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    to get over this d.d. I had been well (for me, that is) for quite a few months and now everything has flared again. I feel totally exhausted and in pain all the time. Have just been to see my G.P. who has suggested I try cortisone tabs. for a few weeks. I am also taking voltaren and am on Paxil. I live in Sydney, Australia, so the weather doesn't get as bad as in other countries although it has been cold and this seems to affect me. I feel as if there is no where to go. I have seen a Rheumy. who said "it was all in my head". I have been seeing a psychiatrist who is very good and has been very supportive. He believes there is something else going on with my body but doesn't have an answer. I am very sensitive to meds. and lots of other things. I also have had RA for 19 years although this is stable at present. Please if you have any suggestions I am open to them. I feel as if I have been put in the "too hard basket". Mellow
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    I also find that the meds. prescribed in America are totally different. I don't thnk this disease is as recognised here as much. Your pain sounds quite severe, especially if you take morphine. I don't think I am at that stage. I can't take morphine anyway. Are you under the care of a Rheumy. I would be interested to know a bit more. I find it hard to find someone who really knows what is happening with me. I just try to get on with things but its not always easy. People think you look well and I do try to carry on as usual, up to a point. It sure takes a lot of effort sometimes. Mellow