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    Hi all,
    i am back to fighting this loosing battle.Here in the uk its so difficult to get help and be taken seriously.
    I have seen a good doc in Bolton who did a blood microscopy and found worms,spirochetes and other stuff that should not be there.I have been taking doxy and doing so well.
    I now want to get a diagnosis through my doc on the nhs.I am querying lyme.I believe that a simple blood test is not good enough.
    WHAT DO I ASK/DEMAND FOR.I feel i will be fobbed off but if i have specific tests to request i know i am not going to miss out.
    Any info,or advice and anybody in the uk with help to offer.
    Thankyou and take care all
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    I'm sorry that you aren't doing well. Others should follow
    me here that can be more specific for you. However, to get started, the Igenex Lab in Palo Alto California is considered
    the "most reliable" but may not be a practical answer for you
    due to distance involved in shipping blood samples. There are
    likewise other Labs which may use a different methodology in
    there testing procedure. I don't know if it is possible for
    you or a medical provider in the UK to contact a Lab here in
    the U.S. for information on blood testing.

    I believe, however, that there is a Lyme Support Group(s) in
    the UK who can advise you better as relating to your question.
    "Yahoo": Lyme Support Groups, as I believe there is a con-
    nection to British and European Groups there. Let us know
    and please stay in touch. (We learn from each other here)
    Take care Justine,

    P.S. Yes, I just saw a Eurolyme site on Yahoo Groups, some in
    the UK. Take a "look see".
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