what do you do for sleep

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  1. onedaymagpie

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    Hi friends -

    Can you please outline what you do for good sleep. I have tried many things, but it is always a struggle. Your input would be most helpful. thanks, Maggie
  2. onedaymagpie

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    Wow - thanks so much for this as well; I'm grateful.

    I haven't heard of Inositol - I'll look into it.

    Melatonin, very large amounts. Yes, I have taken as much as 3 mg, but not routinely. Holtorf group advised up to 9 mg, siting studies. But I came across other suggestions that so much is not good idea. It can be confusing and different for each of us.

    Cheers, Mags

  3. panthere

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    I take 1 g melatonin and 2.5 mg of ambien which usually works. Sometimes, I have to add more ambien if I can't fall asleep. My husband uses 5 htp, which supposed to help. It made me sleep, but also gave me heart palpitations.
  4. toddm

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    I was dx'ed with alpha / delta disturbance and it seems what ever I take that helps me to get some restorative sleep makes me so groggy the next day. I'm not sure which is worse, lack of sleep or to feel like I'm drugged. Hope you find something that works, I can't wait to see what some others are trying.

  5. onedaymagpie

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    Hi Toddm

    Thanks for your response

    Are others willing to respond . . .

    Thanks, Mag
  6. Juloo

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    I can't afford Xyrem right now. But if I could, I just add it to my usual routine.
  7. rachel76

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    I was on melatonin for roughly 10 years. I seemed to have heavier periods on it and recently have been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. My Gyno told me to get off melatonin quickly because it effects some hormones and would interfere with the ovarian cyst treatment. i ought to point out I'm only 32. Someone older and past menopause might not have the reaction I'm having....Now I only fall asleep at 8a.m
    I noticed vitamin D and B (not B6) make me more awake at night but it's not enough to just stop them.
  8. ktp812

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    I am currently taking 3mg melatonin 1/2 hour before I take my Lunesta and benadryl. I usually have to get into bed and just lay there in order to calm my body down enough for the meds to work. I don't read or anthing because it just stimulates my brain.

    For a long time I was waking up feeling unrested but that seems to come and go. I am not sure if Lunesta lets you get into the deep sleep or else my brain just doesn't want to.

    I can't take anything stronger and I have tried them all cause it gives me a horrible hangover the following day. Even 1/4 of the dose!

    My doc mentioned Xyrem at one time but you are suppose to wake up and take the second dose in the middle of the night. I didn't think it would be fair for my husband to get woken up every night by the alarm clock. Plus I hear it is very expensive.

    Luckily I got into a good sleep pattern before I had to resort to that..

    I do think my whole sleep pattern through the night is wierd cause some days I wake up feeling strange like I still should be dreaming or something. Hard to explain..almost like I didn't finish the sleep cycle and it throws the whole day off..

  9. onedaymagpie

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    thanks for your responses; it helps to learn what others have done.

    I believe that sleep is a struggle for many of us and was wondering what you all are doing?
  10. LindaJones

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    warm milk
    camomille tea with honey
    hot bath before bed
    glass of wine
  11. satchya

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    I've been taking ambien at bedtime for almost four years now. If I wake up in the middle of the night (this happens pretty frequently) I take a 30 mg gel-cap of benadryl to help me get back to sleep.
  12. questus9

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    I've begun taking 3mg of melatonin and also Valeria, (an herb), and the combination has been extremely helpful!
  13. hatbox121

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    I used to use ambien. Now I just kinda suffer through it.