What do you do for anxiety and agitation?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by mome44, May 11, 2009.

  1. mome44

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    Lately Im constantly battleing with anxiety and agiatation. I cant find the right medications to get rid of it and its starting to interfere with daily life. I would appreciate any feedback on what may work for you.
  2. Pippi1313

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    I have to deal with anciety/agitation too. It gets pretty severe.
    I've tried every relaxation technique, herb, etc etc that people say will help. But they did jack for me.
    The only thing that helps me is klonopin. There may be other similar meds that would also help, but this was the 1st one Doc rx'd.

    I don't tell anybody I take a med for it. I don't even tell anybody I have issues with it.
    It's one of those conditions people refuse to understand. They think we should just "get over it". That's because they are voluntarily ignorant. In their minds, "emotional problems" are simply a sign of moral weakness.
    Of course, that's pure BS. But that's how the world thinks.

    I did view meds as a "last resort". I now know I was mistaken, & was simply reacting to my own social conditioning.

    I didn't address this issue with my primary doc. I went to a shrink.
    Beware! They wanna rx antidepressants. I had to continually stress that I'm not unduly depressed (given everything I have to deal with), but my issue is the anxiety. He was OK with rx-ing the klonopin w/o adding the obligatory antidepressant.

    (I once had a doc rx antidepressants for an ear ache!!!!! Boy, did I give HIM an earfull about THAT!!!)

    Good Luck!!!
  3. ultrastiff

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    Lyrica is helping me with my anxiety. That is not why i started taking it but it is the effect it has on me. I take 75mg twice daily.