what can i do for feet pain and limitation??

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  1. lynn1954

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    ive been struggling with FM for 20 years/my worst problem is feet pain..wicked limitations..ive tried everything and continue to struggle. any suggestions.

    thank you
  2. baby-bear

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    epsom salts and hot water foot saoks. Also soak my body in it too. You could try a heating pad maybe? I wish we could find a heating pad just for the feet. That would be a great invention..huh? A heating pad that wraps around your feet in the shape of your feet... Pammy
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  3. lynn1954

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    i do have some exciting news i think. last week my podiatrist gave me some hydrocodone for my acute feet pain and i only took half the dose and i thought i died and went to heavan. truley it was like going from a prison of agony to freedom in paradise. he can only give them to me for an acute flair up.so he suggested i change my primary care doctor to someone who will be more compasionate about pain managment. hopefully let me stay on this med. daily.has some minor side affects.but well worth it. i feel reborn but am worried that no doctor will let me stay on them indefinatly. hope this helps
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    Hi All,

    This stinks! My feet are in KILLER pain as I type. The only thing my podiatrist offered was really expensive orthotics. Mighta worked, but can't afford to find out.

    I do reflexology/massage for myself as often as possible. Funny, too, as I just compared where I massage to a reflexology chart - the sorest places on my feet (toes, ball, outer edge below little toe, dead center of foot and center of heel) correspond to: head, hypothalmus, pituitary, whole spine, shoulder/arm, throat/thyroid, parathyroid, bronchial tubes, esophagus, stomach, liver, kidney, intestine, colon, and sciatic nerve.
    WOW! Dead on, for me.

    Doesn't matter, though, my feet STILL hurt!
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