What do we do when we have desensitized our family?

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    Hello Everyone,
    Well to add to the list of my health problems I now have trigger thumb. I woke up about a month ago and my thumb was clicking and locking. I still don't know why I can have such horrible pain in my thumb and be on the meds I am. One of which is the fentanyl patch. Anyways so I go and finally see an orthopedic doc and he confirms trigger thumb and reccomends an injection in my thumb. Well to most that would not be a problem but for me I panicked. I left the room to ask my SO to come in from the car and hold my hand. He said "No" he didn't want to listen to me cry and carry on. I'm so mad at him. Have I complained for so long? Maybe, but it shouldn't matter he is supposed to help me. Right? Well thanks for letting me vent.