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    Remember in "Our Town" Emily goes back to her 12th birthday. What day would you choose?

    If I could be young and healthy again for one day, I wouldn't pick any special day. Just one of the many Saturdays I spent with my son, say age 6 or 7.

    He decided what he wanted for breakfast. Loved to make pancakes in funny shapes. Had to use your imagination. "It's a spaceship, Daddy."

    Then to the city park. They had an old fire truck so we "rode" around on that and then visited the swings and the marry go round. Then to the pet store to look at the animals. A movie, usually by Disney, in the afternoon. At home we would act out the movie. "You be Bambi. No, I'll be Bami; you be..."

    In the evening we would play cards, board games, read books. He could read and count before he went to school.

    Nothing fancy or expensive. Just a lot of time together.

    Now he has his own 4-year old.

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    Those were the years we had so much fun as a family before the big split. I love and cherish those memories!!!
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    I really miss drinking coffee on the front steps with my mom, watching the sunset. Usually my siblings would be running in and out of the house, playing with dogs and friends and making all kinds of noise. In between all the chaotic funniness of the kids we had some of our best conversations.

    I also wish my other sisters could have been old enough to converse with mom as a person, not just as a mom.

    Good topic, btw.
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    Like you, I'd return to a time when my boys were younger say 4 yrs. and 7 yrs. instead of the 29 yrs. & 26 yrs. that they are presently.

    I was healthier than (I had fibromyalgia but it was not as severe as it is now). I could get around without a walker and I used to have a lovely times with my sons.

    Favourite memories include: dressing up for Halloween, building lemonade stands, going to skating lessons, walks to and from the toy-lending library, school plays and pageants, going on trips with the classroom, tobogganing, hay rides, and many, many nights reading before bedtime stories.

    I just love the wonderful men my children have become, but it would be awesome to go back in time and relive some of my favourite days.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
    For all the young mums: Please cherish the time with your babies - they'll be grown before you know.
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    and it was so much fun to roam around and stay where we felt like it...go fishing or berry picking. We would have no schedule, no commitments....ahhh, that was great. I'd land myself right in the middle of one of those trips...
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    What a nice little walk down memory lane, thinking of good times and wondering which day I'd choose! So many to choose from, great times growing up, being a newlywed then being a new mom, vacations with our kids, having some very fun times chaperoning their youth groups on mission trips ... it would be very hard to choose just one! :)

    But for me the first thing that came to mind when I saw the original post was a time period just six months ago. My dad, who had suffered from Parkinson's Disease for several years, was hospitalized with pneumonia in August. He went downhill very quickly and spent the 44 days between Aug. 5 and Sept. 18 being bounced back and forth between the hospital and two different nursing homes. In the short span of just 44 days he lost all ability to walk, to talk, to eat, to see ... it was heartbreaking.

    But even though those days were awful for him and tough for the family, I would go back in a heartbeat. Those 44 days were filled with more love than I had ever experienced with my dad, with tender caregiving, with lots of eye-to-eye (and heart-to-heart) contact, and with conversations about love, life, God, and heaven that I wouldn't trade for anything.

    I miss my dad terribly, and I'd choose ANY ONE of those days, even in a sterile hospital room or unpleasant nursing home setting, just to see him again.

    Although right now he's probably looking down from heaven and saying "NO WAY, I wouldn't go back for even one day, because this place is just WAY too awesome!" ... and thinking of that makes me so happy!!! :)

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    I'm 55 years old, so I guess I would have quite a few days that I could pick from, but the one that I would choose would be the day that my father died.

    I would make sure that I was in his bedroom for the full hour (or longer) before he passed away and not leave his side for a second ... so I could hold his hand the entire time and keep telling him how much I loved him and that when he got to Heaven, all of his pain would be gone.