What do I do now? Mysterious symptoms, drs. haven't found cause,

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    Hi. I usually post on the CFS/FM message board, but I'm hoping someone can refer me to a good place to go if no one knows what's wrong with me, like maybe there's a website for people with mysterious illnesses/symptoms. Also the best way to find an infectious disease doctor??

    Sorry in advance for the lenght of this!

    I've been extremely ill the last eight weeks, and doctors are doing lots of tests. Here's the symptoms and test findings so far.

    I started having fever, weakness, EXTREMELY SEVERE muscle soreness and inflammation/swelling in legs, severe MASSIVE bruising on thighs for no reason (big huge yellow bruisies and some purple bruises), severe inflammation in thighs and huge hard lumps, hardly able to walk because of such sore, tight muscles. severe back muscle soreness/stiffness, nausea, joint aches (flu symptoms), coughing, headaches, no appetite, slight rash on both legs like red dots not too close together, looks sort of like if you get a rash after shaving your legs, but it wasn't from shaving. Very much increased frequency of urination. Swollen gums in places and bleeds sometimes, which I've neve had before. Never had ANYTHING LIKE this before!

    I read that a brown recluse spider can cause all this, and also heard a lyme disease could cause this. They're testing me for lyme disease.

    But I've had this for 8 weeks and nothing is known yet! I'm scared.

    At first doctors thought I had a staff infection but they said my white blood cell count is OK. Urine test result is good. Red blood cells fine.

    I have slight anemia (iron deficient), slightly elevated platelets, elevated inflammation of course showed up from blood tests, and so far (more tests are still pending) that's all doctors know for sure. Been going to doctor last 4 weeks.

    Also had some "bites" like spider bites on both legs and finger. Not real bad like brown recluse tissues deterioration though, but deep and doesn't go away fast. Definitely not mosquito bites. I saw a few spiders in my environment and got rid of them. But doctors don't know if this if from the insect bites or not. I got these symptoms a few days or a week after I noticed the bites.

    They are doing blood cultures. All kinds of tests. I don't have lupus. I've never ever bruised easily in my life. I just can hardly eat at all, but drink lots of soy milk. I never get any vit. c, anyone know if this could be "SCURVY" or something?

    Please help if you can. My fever's better but still present. I took 2 different antibiotics already. Thanks so much. Sorry for the length!
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    STOP using the soy milk.

    READ: Cinderella's Dark Side


    DO start taking a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement.

    Lack of vitamin c can cause lots of problems.
    Start this immediatly.

    THe doctors don't know if your problems are from the spider bites? What clowns. And we pay them! When you find out what the problem is, you should go back to the others and ask for your money back. I know a lady who did this, and she did get her money back.
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    I went into hospital, had to have blood transfusion. Hemoglobin got too low.

    Anyway, you were right about one thing, I have severe Vit. C deficiency and the doctors think I have/had "scurvy", a very serious illness. Plus I had severe iron deficiency and some internal bleeding.

    Anyway, I'm better, but doctors still don't know for sure why my hemoglobin got so low (down to 6, normal is 13, they say I almost died).

    Anyway, now taking vit. c and multivitamin, iron, thiamine, folic acid, and eating better.

    Thanks again. I had no idean lack of Vit. c was so serious.