have hit the right place, cause when lidocain kicked in, I could move my arm. He told me that would wear off by the end of the day --- and he was right. So it's right back to hurting like a son of a ... well fill in the blank.

    My neck/shoulder muscles were in such spasm last night, when it was hurting so bad, that I could feel, with the other hand, the muscles twitching under the skin. I had put on my coat to come home from work, and that set it off. I cried for an hour.

    Called specialist - they just said do you want pain med? I said, no, I have them, they don't help cause I can't take them and drive. (I work second shift so can't take them till bedtime, leaving me 3/4 of the day without them) Then use ice. Well, thanks. So, called family Dr - she's out on vacation till week after next, but I can see nurse practioner on Monday.

    I take flexeril at night, and 50mg of it doesn't do anything for these spasms.

    I have zanaflex left from trying it for my fibro a few months ago. I took one of those a couple hours ago. I have just enough left for the weekend.

    Do any of you have any recommendations for a STRONG muscle relaxer I can ask for when I see the NP on Monday?

    Or, any help for me with this darn muscle problem? I'm using TENS, heat, menthol rub.

    After having this for several weeks, I am about to go nuts here.
  2. granny1353

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    Robaxin 750 mg. 1 four times a day
    works well
  3. browneyes259

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    Some good stuff there...lol!

    After my first car accident they gave me this muscle relaxer to go w/ my pain meds. Well, with the combo, I was feeling really good...:)....pain free and a relaxed blob! :) Granted this was before my Fibro decided to rear it's ugly head full force, but imagine it would still be a big help.

    Anyway that was a while ago, but I know that one is pretty strong.

    Hope you're able to get what you need!

    Hugs, jen
  4. daylilyfan

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    one of the medical websites and only came up with 4 muscle relaxers...

    Soma, Norflex, Robaxin and Zanaflex.

    There were others like Flexeril that are really triciclic (sp?) anti-depressants - but since it's not doing the trick (I have not been happy with it for a while for sleep either - I have taken it for years and I think I have built up tolerance) I think I need a straight up relaxant.

    It's been about 2-1/2 hours now since I took the zanaflex, and it does feel a bit better. :)

    Wonder how to find out which one of the four above is the strongest as far as the relaxing of the muscles. I don't want a buzz, and I do need to be able to drive.... but I could take one when I get up, then it's about 6 hours till I drive to work, then I am at work at least 8 hours till I drive again.

    I had not heard of Robaxin till now!

    I wish I could soak the area in the tub, but my tub's not big enough/deep enough.

    Any other ideas to help get me though the weekend?
  5. tandy

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    You want Soma!!!
    also known as carisoprodol (sp?)

    I've had many different muscle relaxers prescribed over the yrs and Soma is the very best. (but strong)
    when I first started taking it I felt very woozy and tired on it. But my body adjusted after awhile.
    Its heavy duty at relaxing your body~

    flexeril is pretty good but not like Soma.

    Good luck,..hope your feeling a bit better soon :)

  6. rrsbaby

    rrsbaby New Member

    Works very well for me. I take 350 mg three times a day for my FM, as needed, some days I take only one. Depends on the day....

    Try it, although it might make you a little sleepy for a while when you first take it.

    Good luck,
  7. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    I quit taking the zanaflex when we tried it for the fibro because I couldn't sleep with it. For some reason it wound me up. I was to take 1 tab every 8 hours but 2 at night.

    Soma sounds like it might help me all the time, not just now.... As my worst problem is muscle spasm. My upper back/shoulders is so tight when I went to the physical therapy that the evaluator said she had never had anyone any tighter. Of course that's where my shoulder got hurt, so maybe she didn't know what she was talking about! :-0

    For those of you who take Soma...

    1) do you take it round the clock
    2) do you take more at night
    3) does it help with keeping you asleep?

    I really appreciate your replies. This board has been so great for info. I just don't know what I would have done without it!
  8. jfrustrated

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    You sound like you have real pain: Pain is a real downer and you know that as well as anyone. You have lots of strong stuff to take: how about adding something simple to your list? Have you tried Vitamin B, a B complex along with extra B6? If you already do - great. If not, why not give it a try? B6 can be REALLY good for muscle relief and release. Just be careful of overdosing. The good thing is that I do not think that it interferes with any strong muscle relaxer scripts you might be taking. I also support the idea of magnesium/calcium to help. I have a magnesium/calcium cream (on script) that is good.
  9. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    Due to being on this board, I do take several supplements... My Rheumy said magnesium and Vit. B complex but didn't give any details. That's when I looked up old posts here to find out more info.

    I found magnesium, but now realize it's not the best kind, but I'll take it till it's gone. And, now I have read it interfears with meds when you take it near them... I've been taking it first thing in the morning, because I don't usually take anything for about 2-1/2 hours after I get up. Other than the magnesium, I take the rest of the vit/supp with my main meal, which is about noon. I made another post today about going to a holistic physiasist (sp?) - I wondered if he could help me figure out the right kinds and quantities.

    I've been taking these for about 6 weeks.
    magnesium oxide with calcium carbonate - (2) 250mg
    400 Vit. E
    Vit. B complex

    These I've taken for a long time
    1000 vit. C
    A general purpose Vit. Mineral
    Glucosamine / condroitin

    I can't take potassium very well, so I eat a lot of potassium foods like pears and nuts.

    I took the two zanaflex when I got home about 3 hours ago, and so far it feels better. Course I am to wired to sleep - but it feels better. Wonder why it affects me that way....

    Maybe after a particularly long soak in the tub I'll feel like sleeping.
  10. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    so you take additional B6 not just a B complex? What amount, if you don't mind me asking? When I go to the health food store to look at vitamens, there are so many, and so many doses. I have been just going by the amount recommended on the bottle.

    And, the magnesium/calcium cream.... ok, this is a **dumb** question.... does it go on the sore area? If so, I could go through a lot of it! Do you use it often?

    I forgot about adding the peroxide to epsom salts. I wonder if I could soak a towel with that and make a hot pack somehow. Hmmmmm.......

  11. Bruin63

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    I am sorry that your having all this pain, I've been there, so I do know how you feel, I have had 2 Rotator Cuff surgery's.

    I have a tear in the RC from a surgery that they were doing on my neck, of all things.

    Anyway, they tried all the different mr, meds on me.
    The one that works the best is Soma, at least for me.

    I take 3 during the day, and one at night.

    Sometimes if I'm cramping real bad, I'll cut one into 1/4, and take one of them, I don't want to increase my intake anymore by uping the dose. Just need a little extra, on the day's I do my chores, (housework grr!).

    Are you doing any Range of Motion excerise's? I still use the Pulley, it helps me the best, I will never have full use of my arm, due to the damage that the Neuro-Surgeon cause me, but it dosen't hurt all the time, and I can use it at most level's, but not above chest-high.

    Good luck to you, are you seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon?
    The one I had in Idaho was lousy, the one, I now have in So Ca. is a Gift from God, he was able to fix it, so that I could use it, instead of losing it.

    btw, they didn't see the Tear, till they were in doing the Scope surgery, it's torn the opposite way, from a Normal tear, (what else when you have Fibro, huh, ?)
    So don't worry that the same thing will happen to you, just make sure it's taken care of soon, the little tears can become Big one's.

    Please keep us updated on your progress , I know, how much fun this is, Not, as the kids say.

    Try the SOma, if you can, but becareful driving on them too.
  12. gmom605

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    hello,,i`ve been taking ,,flexeril,,zanaflex,,and soma,,nothing help for me to hard on my stomach and i was getting more depress couldn`t sleep but my dr. send me to a pain mag. dr. and seems to feel a little better with 12 shots every 2wks ,,there mucsle relaxers shots i`m sleeping better,,maybe you can try that the shots for awhile see what they do to you,, but i do feel better,, my stomach wasn`t made for taking so much med. i have so much problems i have fibro,c/f,mig.headaches,,ect..good luck,,,gmom
  13. Imthespoiled1

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    By far the strongest muscle relaxer is Robaxin 750 you can drive on it as well after the 2 nd day. I have been one everything and this was the strongest and the best for being alert.bhope this helps.