What do HYPOTHALAMUS like?

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    Don't know if this will directly help our DD, but anything that helps the HYPOTHALAMUS, I think, helps me. This was taken from Dr. Mercolas Newsletter today. Hurray for the Amino Acids, yet again.

    The Science Behind Losing Weight on a High-Protein Diet

    A brain signal system that controls appetite responds to specific amino acids found in meat. This discovery could lead to new weight-loss techniques.


    Animals injected with the amino acid leucine ate 20 percent less food the following day, and only gained a third of the weight of their peers after a 24-hour fast. Leucine, which is found in protein-rich foods, acts on the enzyme mTOR. mTOR is highly active in a brain structure called the hypothalamus, which regulates appetite.

    Fooling the Brain

    The leucine may fool the brain into believing there is an ample protein supply throughout the body, resulting in a suppression of hunger.
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    Im in nursing school and have been learning about how the brain affects the rest of the body. There have been deveral studies done with rats on this issue.

    My questions are....where do you get it? is it a supplement that can be purchased?

    just curious...
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    Is an amino acid. Available in SOME health food store, but easily available online, costs $10-$15. Hurray for the amino acids yet again.