What diet is best?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Willowsway, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Willowsway

    Willowsway New Member

    Tomorrow I will be 44 years old. I was just diagnosed with FIbro and Arthritis. I have all of my weight in the tummy and I am shaped like an apple. I am having surgery the first of the year to remove part of my achellies tendon on both feet. The pain is almost unbearable with the fibro and I am on pain medication, celebrex, neurontin, but nothing else for the pain. I need to lose at least 50 pounds, but I don't want to fail. I know the weight loss with make me feel better and I am hoping that my friends here will help me. Also...what can I do to ease the pain? What are you guys taking? What works the best? Please help. I am so scared. Tina
  2. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    If you give up all wheat, dairy and sugar (for benefits with the disease, too, not just weight loss) and eat tons of vegetables, the weight will just slide off you. That means food as a luxury will no longer be! I miss everything but that is just too bad, I have to eat like this to feel good.

    Your body will thank you after awhile and they'll start to taste better. If you don't like veggies, boil them in chicken broth (without msg) and cut them up small. Use many different colored veggies, the more variety, the better the taste. Use lots of peppers (all colors), onions and garlic and they'll actually be quite edible! Also, when you're eating lots of veggies, you aren't eating other junk.

    Don't forget to avoid saturated fat and take B vitamins that you'll miss out on from not eating dairy.

    happy xmas day!

  3. zenouchy

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    Dear Tina,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope it goes very smoothly. If I were you, I would ask your doctor about what diet would be best. You will get lots of great responses here and notice that all of the diets are healthy yet all rather different. Beyond eating the obvious vegetables, diets start to get very unique. Some people recommend eliminating dairy and bread altogether which works great for them, but other people must have it in their diet to get enough natural fiber and calcium.

    We're all different ages, have different health profiles and take different medicines and supplements. We also have different weight loss goals, and some people don't need to lose weight at all. Therefore, in my opinion, it only makes sense that you ask your doctor what he/she recommend a diet that is more tailored for you, especially if you are having surgery and want to lose 50 pounds.

    I have found that the Guafenesin Protocal has helped me with my pain as well as moderate exercise. You can look at the following website for the Guai Protocal: fibromyalgiatreatment.com. Many people here are on it. It's a unique treatment, but it works VERY WELL (!) for most who try it. I would definitely wait until after you heal from your surgery to consider starting it, as you will see it's a commitment and a bit overwhelming at first.

    Good luck, hang in there and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Erika :)

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  4. charlenef

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    you can eat what ever you want in a small bowl i have kept off 70lbs for 14 years i eat like 6x a day charlene
  5. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    This book helped me a lot - the Anti-Inflamation Diet

    I generally follow that and can tell when I eat a lot of those foods - black beans in particular with some avocado and a good salad with olive oil and fig vinegar dressing with sunflower seeds at night - the next morning I can really tell how much better I feel.

    It is a good book - it has lists of foods that really help keep inflamation down - ginger, beans, certain nuts, ect.

    I recc. it highly. It is the one written by a doctor.
  6. joyfully

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    South Beach Diet
    You lose belly fat first. This was designed by a cardiologist. I lost 35 pounds on this diet, it leveled out my blood sugar, and REALLY helped my weight bearing joints because of the weight loss.

    I have FM and rheumatoid arthritis. I use an electric mobility scooter and CAN'T exercise. So when I tell you that this diet works, it really works. I had never dieted prior to this diet.

    My pastor's daughter is also a cardiologist. and she highly recommended this diet for her Father. After witnessing the dramatic weight loss that Pastor had, I asked him how he lost all the weight. MANY people at my church went on the same diet because they also saw the dramatic results. We all lost weight.

    It is a very healthy diet, not some goofy fad diet. It is rich in vegetables. You also have low fat meats, etc. It is more of a eating plan for life than a "diet".
    Whole grains
    Fruits (after the first two weeks)
    Lean meats

    Fibrous foods so they take longer to digest and consequently help you to feel "full" longer. They keep the sugar level in your blood a more constant level instead of spiking.
  7. Willowsway

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    Thanks for the great idea. I think I will go on the South Beach Diet and then use smaller portions too. My doc mentioned the South Beach Diet to me.....You guys are great. I just found you a few days ago. I needed your support so badly. Thanks....If you have any more ideas, please post them.
  8. Daisys

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    Everybody's different, but here's what helped me:
    First I decided to try low carb, and immediately felt much better and lost 20 pounds in about 6 months (half of what I needed to lose).

    Every time I tried to add wheat back in, I got worse. In that way, I found out I'm gluten intolerant. (Many, many people are and don't know it).

    Every time I eat too many carbs, I gain. Diebetes runs in my family, so I know I have trouble with insulin (pre diebetic).

    So, I've ended up with a way of eating that is healthy and I continue to gradually lose weight:
    I eat healthy meat, healthy fat(mainly olive oil and virgin coconut oil), and lots of veggies. I even juice veggies almost every day to really load up on all the nutrition. I do eat whole fruit every day, but not unlimited because of the sugar content. Also, legumes and nuts, seeds are good.

    I use stevia and xylitol for sweeteners. I make muffins with nut flour, coconut flour, and some quinoa or amaranth flour, and it satisfies my need for bread.

    If I go to a restaurant, I can order salad, no croutons, and steak and ask for more veggies instead of the starch, and it works out fine.

    I highly recommend this way of eating, and know of others that do well on it too.

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