What do most people do for living and make money ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MrLund, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. MrLund

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    Ever since I have this CFIDS, I am wondering how will I make money... I am curious, what does majority of the people on the board do for living and make money ?

    I run a restaurant and it's getting very tough to do so at this point.

  2. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    Been doing customer service for a major store for the last 4 years. I am currently looking for an in home job as back up because now I am the bread earner in the family. I have to do something.But I know its not going to last, I'm having flares all the time now or maybe its just one big one. And all I really want to do is sleep. Plus my job is doing all that they can do to fire me because I miss work for my FM. Even though they are well aware of my FM, I have FMLA they denied it. So, that's what I do...work and worry that one day we'll be on the street because of this lousy FM. Sorry, sometimes I get carried away!
  3. angelscutoo

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    Unfortunately many of us no longer are able to work. I am 55 and after working 28 years for the same agency I had to retire May 1st this year per doctor's orders. Luckily I had enough tenure and age to be able to get a small retirement check however it is not enough to meet my expenses and I have applied for Social Security Disability.

    I have other health problems beside fibro and am hoping to be approved.
  4. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hello. i am 37 and live with my mom. she has a retirement check and some savings.

    i used to work part time as a medical secretary but eventually became too sick to continue.

    i took a one-year sick leave and am now on antiviral therapy.

    i have to go back to work part time early next year if i want insurance to continue paying for these meds.

    my boss is very nice and used to let me bring some work home. he may retire soon, however.

    i do not know how i will support myself in the long-term.

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  5. becc

    becc New Member

    I've been sick since I was very young and have never been able to have a normal job. I work part-time from home as a lampwork glass artist and sell my work online. The hours I'm able to work vary greatly, depending on my health, but I can usually handle about 5 or 6 hours per week.
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I have a service business I started in 1996. I had to do this because I could not handle working for others. I have been in this same field for over 30 years so I pretty much knew what I was doing, just needed to start the business and get customers.

    By the grace of God, I have been successful and when I was very sick for a few years, I had people working for me that carried the ball.

    Restaurant work is very hard, my husband owned a restaurant in the past.
  7. binxi

    binxi New Member

    mechanic but i haven't worked since march because of the cfs. i was getting sicker and sicker and trying to push myself through each day at work, but i realised i wasn't going to recover if i kept working.
    i've been on government sickness benefits- luckily i had some money saved up because what i get from the government isn't enough to live off.
  8. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I used to do taxes, now I'm starting a website on how to cure this disease. Never thought that would happen a few years ago! Go figure! Just like I went to school to be a CPA, I learned tons getting myself healthy again. Can't let it go to waste.
  9. jenn_c

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    I have been approved for ss disability. I am hoping one day I will get better and be able to return to the workforce. I am 36. What really struck me was in your reply you mentioned not being to work for someone, hence you started your own business.

    Sorry if this seems long. But I was a nurses aide for over 10 years. I am hoping to someday open my own home care agency. I can not work for other people. I know that I will basically be working for customers but that is different. I seem to have no tolerance for ignorant bosses. Especially since coming down with fibro.

    Anyways just wanted to respond to that. I was glad to see someone else felt the same as me.

  10. Gumbo

    Gumbo New Member

    I finally thought of SOMETHING I thought I could handle doing to bring in just SOME money...being a school bus monitor. That'd require 2 hrs in morning, with several hours to rest, then 2 hrs. in the afternoon. I wouldn't have to do anything physically-like driving. But right now, I'm in such a bad relapse, I couldn't do that.

    I've also thought of doing pet sitting in my home.

    My other thought is making cookies, pies, etc. & selling them. A friend of a friend does this. He bakes cookies & sells them to pizza joints, chicken places, Seven 11's, etc. & has given me lots of tips. But I'm not even cooking these days. I need to develope some really good recipies to add to what I already have. (He didn't share his with me)


  11. lizardmom

    lizardmom New Member

    I work from home as an Avon Representative. Yes,that's right,I'm an Avon lady!! ding dong!

    Seriously, I enjoy what I do.I make extra money,although my husband is the primary income earner.

    I used to teach TaeKwonDo and HapkiDo,but as my symptoms grew worse, I had to give up the really physical stuff.

    I began having horrible Migraines in 2001, and they make holding down a "regular" job almost impossible.
  12. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hello. has anyone thought about doing medical transcription from home? or medical billing?

  13. MrLund

    MrLund New Member

    No, don't get into Medical Billing, they won't really hire you from home anymore, plus, majority of it is done on practice management software.

    Okay, I run a restaurant and it is getting very hard to deal with people, especially putting about 50 + hours a week, maybe 11 hours a day sometimes.

    It's just too much to manage employees and other stuff.

    I am the General Manager and do manage about 20 employees, it's pain in the but, but I love it, I was getting ready to go back to school and get into medical school, I don't see that happening.

    When, I feel better, than I'll probably go back to school..

    I just need to feel better, every day is a battle. I am trying to improve day by day, but well see what happens.

    I can't afford to lose this job, won't have funds to pay for things.

    Education is so important and I wish to finish it one day, i know I will, I won't let this disease stop me from doing anything in life anymore.

    Someone was CPA on here they mention, that's tough as it is...

    Does Anyone Do Call Center Job ? Is that less stress ?

    I think that would be a perfect fit for me, no running round, no multi tasking etc... but I don't think it will pay me much.

  14. GBHope

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  15. kcvale

    kcvale New Member

    Hi, I've been a lurker here for a long time. You all have been so helpful to me and I am so happy to finally have something useful to contribute. I have lupus, cfids and fibromyalgia. I've been disabled since 1996. After years of searching, I finally found legitimate online work that I could do from home 2 years ago.
    I stumbled upon a website that is all about working from home. It's called wahm (stands for work at home moms). Just google wahm and it pops right up -- didn't know if it was ok to post link. It's a collection of message boards with all kinds of jobs. The message board called Telecommuting Moms has daily updates of new jobs or just people asking questions about jobs.
    This is not a scam. The first thing they tell newbies is don't pay to apply for jobs.
    I found 2 jobs through this site. My first job was with Customer Loyalty Concepts (they're real-- google em) and now I'm with LiveOps (also real and they've been on Good Morning America as a great work at home opportunity-- though you do have to pay for background check for them).
    Both of these jobs are phone jobs but there are other types of jobs and just a lot of great info and good people willing to help a person out.
    Many of the jobs have flexible and part-time hours.
    Sorry this is so long but I was a victim of a lot of scams before I found this site so I'm very enthusiastic about it.

    Hope this helps,
  16. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Yes, I always wanted my own business. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

    Over 90% of businesses are the small business owners in the USA.

    There are people who come here from other countries everyday and start new businesses from scratch. Within a few years they are making very good money.

    It does not take a brilliant person, just one who is persistent and does not give up when there are obstacles.

    Someone who is a problem solver and likes to take responsiblity. The rewards are tremendous and if you can do something you like, it does not feel like work.

    First you research and learn, then make a business plan and follow it. There are great resources at the Small Business Administration including mentors.

    There are also grants you can apply for to help start a business.
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  17. Spinetti

    Spinetti New Member

    I still have my license, although I couldn't even show up for the coffee breaks now due to ME.

    As far as working from home goes, I have to pace myself just to watch TV.

    I don't know how I'd scrape by financially, if I hadn't managed to qualify for SS disability.
  18. jinlee

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    I had an excellent job, worked hard to work my way up to manager of med transcription of a major hospital. I had to quit work due to surgery on both shoulders and collarbones.

    The pain became so severe that I cannot type anymore other than short times, like 5 minutes. I loved my job and hate being dependent on my husband for living.

    So far my docs never agree on what is wrong with me, half saying I have FM/CFS, half saying I have all this other stuff.

    Disability wants a concrete answer. I have quit trying. they don't seem to understand that whatever is wrong, pain and extreme fatigue are still present. However, I guess I digressed.

    Anyway, at this point bringing in no money of my own makes me feel scared, vulnerable and liable to be dumped at any time without money of any kind. Not a good feeling.

    Luckily hubby makes good money but his job is so stressful I except him to be in the hospital any day with a major heart attack or nervous breakdown.

  19. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    I called my HR person on Monday, after my Dr urged me to start the process. She told me that I needed to get on FMLA due to FM. I didn't know, until someone on this board, bless them, told me you can take FMLA on an intermittent basis, or be used to modify your work schedule. I won't get any pay for the time I am gone, but it will save me from losing my job due to missing time. I am back at work today after missing a week of work due to pleurisy.
    Colorful, have you checked to see if your employer would allow you to take FMLA on an intermittent basis? Just trying to help a fellow FM sufferer, like I was helped!
    Katie in OK.
  20. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    Currently I work as an insurance broker but I may go back to a software quality engineer - even though the hours are much longer, the pay is much better. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to work, against doctor advise.

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