what did your doct charge for ss paperwork

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    i have hired binder& binder to handle my ss claim, they charge nothing unless we win.
    much to my chagrin 3 of my doctors charged a total of $415 just to fill out the paperwork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow that was a shocker. what did yours charge?? GOD BLESS
  2. shar6710

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    I asked my PCP if he would charge me and he said no. I don't know about my other docs. He did tell me that the SSA gives them something like $20 for their trouble but that it takes forever to complete.

    If its anything like the paperwork they have us fill out he's probably telling the truth.

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    I had five doctors write letters for me thankfully! Nevertheless, only one charged me about $200 much to my surprise. Nevertheless, he/she wrote an excellent letter. Of course, two of my other physicians also wrote fantastic letters and didn't charge, so it depends on the doctor.

    Either way, don't lose hope. SSI often wants people to give up, so don't so you can win! :)

  4. abcanada

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    Holy S- - T! I just filled out my forms & gave my doc the 4 she had to fill out. It stated on the application that Canada Pension Plan would pay the doc $65.00 to fill out the forms & for docs not to bill the patient. I thought that was too much for 4 pages. YOu got taken!!! sorry about that, Laura
    I just posted a message about a rate your doctor website. Might help you to check it out.
  5. janie056

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    That is just terrible! My doctor charged me $0.00000
    I bet he needed to take his secretary out for a nice dinner and he didn't want it show up on his credit card!
    That is the most horrible thing!

    So sorry,

  6. footballmom

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    Most doctors charge to fill out paper work. It's a time consuming process.
  7. kmoss55

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    I went to the FM website and printed the papers for your Dr. to fill out. When I received the judge's answer he said that the papers that my Dr. filled out was the ones that best told the reason for my disabled. If I had had them at the last filing, my claim would not have be turned down.
    By the way, my Dr. didnt charge me for the paperwork he filled out.

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    Remember... when a doctor fills out paperwork ( especially for legal reasons, he, or she instantly opens themselves to review, scrutiny, discussion, and even a counter-claim from the other party.
    Most doctors charge an office visit fee that mirrors how long it takes to prepare the papers. Usually the doctor has to interface with your lawyer, and other medical professionals to get it all together. That even saves you more money ( time )
    This disability thing is serious business. Your lawyer is your first lifeline, and your doctor is the means of proof.
    I have heard of some top flight doctors in NJ charge a professional expert fee ( upwards to $4000 in some cases ) because by the time they get the case it has already been rejected at least once from SSD, or private carrier. They spend many hours to dissect, fix the mistakes, and form an acceptable hypothesis to consider the disability. PAY THE MONEY... YOU ONLY GET ONE CRACK AT IT...

    My Opinion

  9. llama

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    I just read your post about printing off the forms that your physician needs to fill out for disability. You mentioned a FM website.

    Could you post exactly which website that you're referring to? I'm really in need of some good documentation. I think some docs do want to help but aren't always sure exactly what info is vital to prove your disability to SS.

    thanks in advance for this help..........Jill...........
  10. Mini4Me

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    I had 3 docs write letters. The only one who charged me was the psychaiatrist. He charged $50.00, but his letter was so effective, it was priceless. The other docs did not charge any fees.
  11. abcanada

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    Yes, it takes time to fill out paper work, but lets face it-say it took 1 hour...well thats $ 400.00+/hour. My doc always makes comments about how disability & low income often go hand in hand. & she's right. They know what we face. I honestly think that was ignorant for them to charge such a price. They go ho,e to thier fancy dancy life style & have tenderloin & lobster for diner while many of us can hardly put food on the table. I think it just speaks for the type of person he/she is. Laura
  12. JLH

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    I have my pcp and 5 or 6 specialists on board.

    NONE of them charged me medical records. I did not hire an attorney--I submitted the forms myself and Social Security asked them for the medical records.

    Also, I was approved on the first try in just 4 months!

  13. kmoss55

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    I am sorry, but I can't find the site I got the papers from. I have been looking all morning. If I find it I'll let you know!!1

  14. llama

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    Got your message and appreciate your attempts at finding the site where you got the forms.

    If you do happen to come across it, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks and take care............Jill..............
  15. BlackPanther

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    As far as I know, drs didnt charge anything, unless my attorney paid for them. I got stuff from my family dr, 2 rheumatologists, a neurologist, an orthopedist, a physical therapy place, a psychiatrist and a psychiatric therapist. Maybe others. In PA the atty. can charge 25% if you win. That is 25% of the back due amount.