what causes urinary retention?

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    Recently, I've had a new problem. I go to the bathroom and then within minutes I feel as if I still have to go. I will try to go to the bathroom again, and only a small amount of urine comes out. But, even after that, I still feel as if I have to pee. Could it be a UTI, even in the absence of other UTI-related symptoms? Any input would be appreciated.

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    I would try taking cranberry capsules or drinking cranberry juice(100%) for a few days to see if that helps. If it is an infection starting, that should take care if it before it gets bad. Hope this helps ~Hugs~ Mick!!
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    Are you taking Amytriptilline or any drugs in that family? They can cause retention.

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    Here is some good information for you:


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    I just read your post. Have you ever been to a urologist to be checked for Interstitial Cysyitis? This happens to many w/ FM. It is not a bladder infection. It is chronic inflammation of the bladder lining. It can cause severe cases to go to the restroom up to 60x a day. I have it, & saw my urologist last month for my yearly checkup. I thought I was emptying all the way, but told him I was going alot, but a very weak stream. They did the ultrasound test in the office that actually sees if you are empty. Turned out I was retaining urine after all. All he had to do was dilate my bladder opening in the office (I end up having to do this yearly, I have a very small bladder opening).
    This disease can, in some cases actually cause ulcers on the wall of the bladder that bleed & cause severe pain. This only happens in like 4% of cases though. 96% of people only have the pain, & frequency, burning, etc.Do NOT drink cranberry juice, for this , or even an infection. I know that's what they used to tell you, but not anymore. It contains LOTS of acid, as does all fruit, & the more acidic the environment, the more pain. Drink LOTS of plain water, no colas,teas, coffee, etc. There are also certain chemicals in food to avoid if you are diagnosed. Nothing w/ malic or citric acids, also foods w/ tyrosine, tyramine, tryptophan, & aspastame (nutrasweet). These can include hard & soft cheeses, beer, nuts, onions, pineapple, raisins, sour cream, mayo, yogurt, banana's, cranberries, wines or other alcohol. Acidic foods to avoid: all fruit, spicy food, tomatoes, & vinegar, & kool-aid. I know...what's left to eat? You can probably eat some of these, just test them & see if you have a reaction w/ your bladder or surrounding area. (MY pain is not in bladder, it's more where my ovaries would be, & around the navel)
    Go to an I.C. website & read up. They also put out a newsletter for like $35/40 a year. Good luck, I hope you don't get diagnosed w/ this, but I wanted to make you aware. Good Luck at your next doctor's visit for this. Hopefully it might just be an infection. HUGS! PS- if you are diagnosed, gala apples are OK to eat, they are low acid. For me, bananas don't bother me, it's all citrus, which I LOVE!!