What can we do as far as raising awareness?

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    I'm talking about awareness among the medical community.

    Each major illness or disease has many organizations that pound everyone over the head about how serious their problem is. I think the reason we don't have that so much is we're all too damn tired.

    Each time a doctor tells me "this is the first time I've ever heard of something like this" I think well, I guess I cleared the path for the next guy then, because then he won't be the first that doctor has seen.

    Maybe this is a stupid idea, but what about mass faxes and mailings with the CDC's chronic fatigue information site printed on it. Leave them with a question, "are you doing everything you can to treat patients with chronic fatigue?"

    The CDC is a legitimate source of information to them. Sure it's on their website, but we need to put it in their face.

    One point to add: I think the majority of chronic fatigue patients go unaccounted for. When I read statistics about just how many of us there are, I have to wonder where they get their numbers. Pharmaceutical companies and most of the medical community works on a for-profit basis. They measure how important something is by how many dollars it can bring in. If the number of chronic fatigue patients estimated is much lower than the actual larger amount of people suffering from this, then the medical community is not realizing a huge market it could be catering to. That's why I think it's necessary to make ourselves known as much as possible.