What do I have to look forward to? I'm a newbie.

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    I had never even heard of FM until about a month ago. I had problems with my legs hurting and asked some older ladies if they had any suggestions and one mentioned FM. I have been reading everything about it since then and believe that is what is wrong with me. I can go back several years with extreme fatigue. I just thought I was getting older and had a lot of stress from my job. I took early retirement a year ago because I was starting to forget things and just couldn't go on with 60 hours a week. My husband and I moved to the country and I had all of these plans. I had taken Elavil for about 15 years because I had sleep problems. It worked prettty well but added Sonata and the two together were OK. I asked my doctor in June if I could try Ambien thinking I could take 1 pill instead of 2. Almost immediately my legs (thighs) started hurting and continued to hurt 24/7. I wasn't sleeping well either, would wake up at 4:00 a.m. and always felt tired. After five months I started taking my Elavil/Sonata combo again and presto my legs totally stopped hurting and haven't since, almost a month so far. I have had two episodes in that time of shoulders hurting, like muscle soreness that lasted about a week. Both of these I can relate to stressful situations. I have the "fog" described by many of you a lot of the time. Also numbness in my hands/arms. I have fallen 7 times in the last year and luckily haven't broken anything. It is all making since now and at least I can put a name with my problem. I was thinking I had Alzheimers. My husband finishes most of my sentences. I'm only 58 and am feeling sad that I might not be able to do the things I wanted to do in retirement. I've always been very active and like "Martha Stewart" with everything perfect. I feel glad that I don't have the extreme pain others describe and that the Elavil helped my legs. Just wondering what I have to look forward too? Will it get worse or just stay about like it is now? I haven't been to doctor yet, dread it. Guess I will make an appointment after the holidays. I'm trying to really pay attention to my body and what is going on. I often feel that I have lead weights on my arms and legs. I'm worried about the "fog" because sometimes I'm driving and worry about having an accident. I asked my husband to drive me last week to do some errands as I was feeling dizzy and just couldn't face Walmart alone. That sounds silly but it just seemed overwelming to me. I'm trying to scale down on my activities. I used to put up five Christmas trees and this year I didn't do anything! I forgot to add that in my time off Elavil I lost 15 pounds without even trying. I hate to gain it back. Has anyone had that problem? I guess given the choice of extra weight vs pain I'll take the weight. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for listening.
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    It sures sounds like you have the "classic" fibro symptoms. You do need to get to a Doc to be sure as other things can mimic Fibro. I don't think any of us could say if you will stay the same or get worse. A lot of it depends on what you find that helps and ???? As no one is really sure what causes the illness, its hard to know how it will affect you in the future.
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    If you've read some of these posts, you already know that many people have different symptoms. I quit asking "what next" cause I don't even want to know!! I have had fibro for 16 years. IT stayed the same for many years, the last few have added alot of different symptoms. I hope you find a good doc, and are able to find a system that works for you. Good luck
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    Major food cravings on elavil...stopped taking it. The nurses in the office told me that that seemed to be the general "side effect" of the drug.
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    I strongly urge you to find a rheumatologist, or ;if you are fortunate, your primary care physician is knowledgeable about fibro. Fibro mimics many other diseases, someone already pointed out, I think having a name to go with your ills, is cathartic in and of itself. My onset of fibro, was slow and gradual. One night I got this twinge in my leg and it woke me from my sleep. I returned to sleep thinking is was just a cramp, I was a restaurant server. It happened again maybe a month later. Long story short, I hurt all day everyday, but Praise God, I am still here. I felt a sense of relief when I was finally diagnosed, last year. That bit of information was somehow elevating for me. I strongly recommend a deepening of your relationship to whom you go when in trouble, for me it was God Almighty. I know that when I am my most tired and hurt the worse, worse than childbirth, it is He Whom strengthens me. I truly believe that we all have great things to look forward to, it maybe painful along the way, but what in life is worth having that did not require some discomfort? I have the fog also, I experienced while typing this e-mail. I shake my head and blink until I remember what I am doing. But I implore you start the process, make that call and get that appointment, because with fibro, it is what is left. It will take time for the Dr.s to rule out everything, Lupus, Cancer, Kidney Disease, etc. It will be frustrating, but I found it helps to be as well educated as you can when you see the Dr., sometimes we have to help educate our health providers. You may be able to speed up the process, by having some knowledge under your belt. God bless you.

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