what do you do "just for YOU" that might seem an extravagance?

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  1. sunflowergirl

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    I was thinking about this subject this morning as I was enjoying for the 3rd day the bouquet of purples dalias I bought for myself at Trader Joe's on Thursday morning. I've gotten into the habit of buying myself some flowers each week. Last week I bought a bouquet of red glads, a total of $l.99 and well worth it since they lasted a week. These dalias are starting to look shabby so maybe the $4.99 I splurged wasn't worth it........or thinking on the pleasure they brought to me as I enjoyed them on my kitchen counter then perhaps they were.

    Another "indulgence" is thick whipping cream in my coffee. OMG......soooooo good.

    And remember if you don't "pamper" yourself who will???????
  2. Granniluvsu

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    Sunflower- Yes, I agree with you but your little extravagance is a lot cheaper than mine :)!! I was thinking and thinking and it is a tossup between getting my manicure and pedicure or getting my hair done. When my kids were all with us I never had my nails done or a pedicure till my kids got married. That of course seems to be the big thing now, the nails. I still don't't get it done that often but in the summer when my nails, especially the toenails look really bad and are all torn up, I like to wear sandals and have my toe nails at least look halfway descent.. It is very hard for me to get in a good position to cut and paint my nails and my finger nails are terrible and always breaking.

    During the winter time I don't get my nails done that often unless it is really needed and I have a special place to go. Hard to bend down to get the toes done and to lazy to do my yucky finger nails.

    Yes, we all need to get something done for ourselves. Yes, flowers is a good idea . I should do that myself too but rarely do. Thanks Sun for the interesting post.

    Looking for other indulgences from other people posting!!

    Granni :)
  3. MicheleK

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    I too buy real whipped cream for my coffee and to put on those little pudding cups that are so convenient when you want a rich snack you can just grab.

    I am mostly bedbound so there are limits on what I can do for myself but I recently bought Amazon Prime so that I would have a bunch of new entertainment choices. Previously I had bought myself Netflix and watched it to death! lol

    Also as strange as it may sound I make it a point to compliment, encourage or just listen to at least one patient a day and though it's for them it actually works out to be the best thing I do for myself too. It is one of the best things to do to help oneself have a satisfying life no matter how limited the body may be.
  4. Mikie

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    Nothing perks me up like a new plant or bouquet of fresh flowers.

    I do my own hair color and cuts and do my own manicures and pedicures but it still feels like an indulgence. Sometimes, I just do a "Spa Day" at home where I pamper myself.

    I used to use real maple syrup on my GF waffles but when I started to economize, I changed to the fake stuff. Soooo much cheaper. Neither is good for me but I keep it in moderation.

    I like to get little decorator items which add pizazz to my home.

    Used to like Smucker's hot fudge on ice cream but even with Lactaid tablets now, it upsets my stomach. Don't really miss it.

    BTW, I didn't treat myself to the PPV special with Lewis Black. Good thing too. I was trying to decide between that and the stress of watching the Bronco's game. Then, I noticed that "Life of Pi" was on HBO. I fell deeply into sleep and missed everything. I've noticed that I'm sleeping more deeply on this new ABX, Cefaclor.

    Here's to pampering ourselves. We deserve it!

    Love, Mikie
  5. mbofov

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    Coconut milk ice cream - never heard of it, but sounds delicious! I love coconut. I never buy sweets, it's the only way I can keep my weight under control because I am soooo sedentary. But it works so I just accept it.

    I get about two pedicures a year and love that. First, it feels so good when they massage your feet, and then your feet look pretty too. I live in flip flops and sandals all summer so like having my toe nails done.

    And I buy half and half for my coffee. I did buy real whipping cream for awhile but I think the pounds started to creep back up - it doesn't take much at all. But I love my half and half. It does feel like an indulgence.

  6. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    I used to get my nails done and pedicures before my daughter moved back home with me. Can't afford it any more. She needs her medical supplies more than I need pedicures.

    Now, I guess my luxury is the occasional pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy and a Sunday on my back with my feet up and doing nothing but watch movies all day. I don't drink coffee or anything with caffiene, so no creamers for me.

    I do love, on occasion, to go out to my favorite Chinese Restaurant and "moowww" on avast selection of crab, shrimp, froglegs, crab cakes, fish dishes...........pretty much anything that swims or walks sideways is on my plate. And they have the best peanut butter chicken! The prime rib is always tender and juicy. Hawg heaven!

    I like this buffet because it's nicely appointed, the food is refreshed regularly, and the selection is enormous. Even though I only have 1/5 of a normal stomach, I want what I want. So I have a spoon of everything I like!!! And two spoons of what I really really like!

  7. sunflowergirl

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    Jam: coconut ice cream really does sound yummy. I've always loved coconut and have been known to eat it straight from the bag. I did splurge awhile ago on a coconut concoction from Talenti at Sprouts. Is that what you're talking about?

    Dar: If you don't mind my asking have you had a stapled stomach? And I'm so darn cheap I have never splurged on Ben and Jerry's IC. Maybe I should try it sometime. Peanut Butter chicken sounds really yummy.....kinda like Tai food. I love to get a spicy peanut chicken cooked in coconut milk. Mmmmmm.....sea food buffet. However, my stomach seems to have shrunk over the last couple of years so it's a waste for me. I get filled in 5 min. and can't eat anymore. If I go out for a good sandwich and am busy talking I can barely finish l/2 a sandwich.

    And I guess I'm weird, I don't like people touching me, especially my feet. So unfortunately I have to do my own pedicure and it's a pain since I'm always barefooted. And I've cut my own hair for at least 30 plus years and know exactly the way I want it to look.

    Mikie: I don't know who Lewis Black is? I'm so removed from everything that's popular. I'm going tomorrow to the library to pick up the copy of The Life of Pi which I ordered months ago. I read the book and enjoyed it.

    Michele K....good to see you posting. I believe you said one time you've got a bad case of POTS? Is that correct? And no matter what it is we all deal with, we have to learn to be kind to ourselves, that's the reason I made this post......to get others to think about this subject.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I love all things coconut. Did y'all know they have coconut M&M's? Mmmmm!

    Sunflower Girl, Lewis Black is not well known outside certain comedy circles. He is an angry comic who rants against everything. His rants are hysterical. He has thinning gray hair, is a bit chubby and usually wears a wrinkled gray suit. He wears glasses like men wore in the 50's but, I think, he has recently updated them. BTW, his PPV special now costs $24.99 to order. He does cameos on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, I don't have any extravagances. I'd certainly be willing too, but there isn't anything
    I want that I don't already have. What I'd really like to buy is better health, but we all
    know how that goes.

    Mikie, I looked up Lewis Black on Youtube. He reminds me of George Carlin. Only
    without the polish.* Black is a mess. Loud, sloppy, profane, rude, and crude. He looks
    a mess. He looks ill. He is described as:

    And at this point the computer went crazy. I was trying to cut and paste a sentence that referred to
    Black as a social critic and comic. But what I got was an entire page from Wikipedia. Uff-da!

    Anyway, he is funny. His scathing criticism of big business and politics is right on. Check him out
    if you dare.

    As for all things coconut, I am thinking of buying some coconut oil for healthy purposes. I forget what
    it's supposed to help. Alz? Anyhoo, I keep forgetting to order it. I keep forgetting cause I have Alz.
    This is called vicious circle. Anybody ever hear of a benign circle? And why a circle? Why not
    a vicious oval?

    I agree, Mary. "Coconut milk ice cream - never heard of it, but sounds delicious!" Provocative
    topic, SG.


    *Joke alert. George Carlin had no polish. He wasn't even Polish. His family was Irish.
  10. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    A "vicious oval"....I'm cracking up!!!:)

    As for "pampering"...For my entire life, I've had horrible fingernails. Split, crack, you name it, that's what my nails did. I'd have to wear Band-Aids on some nails because they'd break below the tip of my finger...and hurt badly until it grew out. I was thrilled when they came out with superglue!! It helped during the growing out process. A few years back, I decided to try acrylic nails...but I was very concerned I couldn't wear them since I'm allergic to any petroleum-based product. No problem. I was ecstatic! So, that's my main "treat" to me. I LOVE MY FINGERNAILS!!!

    I had my very first pedicure last year (at age 72). Now, I get pedicures during the summer months since I wear sandals constantly. I don't bother during winter...who would see them other than me? It's hard for me to bend over so cutting my toe nails is difficult...this added treat is perfect for me.

    I also like "real cream" in my coffee (I call it my morning cup of fat). As for ice cream...we eat Haagan-Dazs but only those types with the least amount of ingredients which pretty much keeps it limited to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I just wish the milk they use wasn't genetically modified, but it is. All other brands add hidden MSG (even so-called "natural" brands) and I can't tolerate it.

    I also treat myself to any gadget/device that helps me cope with my difficulties and makes my life easier...and to heck with the cost. Since I have to bake my GF bread, I bought "the best" bread machine (as an example) and I haven't regretted it even once.

    From other posts, it appears cream (of various kinds) are "our" treat of choice. Ironic, isn't it?
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I just found out PH sells coconut oil and they are having a great sale. Check it out.

    Yes, Lewis Black is a sloppy mess but that's part of his schitk. He's not for everyone but he cracks me up just as George Carlin used to. I do have a strange sense of humor but that goes with the territory for us Cancer Crabs. Right, Rock?

    My indulgences are all things which make life easier for me. Anything which cooks without messing up my cooktop or without having to heat the big oven is something I'll buy. My last indulgence was a Cuisinart coffee maker which uses the K-cups. Looooove it. The little cups are expensive but make up for it when it comes to wasting coffee made in a pot. I got big boxes of the K-cups at Costco on sale.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Very perceptive. Yes. I had a gastric bypass in 1983. Hence, the 1/5 th of a normal stomach. Also, methinks, why I have so much trouble with getting enough of what I need from my diet.

    I eat very small amounts of food at a time. Another one of God's little jokes. I lost 130 lbs., kept it off for 11 years, got hit by a truck, fibromyalgia set in, 6 years of disability and lack of movement, 130 lbs back on. Still have bypass in place, still eat like a canary, but have the rear of an alligator.

    Even with my small meals and loads of exercise with my job, watching my intakes, sticking to a healthy diet, (minus the occasional Ben & Jerry's), my metabolism is that of a snail on opiates. I take truck loads of all the right supplements. I take my synthroid regularly. I give up.

    With the Fibro, I cannot exercise at the rate I did when I lost it all. Never gonna happen. Too old, too tired, too messed up. But, I did think of one more luxury I like.

    Hot Tubs!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!! Haven't had the pleasure of being able to make use of one in 14 years, but first chance I get!!! I'm there!

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dar, I'm like you; exercise, or the lack of it, is the determining factor in weight control. Until I got the shots, I couldn't exercise. Then, I was sooooo exhausted and having stomach problems until I found out I am allergic to wheat and dairy. Now, this UTI is going on 2 months. So, basically, I'm always sick and unable to exercise. During the couple of weeks I did feel well, I went to the pool and ran in the shallow end. I have a high heart rate normally and I'm trying to get it down. I get to my targeted rate and try to keep it up for 20 mins., three times a week.

    I got the BOSU ball for my core and balance but haven't been able to use it either. It can be used like stepping for cardio. It just includes the added bonus of possibly falling off at any minute :) After my horrible head injury from a fall last year, I don't take chances with falling. It has taken a year to fully recover from that.

    After I finished cleaning my condo yesterday, I realize that having a sparkling clean condo is a real self-indulgence. It feels so good to use a bathroom which is fit for a queen, cleanwise. I just walked round and looked in each room and felt so thankful for my little home.

    Love, Mikie
  14. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Mikie - re your UTI - I am prone to those, one of my kidneys is weak. It's been checked but of course docs can find nothing wrong. But I used to know I had to go to the bathroom by how much my kidney hurt. I had a severe kidney infection when I was 20 and pregnant and think it might have been damaged or weakened then. Nowadays it rarely hurts. I don't know if my immune system is stronger or what, but I've had to retrain myself to listen to other signals to tell me when to pee :) Normal ones, like other people. I know, it sounds strange, but c'est la vie.

    But what I'm leading up to is you might try a cranberry supplement you take daily. I get a Swanson's brand cranberry sofgels, very cheap, I take 2 three times a day, and it really helps. I had had 2 rather bad UTI's in the last two years (after none for a long time), and haven't had one since I started on the cranberry. It's cheaper and much fewer calories than drinking loads of cranberry juice.

    Also you might look up Moducare - it's a combination plant sterol/sterolin formula which has made a world of difference in my immune system. I had had chronic sinus infections, nothing kept them from coming back, and they were actually worse than my crashing (post-exertional malaise). I started on the Moducare maybe close to 3 months ago and barely get sick now. This is the first thing that has truly helped my immune system. A couple of months ago I had a test for NK cells and my number was just about at the very bottom of the normal range - out of a range of 7-130, mine was 13. My "regular" doc said no problem - it's in the "normal" range. my CFIDS doc said of course it's serious, way too low. Anyways, it would certainly explain chronic sinus infections. But the Moducare is really really helping. I take 4 a day. (a different plan sterol product did nothing for me)

    I like Lewis Black too, in small doses - He can be a bit overwhelming! I see him mainly on Jon Stewart, who is one of the few sane people on television.

  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Mikie,

    Very true. Exercise plays an important part in weight loss. Though, according to the pedometer I put on my shoe, I log about 10 miles a day at my job. My office is at the bottom of a set of 20 steps from first floor down to my basement "Harry Potter" office under the stairs.

    I dance with my residents, I dance for my residents when they run out of steam. I'm constantly lifting, lugging, pushing, and pulling furniture around. I spend much time stooping, bending and standing on my head hooking people up in the bus who are in wheelchairs. I do "sitercize' 3 times weekly for a half hour each day with my residents.

    This does not include any other activity in my life. That's just at my job. I stick, predominantly to meat (baked, broiled, rotisserie or roasted), fruit and vegetables. I rarely touch bread, potatoes or pasta. If I do eat bread, which is rare, it's focacia, rye or the once in a while treat of Italian bread. I use extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, rice oil, or if I'm baking, (rarely) I use canola oil.

    I should not be overweight. The only explanation I have is that the herbalist told me I have a type 2 depressed metabolism. I can't afford to eat the way he would like me to. Buffalo meat, deer meat, (free range eggs (as many as I want anytime), chicken, turkey, and beef), shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, salmon, no pork at all. Nothing from the store except the buffalo meat. Everything else except the seafood I'd have to buy from a private entity. I used to have a friend who raised all those free range meat products except the deer. But he passed away.

    I'm not supposed to have white flour, sugar, soy, coconut or coconut oil, no hydrogenated oils, no cabbage, no broccoli, no brussels sprouts (they slow down thyroid function). Dairy only 1-2 times a week. No wheat products. Certain cheeses are ok, others are not. Certain veggies are ok, others are not.

    I'm supposed to use rice pasta, rice flour, spelt flour, and oat bran flour. No catsup or any condiments other than mustard.

    I do my best to stick to most of this, but cannot afford to eat entirely the way I need to. Still, you'd think with all that exercise, the better part of the proper diet, and the fact I eat like a canary would have some effect!

    I can see where, being sick so much you'd have a terrible time trying to stay at a healthy weight. That UTI, I cannot believe has hung on this long! Like Mbofov, I too, take cranberry tablets. Had three UTI's in one year. Haven't had one since the cranberry tablets. But even at that, this is a very long time for a UTI to hang on. Hope you get rid of that soon! You've really been going through it! Poor thing. Head trauma too. I wish you better health!

    I get what you mean about the "clean condo". Since my "roof" incident and subsequent rain damage, I've been under construction and torn up since last September. Am still trying to get the painting done and get my furniture off the front porch!

    I want my nest back. I think there is no greater satisfaction for me than coming home to a clean, comfy, happy nest. I am a serious clean freak, so this chaos and disorder are drivin me outa my pea-pickin skull.

    I envy you your clean, tidy little Condo nest.

    Welp. Bed time for Bonzo here.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Mary & Dar,

    Thanks so much for the info on my UTI. Last time, I did take the cranberry supps but they didn't seem to make a diff. With Klebsiella, one has to just keep hitting it with ABX. It's one of the worst bacteria to get rid of. I'm doing much better on the Cefaclor now. Still, it may take another round of it to get rid of this.

    Mary, you've really had a rough time with your kidney and bladder. I'm not usually prone to UTI's. I didn't seek treatment the first three weeks because it would go away and I thought it was gone. I had been treating it with cranberry and colloidal silver. That just wasn't enough.

    Dar, you're certainly getting enough exercise. I don't think I could stick to that diet expensewise or otherwise. It's bad enough being dairy free and gluten free. I actually can take a wee bit of wheat and dairy without consequences but not much. I carry Lactaid tablets with me just in case.

    One of my biggest (pun intended) indulgences is my large-screen TV in my bedroom. I love watching TV in bed. Only problem is that I get so warm and snuggly is that I fall asleep and miss my shows. I've been binging on "The Bridge" which is on FX but I've been watching the episodes on On Demand. I had gotten all caught up and was ready for the new episode last night and, of course, fell asleep. Thank God for On Demand.

    Tweety stayed in all afternoon and evening because of the intense thunderstorm. She cuddled up on my bed.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Mikie,

    Sorry the cran tablets don't work for you. This must be one heck of a bacterial strain. I've worked in healthcare for 21 years, except the 6 years I was totally down, and I've never seen or heard of such a virulent UTI condition. That's awful.

    My own were cleared up rather quickly with a simple antibiotic. All three times. The cran tablets just seem to work for me. What a bummer for you. UTI's are horrid.

    I have a flat screen in my bedroom also. My favorite place to be on weekends when I can rest is my bed with my t.v., like yourself. I also have the problem of falling asleep while watching. I've been known to take a week to watch the same movie because I have to go back to the last thing I remember and continue to watch from that point until I nod off again! LOL

    Nothing like a good movie, a warm snuggly bed and a warm companion. My cats love to lounge with me too when I'm taking my "down" time.

    Feel better soonest!

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, Dar,

    Yes, Klebsiella is often the cause of pneumonia but it can cause UTI's too. It's one of the nastiest beacteria around. It's tenacious as well. They usually use Cipro for it but I'm allergic to all the flueroquinolones. This med seems to be working but I still have a bit of a "pinch" when I pee so think I'll have to call the doc for a refill. I am supposed to see him on the 6th so if the symptoms don't get worse, I can get a refill then. There is still a third-generation of the med I'm on but it is wildly expensive so am hoping this one will eventually work. I just don't think they are keeping me on the ABX long enough. The ABX I'm on is $74 but my co-pay is only $6. The newer one would likely cost me $50 in a co-pay. Yikes!

    I am feeling better overall. Even when I feel well, though, I still love watching TV in bed. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hoping you stay well. I really admire how you do your active job.

    Love, Mikie
  19. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I splurged on getting an organic wool pillow. I have MCS, and most pillows have chemicals. This new wool one is heavenly. Very soft and springy, like down. Much better for my neck and shoulders too - I realized now that the pain was caused by the wrong kind of pillow. A true comfort.

  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Wind,


    I wish I could sleep on a wool pillow. Sounds like you've found heaven. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to wool. Bummer! Due to acid reflux, I sleep on 3 pillows. The one I actually put my noggin on is a down pillow that nicely conforms to my head and neck, so I don't have too much trouble unless I sleep on my left side. The car accident broke one of my vertebrae, so if I sleep on that side too long, I wake up with a neck ache and head ache. If I stay on my right side I'm ok, except my hip wakes me up off and on all night due to soft tissue damage from the accident.

    I'd kill for a way to sleep that worked all night long and the luxury of waking up feeling like I've slept and feeling refreshed! There's something I'd like to have as an extravagance!

    Glad you found something that really works for you. Way to go!



    Glad you're feeling some better. Better is better. We'll take that eh? Hope this goes away for you soon. $50.00 copay! Yikes is right! Ouch. That's a punch in the pocket.

    Thanks for rooting me on with my "active" job. Funny. I rested all weekend. Went in this morning and the achilles tendon in my left foot decided to remind me that I'm too old to dance like that!! LOL Walked like a duck all day. Step, ouch.....step, ouch....step, ouch. God was I glad when today was over. But, it comes with the territory. I do pay a price. Here's another extravagance I'd like to have. Shoes that make my feet not hurt!

    Have never found any. I even paid $180.00 for prescription shoes last fall. Still hurt. Rattttzzz! New feet would be good! They should open a new store---Body Parts Are Us. We'd be their most frequent and loyal customers! LOL

    Take care Mikie