What causes my face and head sweat when I am over heated

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

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    Ever since I had my hyster over 20 yrs ago I have foudn gthat when I walk, move faster, get under stress, my face and head sweat till I have sweat dripping down my face. I don't know if it is from teh hyster of the narcoitic pain meds. I just know I hate it. I don't know what to do about it. don't know the cause or any thing else about it. It could be the morphine or not who knows. I just wanted to see if any one knew or had this symptom as well.For the past few months my ribs have hurt to the touch, not just rib cage but the muscles around the ribs. It is so painfull that putting on my bra hurts, I can't lie on my side as it compresses the ribs. I hurt from the collor bone to the bottom of my ribs, I don't know what is causeing this intense pain , I also have leg aches that are not just the muscle that hurt but my bones hurt, in my legs, hips, back, knee's, the bone hurt so much and nothing seems to ease this pain. I also have noticed that my shins get cold and when that happens my shins burn , tingle, adn feel like I am rubbing dry ice on them, I don't want much I know that there is no cure for this but I would love to know why my body feels this way.
    I want to know if fiboro adn chronic myeofacial pain syndrome have been put as one disorder> are they mixed together. I have read about both and as I learn more about fibro more adn more my nerves are over loading and causeing me more pain , cmp does the same thing. So are these syndromes one and the same or sepreate..I have namy questions and no one to ask them to. My doctor seems to feel that he is just treating my for my end stage oesteoarthrits insteand of fibro, and cmp, ddd, spinal stenosis, I can't go to church or any loud meeteing as the noise from children , lights micro pphones squeal as do kids and babies, I can't deal with teh painfrom lights adn others stulmuli, it takes days for the extrea pain go away and the ususal pain is alwauys there. I feel like I am loseing it that no one understands that ther are other pain syndroimes like cmp, ddd, spinal stenosis, bulllllging discs L4-L5--L5_S1. ADd uup all the pain syndromes and you will know why my body hurts so much. too bad that no one wants to take that time adn learn about all these chroinc pain symptoms. Help me if you can.
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    I don't know what causes the sweating. But I do know that I cannot go to church or
    stand loud sounds or lights. I tested positive for XMRV. The retrovirus cause in the
    lab. Within a year they may decide which HIV drugs treat it.

    I hate to offer recommendation to things I have not tried, but at Amazon.com
    if you read the comments on the Inversion Tables (you lie on it and you slowly
    turn the table til your head is closer to the ground), ppl write that it has
    helped their bulging discs.

    You sound like you are in terrible pain.

  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    1-yes the sweating can be from your hysterectomy. are you on hormones?

    2-I have posted many times about your rib pain-chondiritus(sp)

    3-No myofascial pain syndrome and fibro are not the same disorder

    4-sensory overload is common and very uncomfortable

    5-could you plz break up your posts?
  4. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I know exactly what you mean. I had a hysteroctomy nearly 28 years ago and still have the sweating. I took hormone replacement until May of 2010 and stopped having any sweats.

    I recently went through open heart surgery and all of a sudden the head and face sweating started all over again. I can wring water out of my hair on a freezing day and my face looks like I have a terrible sun burn.

    I mentioned it to my internal medicine doctor at my last check up and explained the sweating returned after the surgery. She told me that my body had one through a trauma and my hormones are all over the place now.

    It has now been nearly six months since surgery and the sweating is getting better so I suppose she was correct with her diagnosis. I still have the sudden hot feeling with flushing in my face but the sweating has greatly decreased.

    As for the loud noise and bright lights, my FMS is to blame for that according to the rheumy. I try to avoid both as much as possible. Some days just going to Walmart to shop is too much if there are a lot of kids there and they are making announcements on the loud speaker. The lights bother me too. I now have to use the riding carts to shop and it seems to make the whole situation worse. I feel like everyone is looking at me and it intensifies the the noise and lights. I absolutely hate the feeling but I don't know how to avoid it other than staying home most of the time. Church is very difficult for me to attend anymore and my husband doesn't understand this at all. When everyone is singing I feel myself just drawing up in a knot with tension and if the microphone squeals, I could just scream. I think all that tension makes the pain even worse in the following days.

    You mentioned that your doctor is just treating you for end stage osteoarthritis, what do you mean by "end stage"? I have never heard that phrase.

    I hope it helps to know that I have a lot of the same issues that you do. I also have RA in the moderate to severe stage but I am not taking any meds for it right now due to the heart surgery so my pain is out of control most days. Pain pills, muscle relaxers, Xanax and sleeping pills keep me resting enough to function most days.

    Let us know how you are doing. Hope you are already feeling better.
  5. ilovepink4

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    I have been complaining about this on many message boards and have heard hundreds of women with the same problem but all with different medications, hormone situations, etc....i think it is just a symptom of the fibro....and i hate it very much....

    i believe we are sensory defensive, like my daughter with cerebral palsy....all five of our senses can be hypersensitve....noise kills me...dogs barking, my sons fighting, the roaring of lots of ppl in a room or a church.....smells , tastes, touch, vision, and sound.....all sensitive...

    i can't handle church anymore either....the standing, the kneeling, the sitting....the microphone...and getting up early and getting ready is too much....i dont go anywhere until late afternoon, if I can help it....takes that long to feel better from night...

    oh, and about your awful pain, maybe you could try fentanyl pain patches....they give you a steady dose of pain relief, so you don't have the ups and downs of pills wearing off and then kicking in....my pain is much better controlled this way....there are drawbacks to this method, too so do some research before you talk to you doc...

    good luck!
  6. rosemarie

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    It is the pharse that my bone doctor said when he looked at my knee's, they are at the stage in the disease of osteoarithitis where nothing more can be done but to have my knee's replaced. LIke the end of the line in treatments, How ever I have learned that if I were to lose weight it would help me to ease the pain in my joints. For every pound I lose I would lose 4 lbs of pressure. And that would be really good for my knee's. Since I can't afford to have both knee's replaced and don't want to have any more surgery again any time soon.

    Thank you all for your thoughts about church, I never knew any one else that could not stand that pain from a church meeting with crying babies, ect.

    Thanks for being here for me to vent to.
    I am going to chek with doctor next month if my ribs are still tender to the touch if he knows what it is. I think it is chostochondritis but I am not a md.
    Thanks for all your good thoughts and great posts full of info that helps me.
    HUGS Rosemarie
  7. jole

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    I quit going about 8 years ago. No one in my family understands this. It will trigger an instant panic/anxiety attack that is horrible. I feel the urgent need to get up and run, scream, cry, and am deathly afraid all at the same time. My heart races and pounds, I sweat, and feel totally crazy. I'm now to the point that just thinking about it causes this same reaction. It's not just church....it's any social gathering. Then like you said, dealing with the excruciating pain later. Just not worth it. I attend church over tv now.

    Crowds...the closeness, noise, etc. Even my own kids/grands trigger this response in my own home any more. I have to get out and sit on the porch, or lock myself in my bedroom for awhile. Thank God for Xanax! Many of us suffer from the over stimulation problem, and it really is a hard one......I rarely go anywhere.

    I was told I have bipolar...then I was told it's social anxiety...then I was told depression....well, I know it's fibro/CFS. No therapy has helped me, and I can't convince them, so my therapist and I no longer see each other......lol.

    Whoops...OT, sorry. I would think hormones would be needed for your sweating problems. Have you discussed this with your doc? But it could be fibro related...don't know about that. Hugs.....Jole
  8. deegill

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    I suffer from that too, hate it with a passion!

    I had to collect my urine for 24 hours so it can be tested, a thorough hormone test. Came back negaitive.

    Doctor believes it could be down to Gabapentin and Venlefaxine that i take. Might be worth talking to you doctor see if any of your meds have these types of side effects.

    Many fibro and ME sufferers suffer from noise sensitivities, smells, lights, chemical and food too. Something we have to learn to put up with.

    As with the rib pain, sounds very much like costochondritis. I have that and in an awful lot of pain now with it. It wouldnt hurt so much if i didnt breath, but, need to to life lol.

    Sorry, just skimmed your message as its to hard to read in bulk like that.

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