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    I just wanted to share this with anyone who has Fibromyalgia or any pain for whatever reason. My sister told me that a friend of her's cured another friend of her's who had Fibromyalgia after only two treatments. So, being desperate, I decided to go to her. After the first treatment, I did not experience relief until the next morning when I awoke, and realized that I slept through the night for the first time in months. I just jumped out of bed and walked "normally" to the bathroom. I stopped and realized that I had no pain. I could actually lift my arms up over my head and I wasn't walking like an old woman (only 47 and walked like I was 90). I just cried and couldn't believe that I actually did not wake up once from pain during the night. This therapy has changed my life. It has given me my life back. I couldn't even swim without pain and now I have joined a gym, I have gone hiking, biking, swimming, walking and I am dancing again. This is the most non-evasive therapy that I have recieved since I was diagnosed and it actually works. There is no pressure applied to your skin and it does not hurt at all. She just performed these small maneuvers with her hands (kind of like moving your tissue over the muscle). It took about an hour. The woman I went to is in Reading, Mass., at BodyWisdom, her name is Elizabeth Davis. It is a relatively new therapy in the United States and there are not a lot of therapist who even know about it. It originated in Australia by a man named Bowen. There are a few web sites you can go to and look it up and possibly find someone in your area who practices Bowenwork. Just put in the word Bowenwork in your search engine and you can read more about it. I just wanted to share this with others in hopes that it works for you too. I can't believe that this actually worked for me. When I was on the table I was thinking to myself "oh yeah, this is a joke" but I am completely convinced that this works and only by my own experiences. I guess athletes use this therapy as well. Good luck and I hope this works for others who suffer from pain. My prayers, jbugdance
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    Thanks for this good info about Bowen therapy. I'm so happy for you that it helped you so much!

    Sweetie, could you break up your words into shorter paragraphs? It is so hard for many of us to read the long ones, and you will get a lot more responses because more people can read them!

    Thanks! and continued good health to you....

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    There have been a few others who have posted about Bowen Therapy. Everyone seems to be enthusiastic about it. Thanks for telling us about your experience.

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    I have heard very good comments regarding this technique. I might have to check it out. How wonderful it has worked for you.

    Tell us more about yourself! It's always nice getting to know a 'newbie'! How long had you had fibro? When were you diagnosed? When did you first notice something 'wrong' with your body and how long did it take you to find out what was wrong with you?

    Looking forward to hearing from you! This email really interests me.

    Look forward to hearing, more, from you!

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    treatments are needed? What is the cost per session, please?
    thank you
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    When I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, I went to a Bowen Therapist. This treatment is so gentle you don't really feel anything, yet it is a wonderful treatment. Unfortunatley I moved 100 miles away and can't get up there when the therapist is working. I don't know how it works, but I do know it works.
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    jbugdance, I'm really happy you found something that worked for you. I just did a bit of searching, and took a look at the Bowen.org website. It says that Bowen Therapy is covered by MEDICARE.

    This is a cut and paste from their website:


    The Bowen- ANS (Autonomic Nervous System ) technique uses a series of simple gentle moves across muscle and connective tissue. This process is very effective in helping balance many muscular, skeletal nerve or chronic conditions. By balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic portions of the Autonomic Nervous System, the body begins to heal itself and to be relieved of toxins.

    Bowen Therapy is covered by Medicare and many insurances. Call our office in Lake Alfred at 863-956-3538 to schedule an appointment.

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    Nancy- I see where you're coming from. People usually come here for support. Some posts seem impersonal, this can cause some question marks, especially when a product is praised.
  9. jbugdance

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    I agree that it is not fair for one treatment to be covered by insurance and not another. All health care professionals have equally put in the time and education to help, assist and care for their patients. What makes one better than the other, especially when there are results in all health care professions. I guess writing to your Senator, etc. may change this one day. Good luck and thanks for your reply.

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