What can mimic Diabetes?

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    At bedtime, my mouth becomes really dry and I have uncontrollable thirst.

    Per my latest labwork done, no, I don't have diabetes. Also, I don't drink alot of water because my Fibro causes frequent urination-----------I can't run to the restroom every 5 minutes on the job. I often urinate 5 to 20 times overnight, having to get out of bed, if I give in to my dry mouth and uncontrollable thirst.

    Any suggestions/ideas? Is there another test that can reveal diabetes? Might I have something else?
  2. SweetT

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    Prickles, unless I'm in extreme pain and have to take a prescription muscle relaxer. But I don't take any prescription medicine on a daily basis------------only as needed, once or twice a month, or once every other month, etc.

    Sea-Dove, I will ask my Osteopath about homeopathic remedies.
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    Diabetes insipidus is excessive thirst (polydypsia) and excessive urination (polyuria). Your body regulates hydration by producing ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) which tells the kidneys to conserve water and concentrate the urine. If you do not make enough ADH (hypothalamus I think) you will be thirsty and have to pee constantly. There are medications (DDAVP) to control it, but check with a doc and have yourself tested.

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    When dealing with canine Kidney failure, vets constantly ask if dog is drinking way more water. Maybe you should look at kidney function. I hope it is not kidney related, but thought I would suggest.

    Best of luck to you.

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    ...is very common with CFS patients, especially with adrenal exhaustion. Your hypothalamus and/or adrenals may be releasing less aldosterone, the hormone that controls water retention...

    Or else -- you may be pre-diabetic or have insulin resistance (the so-called Syndrome X) -- which I think I may have -- which can be corrected in time. A google search will turn up more info...

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