What do I say and what do I watch for?

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    I realize now I may have only just begun.

    When my Rhuematologist said 'loose ligaments take these and get more excersize', I thought I had gotten my answer.
    I felt better all summer long, not perfect, but better. I could clean my house, garden, and play with my kids.

    When I started feeling poorly a couple of weeks ago,- headaches, body aches, tired all the time,- I figured I had over done it for the time of year, (I have allergies and asthma.) and had caught cold. I've realized the pain is back.

    I want to go to the dr. but I don't want to get back on the same treadmill as last time. How do I make them understand what I am saying? And how do I undrestand what the are telling me? For example: When I went to the Rhuematologist I swear he had about a pint and a half of blood drawn for about 15 tests, he said all the tests came back good. How do I understand what he tested for and what if anything I should ask him to do? Also, I have NEVER been one for taking pills. What types of alternative therapies have you tried?

    In the words of the country song "I'm too young to feel this damn old". I want my life back. I want to work hard again. (I have no profession, I'm just a sort of 'handywomen') I want to be able to wrestle with my boys, they are 17, 16, 14, 11 and 3. And I want to enjoy my husband, if you know what I mean.

    I need to find the right path, can you help point it out to me.
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    Dear Momma, I wish I could give you directions to the right path, but I do not think there is one. Nor is there any quick fix. I am sure you will receive posts that can provide much more concrete info. than I can. I just want to wish you well, assure you that you are understood by some people at least, and suggest two things: 1. get hard copies of all test results and do not assume that "good" is good or that the range or normal is really normal range. This means some work, which is even more pain, because you have to understand what the test results say, and
    1. seriously consider alternative therapies. In my case, acupuncture has proven to be of great benefit - but make sure that your alternative therapist is a good one. There are many people out there waiting to make a buck from people like us.

    Take care.
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    First of all, I would agree with getting copies of your tests. Also, keep a diary of your pain, what level it is, what seems to bring it on,i.e. exercise, food, stress, environmental causes. This will help your Doctor and you try to figure this out.

    Remember you are a partner in this. Read all you can and educate yourself. It takes time but many of us are on the road back because of what we have learned here and elsewhere.

    Good Luck