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    My daughter has FMS/CFS.She was dx. at the age of 12.She is now 20.She is working full time for the first time,been almost a year.The last 4 months have nbeen awful for her.

    She has kidney infection,pain from endometriosis,surgery to remove endo.,infection in wisdom tooth,oral surgery to remove all 4 wisdom teeth,had an allergic reaction to shrimp now carries around an epi-pen.Now she has another kidney infection and is having weird sensations in her body.

    I tink al of this has been brought on from over doing it at work and then not sleeping well.She goes to see my RD the 20th.

    I was just wondering has anyone's health gone down so quickly like this?I am really worried about her.We are trying to find her a part time job and plan on turning in her 2 weeks notice soon.Her body is falling apart and I am so afraid that it is gonna get worse.

  2. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Tom. Amber is turning in her 2 weeks notice.She works just for insurance.But it is getting way past what her body can handle.So we are gonna get all her dr. appts. in before her 2 weeks are up and then sign on for cobra insurance.I think she needs to get her meds. right,depression(she is bipolar 2) under control, and try some natural more healthy ways to get her body taken care of.I will right down those supplements you gave me and get her started on something soon.

    Thanks for the ideas and support.

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