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    My doc has referred me to a rheumy, the question I have is for those of you who have seen one I guess. What if anything have they done for you that has helped??? I know they are probly big on anti-inflammatoriess, but I am not able to take them, therefore, is there going to be anything that one could do for me to help, outside of more meds???
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    If your doctor referred you to a rheumy my guess is to diagnose your condition. I had to go to one to diagnose me with FM. The only thing he put me on was Ultracet for pain. I'm not on any anti-inflamatory drugs at all. It was my neurologist who sent me to him. Hope you get some relief.
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    I am wondering too about what a rhuematologist will do. I see one for the first time in the 21st as my GP is not happy with what he is able to achieve for me. He was quite frustrated. "I'm not acheiving anything to make you feel better" was his comment. I was impressed that he felt that way and acknowledged it, but I am a bit concerned as to what the rhuemy' will say.I am feeling worse in many ways and pain seems to be into joints as well as muscle. I sometimes feel as if I am just going to cramp up from the neck down. Have been having terrible pains in my legs, arms, hands etc despite all that I am doing to try and help myself. Have been through all the usual "rubbish" we go through with Drs and specialists and was pleased when my GP diagnosed the FM. Am quite sure that is what I have especially after joining this board. I am just afraid I am going to be told it's nothing yet again. Or else that I have something else as well. We did go through the business of it might be MN, MS or something like those DD. Will be interested to see how you get on and I will fill you in after my visit. Love and Hugs, Ozgran.
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    I see a Rheumatologist. They are big on labs, ordering labs and reading labs for the most part. My family doctor is my perscribing doctor. By the time I had my first Rheumy visit, he said that I had FMS...then read my studies and said that I have osteoarthritis and a few other things...also said that the meds that my family doc had me on were the right medicaitons and dose...that's it for now. He wants me to see a Endocrinologist due to some of my lab results.

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