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    Hi all and I hope the new year brings less pain to you all. Its 4:27am here in Australia, and this pain wont let me sleep. I was unable to move my right arm for two weeks before Christmas without yelling out in pain, at first I thought it was part of Fm waited for it to move along somewhere eles but it stayed, at the same time the pain in my knees seemed to be getting worse,with the left one clicking when I moved it and the pain was also sooo bad. This along with the other fantastic pain of Fm was getting me ready to jump ship so to speak,I made an appointment with our new Dr whom I had not met it was for about a week later, in the meantime her nurse rang me to say th Dr needed to see me right then to dicuss some x rays she had looked at ordered by last Doc. She tells me I need to see a nurologist the following day,calls up and tells them its an emergency and gets appointment.She also tells me the bone in my knee is crumbling,my sinuses need scrapeing,he tells me I need another bone graft to c5/6,as the nerve entrapment is leading to permanant damage re the use of my arm,in the meantime im losing my teeth and having a plate made, the rest of my spine has narrowed ect,ect,. My husband is not getting any work the bills are adding up, we had to send the girls to mums so they would be fed and their prescriptions for their FM would be filled.In about 4 hrs we have to move the best of our furniture out on the verandah and hope we can sell it to cover electricity,water and phone,will have to leave the rest a little longer. What have we done to deserve this Im so tired. I guess I will just accept all this later today, but I have to tell you this all came about after a work accident 20yrs ago for which I could not claim compensation because my employer was the Commonwealth Government,and they bully you untill you just walk away.Could any of you spare a prayer for me I am in total need of a miracle,I just want to live,love and laugh again. Thanks for reading my post,needed to get it out. Bye and hugs to you all Pam S.
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    What a heavy load you are facing. Of course I can spare a prayer. If you were not so short on cash I would recommend a wonderful internet selfhelp course, but the first one requires the purchase of a book. It really helped me get control of my life and learn to live as well as possible with these DD's.

    Without that course I can just say take things one day at a time, so they don't seem to overwhelm you, balance your activity and rest, and keep a log where you record how you feel each day, any treatments you started or discontinued, anything you did physically that may have contributed to how you are feeling.

    I find my log has helped me recognize patterns in my illness and learn to better manage it.

    Sending you lots of ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))
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    Just to let you know someone is thinking and praying for you at this moment. I have this saying that I use when things are down and that is "This too shall Pass. It always works out. Don't know much about Australia but don't they have agencies that can help in an emergency. Hope so. Lots of hope sent your way. Terri
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    Please know that you are being remembered in prayer & thought! God is definitely in the miracle business, & He knows better than any of us that you surely need a miracle. Sometimes we can't help but wonder what we've done to deserve things that occur in our lives. But I'm reminded that "we see through a glass dimly" while here on earth. That's when we have to trust in God who sees all & knows all. NOTHING can separate us from His Love, & He gives peace in the midst of turmoil that we cannot understand. Also, NOTHING is impossible for God!
    Believe me, I am not "preaching" but just reminding myself of what I know, beyond doubt, in my heart! I'm depressed myself today, but do not have all that you have going on in my life. God bless you richly & provide for every need that you & your family have at this time.
    I haven't checked the message board in months, until today. I will look now frequently, to see your postings of God's answers for you. As my favorite aunt used to say, "Keep the Faith"! You are not alone! I will pray continually for you & your family.
    Carolyn (JulyGal)[This Message was Edited on 01/02/2003]