What diets have you tried that helped your CFS

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  1. ang03

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    Hi there,
    I'm new to this board and newly diagnosed to CFS which I've had roughly for about 18 months or so. I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 girls aged 1 y.o.and 3y.o and youngest of which I am still breastfeeding.

    I would like to know which people out there with CFS have tried diets that they found helpful with their cfs. I did start the candida diet, even though I'm not even sure if I have candida, and have had trouble sticking to it.

    I'm feeling really awful at the moment with shocking exhaustion and joint pain, and I really get down when I'm feeling so bad. I'm lucky that my husband understands as he has been through it also, but he is a lot better these days and only has the odd relapse.

    I know I need to accept the diagnosis, but I just want to get better and not feel like this anymore.
    please help me.
  2. Smiffy

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    Hi, I'm trying the low carb diet in Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia fatigue', & feel a lot better on it . He believes that CFS & fibro are the same illness. You can find it on the Guaidoc website, & can post questions as to whether it's suitable for breastfeeding on the Guai Group message board (where his nurse answers questions). Best wishes
  3. WoodstocksMusic

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    Low carb / high protein diets make me feel the best and help me keep my weight under control.... I need to go back on the atkins diet right again now because I feel like a circus balloon again.

    LISALOO New Member

    Trying, low carb, low sugar, on difulcan and know it won't kill off yeast unless I don't feed it.

    I understand how bad this is! I've always ate pasta sugar bread fruit and that's it.
  5. vacrow

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    I am also new to the group. The person who posted about Dr. St. Amand's book and it's diet are very correct. A low carb diet, high protein and limit your caffeine is the best way to go. Sweets and things with sugar in it would put me in a very bad cycle and I would have to go bed.

    Also, I have found that using Guaifenisen(Guai) is very helpful. I did the protocol, but had to drop it as I could not work when I was purging(cycling). I did get results and I have to admit I felt some better. I am still debating about the guai since I had to retire because of this darn disease (dd).

    Hope this has helped you.

  6. Empower

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    Sorry you are feeling so bad!

    Well, if your husband had it, what did he do to get better?
  7. dvdav2000

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    Hi All,
    About a year ago I stayed at The Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada , Puerto Rico for about a month. The Institute does a " living foods " lifestyle. Raw foods, living foods concentrating on " living " elements... enzymes, etc. from the plant. Blended during the detox. period. In addition fresh Wheatgrass juice daily from the organic growing area. It is a minimalist atmosphere. Very economical. 1 block from the ocean, yoga, daily learning program included. It is a non-profit.
    The first week was very difficult... detox. from sugar, caffeine, and my dependence of bad carbos. By week three the black bags and circles under my eyes subsided, I felt more energetic, and dropped alot of bad extra fluid weight.
    I retuned to normal society.. I have done ok since then but as I mentioned in my most recent messages I am now battling chronic blood borne Candida as a result of fighting illness with ABX. I am going back to Ann Wigmore Institute next month and staying until I break the Candida. My situation is now more than just CFIDS, Fibro., Cognitive, etc. Candida is a potentially deadly condition. If it is not checked, and eliminated it can eventually go to the brain... very much like Staph. I am very concerned...

    I hope this helps... as far as food regimens go... If the moderator permits I can post the website for the Institute. They do not sell products, etc. You may be also to find it with the name anyway.

    If I have crossed any message board policies by discussing the place kindly let me know.


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