what did you want to be ,when growing up????

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  1. sixtyslady

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    can you remember what you wanted to be when you where growing up. I Don"t know what made me think of that. but anyhow I wanted to be a music teacher.
    I still play my keyboard, and sing at home and in the car.
    my sister and I use to sing the song I want to be a cowboys sweetheart. when we where real little and ride are ponies.I still love having campfires and just sitting around it and talking or singing.
    well can ya"all remember what your dreams where.
  2. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Problem is: no talent. LOL My mother has oodles of talent. Plays piano and sings, but she didn't pass it on to me. *sigh*

    I do sing a little in the choir at church, and in the bathroom alot!

    God Bless.
  3. Cookie3

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    I wanted to be a nurse or something in the medical prof. I became a preschool teacher instead. I was in the Chorus in High School and always hoped that my kids would be interested in that or medicine, they want neither. What does all of this mean, who knows.
  4. crystalcavies

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    as a young child, probably the typical nurse, dr, think once said train driver! or something else children often give when really young, but when older, although felt some how people wouldn't approve, so said more usual jobs.. but actually something with wildlife/nature with wild flora, horses, cats and dogs, birds..

    then later on adding to previous small animal rescue (not dogs but smaller) or zoo keeper of smaller animals, or horses. small holding/mini breeding program colection with rare breeds and pets, the owner of..... but not sheep, cattle etc.. rare breeds and pets, rodents, rabbits, small mammals and birds.

    did get to do a little rescue and also handrearing orphans 9guinea pigs and rabbits, around 90% success too on the formula I devised, never lost one to 'runs'). also kept and exhibited, also created own new breed and won a number of best rare varieties with it (guinea pig/cavy) still got a small few, as they make me get up, as they need feeding and caring for, as know I would be horrendously worse without them. they are the driving force behind, my sanity, my still being able to walk or hobble with a stick somewhat in agony though, so i got to do part of it. shame my dreams of a business in it totally smashed by this illness and the others.

  5. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I did animal work for several years. First I worked at an emergency vet hospital. Tough work, but I loved it. Then I developed an allergy to dogs. *sniff*

    After that I worked with wildlife as a rehabber. I raised orphan bunnies, squirrels, and possums. Also got to work with some incredible animals. A golden eagle was one of my favorites.

    I had to leave after about 6 years due to burnout. It's tough, especially when they die. We lost about 50% of the bunnies...which is normal in the wild. Otherwise we would be knee deep in bunnies! Kriket would have a fit! (See her post on rabbits in her garden.) LOL

    Now I live with three cats. They are so nice to let me live with them! They would love to "work" with wildlife too, judging from the reactions when the birds fly around our backyard habitat. LOL

    God Bless.
  6. Cakedec

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    THe main thing I always wanted was to be a mother and a wife and I am that. I trained as a secretary, never liked that; learned to decorate cakes and worked in that for about 10 years. Between the FMS and scoliosis, can no longer stand up to work.

    Thought that I'd like to be a teacher so started working at a school doing before/after daycare. That totally turned me off of working with kids.

    It's funny some of you mentioned working with animals. I have always loved raising animals. I have also bred himalayan cats, guinea pigs, and now pekingese dogs.

    May have back surgery this winter and am hoping to be able to work at something again; maybe a desk job.

  7. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I wanted to be a veterenarian, but as I struggled in school (with what I today know was FM) my grades weren't good enough for the education, and my dream went down.

    I later wanted to be an archeologist, but that too need good grades.

    Now I want to be a criminal investigator, but my grades are still not good enough,,,LOL!

    Oh, and I want to work with preserving anctient traditions and cultures that still exist in fashinating areas in Africa and South America!!! Oh, man!

    and,, I want to be an author,,,LOL! But, the energy, where is it?? I am so fatigued on a regular basis,, maybe when the kids have flown out of the home. The little stamina I have goes to caring for my little ones.
  8. IlivetocantoronXena

    IlivetocantoronXena New Member

    Sure can I wanted to be a whole lot of things.
  9. Callum

    Callum New Member

    ...but genetics had a different idea, and now I'm a goofy looking character actor.
  10. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    When I was real young and saw the Beatles for the first time on Ed Sullivan, I wanted to be a rock star or a famous musician........ Now that I'm retired from work and sick, it all sounds to exhausting..
  11. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I wanted to be a LPN Nurse. I thought that at I would be more involoved with patient care at that time . In thoses days RN's had most of the paper work to do and they spent less time with patients. But life happened and I had a baby girl instead. She is now 28 and married. Life changes what you all the things , dreams that you wanted to do .

    I did spend most of my life as a dental assistant and I loved it . But then this DD happened to interfer with what was happening. I had to change how I worked and now working is a thing of the past. I really miss the days when I could just dream about what I could do and become. Now I am 50 and have this dd and chronic meyofacial pain syndrome, degeneritave disc disease, bad knees. And much more but as I said life goes on. And I have to accept the things I can do and not stress over the things I can't do.
    Hugs to all,Rosemarie
  12. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    ...artist, architect, archaeologist, actor...

    Although, there are times when I also wanted to be a children's book illustrator. (But I guess that goes under 'artist'.) And I had a brief flirtation with costume design (art AND acting). And, although I doubt I'd ever make a living at it, I loooooove genealogy.

    Um...ancestry? (Just to keep it in the category!)

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  13. sixtyslady

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    well they say if you do something when you get older that you wanted to do as a child, it can just be great and bring contentment,
    anyhow I just decided to regs our wooded area as a back yard habatat. a wild refuse for birds,and bunnies. and all the rest.we have a pair of ground hogs, I named them Woody and wanda, and I talked my husband into building bluebird houses. we, also have deer, and wild turkeys. no wonder I never want to go anywhere, I could just stay here and watch the wildlife. Have a good one sixtyslady

  14. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Tall, slender, beautiful, healthy (ok, that wasn't on my list when I was young!), rich, and happy.

    One out of 6 ain't bad!! Despite it all I am happy!

  15. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    when I was like 12 I wanted to be a singer because I REALLY wanted to meet Michael Jackson and date him and then Marry him...of course I grew out of that really fast.... when I was in high school I wanted to be either a nurse(baby nurse)
    or a police woman....everyone said I have the look and the attitude to be a police officer.

  16. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    My favorite was that I always wanted to be a singer when I grew up. I can actually sing pretty well, but you won't see me on American Idol. lol... I have a family & no energy - who has time for that kind of stuff and any sort of regular life?

    I also used to want to be a nurse. But, I ended up getting pregnant half way through my senior year in high school & never made it to college.

    I did get lucky though, a few years later. I got a job as an administrative assistant at an insurance agency & was promoted a few times there, and am now working at another agency, making over twice what I started out at.

    And I know I'm doing better than a lot of people with college degrees, so I can't really complain - except about this damn pain I'm in all the time!!

    Take care,