What causes trigger points

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    This info is new to me so thought I'd share what causes those painful trigger points;
    Trigger points are actually the result of the interaction of calcium and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on muscles that have been stressed in some way. This causes a sort of contraction that shortens the muscle in a localized area, producing a taut band. This in turn generates a lot of localized and uncontrolled metabolic activity in the area, and a decrease in blood circulation, which releases substances that make the nerve endings hyperirritable - and the result is pain. In some cases, microfilaments in the muscles can occur, as well as scar tissue and adhesions.
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    comparison Haylecole, that is awesome, really does sum it up quite well. And thank you DrMom for the info, little bits here and there do make it easier to decide on a route to take for releif.

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