What Blood Group Are You - **Results so far**

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    A huge thanks to everyone who responded to this topic
    It`s proved to be very interesting:-

    I`ve based the average on the American population figures. I realise it can differ depending on specific racial and ethnic groups, but felt US indications a good base to work from.

    Totals L & R are based on 130 people L statistically & R the actuals

    0+ 49 = 35
    0- 9 = 11
    A+ 45 = 37
    A- 8 = 17
    B+ 12 = 16
    B- 2 = 6
    AB+ 4 = 4
    AB- 1 = 4

    What surprises me, is the high figure of negative (-) in ALL the group. It appears negs are more prone to this DD.

    I realise I should have asked for confirmation of Nationality, but too late now.
    Am I right in thinking that most people here on the board are of white orientation. I`d love to know if any of you are not.

    I would still like to keep this one running, though it may need to go to bed again for a while to wait for more newbies.

    But not quite sure where to go from here, I`d like to put another more detailed questionaire together indicating top symptoms etc, but fear it may be too time consuming for some to answer.
    Please let me know of any questions you think would be relevent without it being a chore.

    Thanks again, I look forward to your suggestions.

    Love Pat.

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    These results pretty much match the blood type percentages in the world:

    O represents 50% of the population
    A represents 40% of the population
    B represents 8% of the population
    AB represents 2% of the population

    Looks like we all have an even chance of getting this thing, regardless of our blood type?

    Marilyn :)
  3. imagin

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    i wasn't aware of this poll, but my blood type is A+. :)
  4. atrinigyal29

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    Blood type- A+

    Nationality- Born in Trinidad (island in Caribbean)

    Race- Mixed - I'll list race and heritage - East Indian, White, Black, Venezuelan, Portuguese, French, Scottish,
    African, Arawak (native Indian in Caribbean), Arabic/Middle Eastern

    First Symptoms - Fatigue and dizziness, which would get worse and occur more often as time went on, then about 4 years later flu-like symptoms began to occur, including low grade fever and body aches.

    A few months after that full blown FM including symptoms listed before and burning pain in arms, legs, and back, tingling in legs, muscle weakness and stiffness in legs, arms, and back, joint pain in elbows, sharp pain and tightness in chest, racing/pounding heart-beat, hot flashes, feeling flushed and heat in hands, face, feet, and back, pain in ribs, pain in upper back, shortness of breath, sensitivity to light, noise, and touch, insomnia, and brain fog.

    Symptoms now vary among those listed, some days some symptoms are more prominent. Other days, other symptoms more prominent. I do have days where I feel okay, but they are so unpredictable and, especially during the summer months because of the heat and humidity, are few and far between.

    Medications - Flexiril 10mg at night
    Guaifenesin 600mg twice daily

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    I'm new here and don't know much about blood types. It looks like you have pulled together a lot of information that we can use, thanks and hurray for you! (By the way, I'm A- myself, CFIDS, don't know what else you're looking for in poll). I don't know about the significance of blood types in this but I assume I can check prior posts.

    One question, I'm not sure I'm reading right at this hour, but the actual percentages seem to total more than 100%, though I may be reading wrong.

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  6. PatPalmer

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    Oh where is my brain ?

    Thank you for pointing that out, got so carried away, I forgot to say it was based on 130 results and shouldn`t have been % at all. - Maths was not my favourite subject at school and obviously i`ve never progressed!!!

    However, welcome to the board, this truly is a great place.
    If you are seeking answers and want to gain knowledge - It`s all here, and what a great bunch of people too... So much to learn though.
    I look forward to seeing more of you on the board.

    Wishing you very good health,

    Love Pat.
  7. bakron

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    Blood Types and breakdown in population - Community Blood Bank in Southern CA

    O + = 37.4% of population. 1 person in 3

    A + = 35.7% of population. 1 person in 3

    B + = 8.5% of population. 1 person in 12

    O - = 6.6% of population. 1 person in 15

    A - = 6.3% of population. 1 person in 16

    AB + = 3.4% of population. 1 person in 29

    B - = 1.5% of population. 1 person in 67

    AB - = 0.6% of population. 1 person in 167
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    I dod not do the survey and I am A+ . I have a dear friend who also has fibro and is A+. ONe other friend has this and she is O+ so I don't know if that helps or not. Rosemarie
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    ...and A positive.