What chemicals were you exposed to as a child?

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  1. Princessraye

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    I remember playing with mercury (my friend's dad worked at a thermometer factory) He brought a bottle home and we got into it. (He died of cancer at 40.......all siblings lived to be in their 70's or more)
    There was a factory a block from my house and the chemicals used to peel the paint off of one side of our house, the side where the wind blew the factory smoke.
    Eight of my neighbors died of cancer from age 14 to 45.
    Just wondering....................
  2. allhart

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    most of the vaccines we were given as children also had mercury in them,
    i cant imagine what chemicals i was exsposed to swimming in lakes as a kid that factorys were aloud to drian into,makes me feel sick just thinking about it,
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I also remember playing with mercury,I broke a thermometer just to see what was in it! I was one of those very inquisitive kids. I remember letting the mercury roll around in my hand.

    I did not live around any factories. I am originally from New Orleans, and lived in what was called the Gentilly area. Nice neighborhood. Had to go miles just to get to a store. All residential.

    Spent half my life on my grandfathers Dairy farm, that was before they messed with the food and milk, all natural stuff from the chicken to the garden was grown right there without artificial fertilizers.

    The only thing I was exposed to was my Mom's overly clean house, she bought everything new on the market to clean the house.

    But don't even remember having any illness as a child except for yellow jaundice, I remember the doctor telling my Mom that I had to drink water, a half gallon a day! Lord, did they fight with me to drink that water. Never had the problem since then.

    I was about 8 years old. Other than that, I never had a cold, did not get any of the childhood diseases, measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. my brother got them all.

    My whole family died of cancer, I am the only one left. All died in their 50's.

    I also remember the smallpox vaccinations did not take on me either. I got one every year for three years. The last one made the blister. I got no other vaccines. Had three children by natural birth. No problems with that.

    I didn't get sick untill I got pneumonia at 30 years old, then the pain started right after that in my upper back. Its never stopped hurting since.

    I did forget all about that mercury till you said it!

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. MemoryLane

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    I lived in Louisiana, on the Red River and they were always having to spray for mosquitos and treat standing water. We played in the water, getting tadpole eggs and the trucks would come around the neighborhood fogging up and down each street.

    My elementary school was literally smack in the middle of a cotton field - no exaggeration. Crop Dusting?

    I had to go to the ER one time for overexposure to the DDT.


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    We each had a small container of mercury. I remember that I would empty it on to the concrete porch and stomp it with my foot. It would then become hundreds of little balls. I would then begin to roll the little balls together until all were one large ball. I remember my hands being silver in color when I would quit playing with it. Didn't worry if some went into the grass and my container got low. My uncle would always get us some more. We also had to scrap peeling paint off walls before we could paint again.
  6. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    I grew up in the hometown of Dow Chemical, during the 50's and 60's. The air was so thick and smelled fowl. The rivers and streams were polluted. This was prior to regulation, and actually at that time the Chemical companies were self regulating. Scary huh? Dow manufactured many products most with dioxin as a by product. As a matter of fact Dow Chem is the largest Dioxin producer in the world. The filled the air, streams, and ground with an unbelievable array of toxins. They were the company that manufactured Agent Orange for the Viet Nam War. There were many chemical spills within the plant, and also along the rail lines leading into the plant.
    Not only was this the home to Dow Chemical, but also of Dow Corning. I have Fm and CFS, my sibling has CFS, my mother died at 48, and her siblings all died in their early 50's.

    I grew up on a farm,(about 4 miles from the chemical plant) where herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and nitrate fertilizers were used without any caution. That generation was convinced of the wonders and safety of these new products. I was in the fields on the tractors, day in and out, and as a youngster we all helped with the chores.

    Later in life I was still involved in the ag industry, and as a young adult was exposed to many more pesticides and insecticides. Now after living for 20+ years within 100 ft. of a field under cultivation, owned by a neighbor, both myself and my husband have these DD's. Our well is even closer than our residence to the field. Today, we took in 12 sample bottles, filled with various acids as preservatives to a water testing lab, a days drive away. We believe our well has been contaminated, as our neurological symptoms are over the top. This field is sprayed with fungicides from crop dusters with the prevailing winds blowing directly toward our house. It is fertilized twice during the growing season with ammonium nitrate, and herbicides and pesticides are regulary sprayed.
    I have raised 4 children here---and can only wonder what their lives will hold for them. I have a 13 yr. old who is showing signs of FM and CFS. She will be the next one going to the Doctors.
    What are we doing to our world and its people?
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  7. Kay2

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    use to run behind the DDT truck in base housing. All of the kids that were playing would run behind it. I shudder to think about it now. Agroup of us would be out riding horses and here would come the crop dusters. Now you look up in the sky on a clear day, and before you know it there are X'S EVERY WHERE and lines all over the once beautiful clear shy. Remember how clear our skies use to be??? Where have they gone? What is the cause of it?? HUMMMMM Makes one wonder???
  8. vinetti23

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    Wow - I cant believe your stories! This absolutely puts to shame the time my parents re-varnished all our wood floors (mineral spirits were involved among other things) and neglected to open any windows...(I think it was really cold outside or something... I don't remember why they kept the windows closed. They eventually opened the windows after we woke up with our throats burning.)
  9. ohmyaching

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    what I haven't been exposed to. I worked in a greenhouse (pesticides), worked in housekeeping (chemical cleaning agents), and art is one of my hobbies (paints, chemicals, solvants, etc.)
    I believe that CFS is caused by herpes virus 6 (HHV6) yet recently that view was challenged. Someone mentioned that HHV6 was the effect rather than the cause of CFS. They said that something caused our immune systems to become dysfunctional allowing opportunistic diseases to gain a hold on us where as under normal healthy circumstances they could not. They said that HHV6 was one of those opportunitic diseases; that it directly caused many of the symptoms of CFS yet it was not the root cause of the disease. The root cause was something that opened the door to HHV6 in the first place by decreasing immune response.
    I have endometriosis and I was reminded of the Endometriosis Association's reports where they studied dioxins(a poison) in connection with endometriosis. They felt that there was enough of a connection to seriously consider this toxin as a probable cause for endometriosis. In case you don't know there is a greater incidence of endometriosis in CFS patients than what is normally found in the general population.
    The whole thing made me wonder if exposure to toxins were causing immune dysfunction. Oh well, I'll add it to my list of probable causes of CFS until someone finds a connection that shows how toxins can cause immune dysfunction which leads to CFS.
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  10. Princessraye

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    After reading your post I remembered OHMYGOODNESS I have a Horticulture degree so you know I was exposed to greenhouse chemicals. College was 25 years ago and I did not stay in that field so I have completelty forgotten that.
  11. tansy

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    Like Shirl my curiosity meant I was always playing around with things including liquid mercury, despite often being told not too. Found it too fascinating. I was one of those kids who being told not to do something made it all the more enticing.

    Recent posts lead me to recognise another exposure. As a young baby, child, and then adolescent I had lots of immunisation because I lived in a warm climate with less than ideal sanitisation. I've now learn that not only was that level perhaps not a good thing for me, especially when I was so very young, but that mercury was used as a preservative. As an adolscent some of these did make me feel unwell afterwards. Like Shirl I did not react to smallpox so I was given more.

    Fresh produce in the country I lived in for 7 years altogether was very heavily sprayed with insecticides most of which are now banned, mother used to soak them in potassium manganate.

    Then at 18 and 19 a greedy dentist, who'd just started a new practice, told me I needed lots of new fillings, sussed what was going on but too late; at this age we are less cynical and more trusting. Lots of these fillings were so badly done they had to be replaced. So more exposure.

    Later found to have mercury toxity and allergy. Had fillings removed without rubber dam, problems following that mean I will never risk mercury amalgams again.

    I'm not sure about the pesticides but I know mercury has contributed to my health problems.


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