what can you take with vioxx for breakthrough pain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommyx4, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. mommyx4

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    I take 12.5mg of vioxx once a day, and its not helping much, can we take anything else with that vioxx, or just suffer and smell bad from the ben gay cream?? thanks!!
  2. SpeedRacer

    SpeedRacer New Member

    Your pharmicist can verify, but I have taken tylenol, upto 1500 mg dose for bad neck / shoulder pain that gives me headaches. I have also taken two Excedrin Migraine tablets, if it is before supper. After supper, the caffiene keeps me up. I take one 25 mg Vioxx a day, usually around noon. Hope this helps.
  3. JP

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    12.5 mgs is the lowest dose of Vioxx. I take 50mgs a day for my arthritis. It helps a great deal. I also use narcotics for my chronic persistant pain condition. It would be great if all you needed was an increase in Vioxx. Talk with your doctor. I use Norco, Tylenol, Elavil, Effexor XR and Prednisone for assorted types of pain and pain related depression. We are all different with different health conditions.

    Good luck and keep us posted, Jan
  4. MsSmurfy

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    My personal advice is "WHY take something that is not doing what you intended for it to do...no relief..STOP taking it...." I strongly reccomend EVERYONE read up on ANY & ALL drugs OR treatments you choose to place upon your body!!! Only YOU know your body better then anyone else....respect that!
  5. mycatprint

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    my dr states that I can take up to 50 mg of vioxx without over dosing. I take 25 mg a night, and an extra one when there is a storm or some such and I am hurting more. We just started doing this and it seems to be helping.

    also anything with dextromethoriphan, which is in common cough syrup, will enhance the effectiveness of the pain meds you are taking -- or so I read. I can't stand the taste of the stuff. yech!! lol

    hope this helps,
    hugs from Cat