what do you do "just for YOU" that might seem an extravagance?

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    I went to a custom shoe shop and had them fit me with sneakers when I worked at Publix and was on my feet all day. Then, the first Sketchers came along and I tried a pair. I loved them and got another pair so I could switch off every other day. They improved my posture so much that my back didn't hurt nor did my knee which had just had surgery. I don't think good shoes are a self-indulgence; they are a necessity.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dar - I wasn't sure if I was allergic to wool either! I don't like the feel of wool scarves or wool next to my skin. But they spin the wool a different way so that it is soft feeling, like down. No spiky, rough sense.

    I took a chance since once you open the package it can't be returned. Such a lovely little comfort. My DH and I have been needing to replace or specially clean every single item we have due to getting hit by Hurricane Irene, then flooded 5' by local river into house and our car.

    Then second hurricane (Sandy) , my husband moved our car up to higher ground 2 blocks up. When he went to check on it the next morning all people were gathered around. You couldn't see the car - An entire tree had fallen on it! Most of a block long! The car was flattened - everyone was there taking pics of it .

    I have to smile even in the direness of it - because it's so unlikely, like slapstick comedy.

    We had to move from our house of 21 years. We were renting - but still our home. Which brings me back to the pillow. I have CFS and chemical allergies. We had to throw away all our bedding, mattresses, beds, drapes, carpets, most furniture, etc. So I've been slowly as my energy allows researching and buying organic bed, mattress, sheets, and finally got to the pillow! Had been sleeping on old org. cotton ones that had been from the moldy house. Whewww.

    We're just getting our new apartment - 2 floors of a house comfortable and livable after 10 months here.

    I know what you mean about not waking refreshed - have had CFS for over 20 years. When was your accident?

    Take good care,

    Mikie - hope you're over your UTI soon. Sounds like such a fierce, tenacious one! Take good care of yourself too.

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    Good grief, Judy...you went through a period of pure bad luck. Ironic about your car...taking precautions only to have a tree "get it" after all. Sad, yet funny...

    Interesting about your wool pillow. Like windblade, I have MCS and ended up getting allergy-free washable feather pillows. I am allergic to wool against my skin, so now I'm wondering if I'd get a reaction from a wool pillow. Doubt I'd get one since they're not returnable.

    Here's hoping your luck has changed for the better. Your newer place sounds like a good beginning...
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    I took a chance after reading about the wool pillow and ordered one yesterday. I have 30 days to try it out and can return it for a full refund. Never heard of that! This one can also be washed but not tossed into the dryer. It ran me $59 standard size and softer as opposed to firm.
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    Windy, smiling about our similar names. Yes, it was so ironic to have that huge tree squash our car after my husband moved it up blocks away from possible flooding. But more serious he was in our house where 6 or 7 huge trees uprooted and fell from the woods right behind our house. And one in front landed on the chimney knocking it askew. Thank God he was alright sitting through that with the power out.

    I was staying with friends upstate in a convent to recover from mold illness from the first hurricane. There huge pines were uprooted and scattered around, but the building was strong stone. So scary. New Jersey and New York. Had never happened in my whole lifetime.

    I'm hoping that we can stay where we are. Found out recently that our landlord has a serious staff infection, so we're up in the air again whether he will want to sell or not. Will know by late Oct. - early Nov. for sure. I SO wish we had our own small house to feel secure in!

    About pillows - I will have to keep in mind for the future, allergy- free washable feather pillows. Have always wondered if I would be allergic to them. They sound so wonderfully soft. MCS is so difficult to live with, isn't it?

    SUNFLOWER, hi. I'm so surprised that they would let you return the wool pillow after 30 days. Never heard of that either. Was it someplace near you? The one I got is organic wool, and they run about $100 - so expensive. I got the standard size, extra full since they will compact down about 30%.

    Hope both of your pillows are cozy and comfortable!

    Love, Judy
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    What I do for myself that is an extravagance is to eat very dark chocolate in bed. Sometimes with unfortunate results that aren't noticed til the next morning if I drop a piece in the bed like I did last week! :rolleyes:. That's a bad looking stain.

    I also always have fresh flowers or foliage in a vase. Currently Naked Ladies (Amaryllis belladonna) and a couple of varieties of ivy with variegated leaves. And I will buy a couple of stems of tulips in the winter for brightness.

  7. windblade

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    Barry - one of my other treats is a bar of organic dark chocolate. I eat it in bed too while snuggled up reading a new book. Only buy choc.once a month or so, and split with my husband.(Giving him the smaller share:cool: ) Those stains can be wicked - I've learned to put down a plate under, and so far have been able to remove stains.

    My new flower happiness is having enough light from our huge 6' windows - 3 amazing windows in many rooms. With all that light I'm growing flowering plants for the first time. Pink cyclamen, orange Sonoma plant (crown of thorns). And an orchid which I'm learning to care for. Hope to coax it to flower.

    Love learning about each flower's needs.

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    Your chocolate mishap brought to mind a funny thing that happened to me several years ago. When I was still married, 23 years ago, I used to enjoy reading in bed and popping M&M's into my face as I read. One night, I had a 3# bag of them sitting wedged between me and the rail on the waterbed, happily reading and snarfing.

    Next morning I woke up and realized the book was on the floor, and the M&M bag was missing. I rolled over to find that my X-husband's back was covered in multi-colored polka dots. :confused: The M&M's were all over the King size waterbed. I gently woke him and explained the situation. He took looked at me, laughed, and headed for the shower while I searched the bed for the bag and excaped M&M's. I will say, he took it well. A year later, when we moved, when we dismantled the bed for the move, lo and behold I found 3 missed M&M's.

    From that point on, I allowed myself a small bowl on the nightstand, well away from the bed! I do not eat chocolate in bed anymore at all. It's a rare treat now and only the dark chocolate ones.

  9. Darrae

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    Aren't flowers the most wonderful thing? I have a yard full of various flowers and flowering bushes. My favorites are the lilacs. I have one planted outside the kitchen window and one planted on the other side of the back yard in front of the living room window. When they bloom, I open the windows on both sides and the smell permeates my entire home. Glad to hear you now have room and light to enjoy one of natures most comforting wonders.

    When the flowers bloom at different times I cut this and that and bring them in, arrange them in vases and place one on the dining room table and one on the kitchen table.

    I cannot, however, bring in the roses. My siamese cat thinks they are a delicacy and likes to eat the petals, and in the process, knocks over the vases full of water. :eek: The vet says they won't hurt her, so I occasionally bring one in and just let her have the petals which she adores.

  10. windblade

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    Dar - thanks for the laugh. That is such a funny story - still chuckling.

  11. Darrae

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    Glad I made you smile. Was it the M&M's or the cat?
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    Dar - we were posting at the same time, so I just saw the cat story now. That's just the kind of thing I would do if the vet said my cat could eat the occasional rose:) .

    I have a huge allergy to cats - when I was a teenager, and in my 20's used to rescue them anyhow. They got along great with my dog then - so funny together. My dog helped my cat to give birth, licking off the afterbirth of each kitten. So gently. It was such a beautiful sight.

    But the allergy is too severe for me to have cats now - how I wish the allergy would go away!

    Your M&M story is making me chuckle all over again. I've been trying so hard to get every little speck of chocolate off my bed, and then reading that. LOL

    Another extravagance for me is eating goat yogurt every day. I put blueberries and flaxseed in it, and it's delish for breakfast. Now I'm trying the Icelandic Siggi yogurt. Has less sugar, very thick and creamy, tart. Very good. We have a WholeFoods only 5 minutes away.

    p.s. This is a wonderful idea for a topic, Sunflower.
  13. windblade

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    Another treat has been Heritage Tomatoes all this month of August. I have been eating a whole large one every day.

    They are sweeter and less acid, so I don't get sores in mouth from them, as regular tomatoes. Such great flavor, and local. Also enjoy the variations in color and shape - they look beautiful in my Japanese bowls.

  14. Windytalker

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    I enjoyed reading about the puddies some of you have had or still have. I love 'em...wish I could have another, but it's not to be. They can be total characters...and have "their" rules.

    I also love flowers, but then it's a rare person who doesn't. They can be such a cheerful note when especially we're having a particularly bad day. Like Dar, I love lilacs. I have 4 in my yard, but none near a window. I go outside and smell, smell, smell. I guess I could cut some, but I'm not sure how by body would stand that scent all day/night. Sun is currently growing some orchids...I tried my hand at it for a while, but they got to be too much work for me.

    I loved the M&M story!! What a kick.:)

    Five minutes from a Whole Foods Market, Judy? Oh, you lucky gal. Since we both share MCS problems, you're able to get foods I truly wish I could get here. Our closest WFM is in Tulsa...almost 2 hrs. away. When I've gone, I tend to buy too much and it goes bad before we can eat it all (talking about fruit and veggies). I wish they'd build one in Joplin!!! (About 1:15 min.)

    Here's my latest tale of woe...I use a garden(golf) cart to go around my yard. I couldn't get around my yard without it. Anyhow, yesterday, I was showing a guy my flowerbeds hoping he'd help me keep them looking good. He had already said it wasn't his cup of tea and we were heading back up to the front of the house. Didn't make it. I hit a soft mushy part of my yard and the cart started sliding...then headed for our retaining wall. He got out with no problem, but I don't move fast. I did get out, but I'm now a mess. All my scar tissue (internal & external) along with my bad knees are really giving me fits. But, my neighbor made it all laughable...telling me it was my "Evil Knievel" stunt...LOL!!!


    Now, I just have to get it back up...a friend is coming to help, but he can't make it until tomorrow. SIGH!!!

    Laundry is now done, so it's "nap-thirty"...

    Hugs to all,
  15. windblade

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    Oh dear, Windy! Are you able to move around? That must be so painful with all the scar tissue. I hope you have something healing to rub into it. Hoping your friend can help you put the cart together! A great idea for getting around your property.

    There was another member who used a golf cart to take her two doggies for rides - out on the roads. They loved it.

    I grew up with lilacs too. Love the fragrance - can't get enough of it. One time my DH and I were walking in our former suburban neighborhood, and there was a huge bush of lilacs right by the curb on a corner house. I buried my face in them, in heaven as usual.

    The next day there was a huge wooden sign there to stay away from the lilacs!

    Ouch, how embarrassing and needless also. We now have a huge lilac bush across the street of our new home. It was fun our first Spring here wondering what was going to be here - plant and tree wise. A great surprise package.

    Take good care of yourself, Windy! Yes, the Whole Foods is wonderful since I eat Non-Gluten, and need special foods. What a long trek for you!

  16. Darrae

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    Hey all!

    Sounds like lilacs are popular with most of us. Like some of you, when they come on, I can't help when going out to my car in the morning, burrying my face in the blooms before getting in the car to leave. I also buy lilac warming oil and use it in my computer room when I'm in here so I can still smell lilacs even when they are not in bloom. I guess that's another luxury I afford myself.

    I wish I liked yogurt. Really I do. I've never met a yogurt that did not remind me of the texture, (you should pardon the gauche expression), snot. I cannot stand the texture. Though I do like frozen yogurt on occasion. Raspberry is yummy.

    I loved your kittie giving birth with help of doggie friend. That is precious! So sorry about your kittie allergy.

    Sun, I agree with Judy, this is a great topic.

    Oh Windy! So sorry about your golf cart. Not to mention that you got hurt. No more Evil Knievil for you. That had to be painful! I know about soft tissue damage and scar tissue. No fun. Mine was from horrid car accident involving 2 full size pick up trucks.

    The guy who hit me was pulling a trailer and just turned right in front of me. We did the equivalent of hitting a brick wall at 80 miles an hour, the EMT told me. The brunt of the impact was on the driver's side front. I was driving. That's what set my FM into active mode. I'm lucky to be alive. Take care of yourself sweet lady. Hope you feel better soon.

    Love to All,

  17. Windytalker

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    Since this topic is about extravagance...my cart is an extravagance! I bought it for "myself" and love it! Our mail box is a good walk from the house and it's a life saver. My DH wanted to sell it and get a gas one (we previously had one and he sold it). I told him "No way, Jose!" I'm MY cart and I'll stick with electric, thank you very much!! My neighbor's DH kids me...calls it "Dobbin". I drive it everywhere when I'm outside...

    Several people in my neighborhood have carts and I often see some of them running their dogs...neat! Good exercise for the pooches.

    Judy...yes, how embarrassing about the lilacs. I suspect they were worried you might be stung by a bee and didn't want to be blamed. Bees LOVE lilacs (like you, Dar and myself;) ). Another friend moved last winter, and, like you, she's been pleasantly surprised by what wonderful plants came up or bloomed this spring. Great treat, huh!!!

    Dar...I have a theory (but, it's my own). It always seems FM "surfaces" after some sort of trauma. Because I have MCS (like Judy), I believe it's the meds we are given that messes with our tissue/nerves/etc. causing the FM...not the trauma. I think we inherit this chemical sensitivity...and when our bodies get loaded with chemicals, it causes FM to "surface". There's a DNA test that determines if a person is sensitive to meds (affects the liver), BUT it's never gone mainstream because the pharmaceuticals know they would lose business. Plus, insurance won't pay for this test. As said, this is my theory...

    I'm soooo thankful I'm not hurt badly...just soooo sore with some minor bruises. Thanks for your kind words!!

  18. Darrae

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    Hi Windy,

    The FM does, generally, surface after a serious trauma or illness. I don't think the meds have had much to do with causing it though. I had it for two years after the accident, with no treatment or medication, while hopping from Dr. to Dr. and going through test after test, trying to find out what was making me so sick. I couldn't walk 1/2 a block, a trip to the store put me in bed for 3 days. Cooking dinner was all I could do in a day. The rest of the time, I was flat. By the time I was finally diagnosed in 1997 I had all 18 out of 18 physical body points they check for diagnosis.

    Though, with your different conditions, you may be right. Some people are highly medication sensitive. My youngest son was. Couldn't even give him simple cold remedies. Had to use saline in his nose, have him gargle with salt solution, put a humidifier in his room, use Vicks on his chest and throat, and use L-lysine with him.

    I do, however, think that some people may be "predisposed" to the condition, and it just doesn't surface until said trauma or illness triggers it. (My own personal theory). I think major stress is another "trigger". Right before the accident, I was involved with my x-husband who turned out to be a complete control freak and nut job.

    Stressing others through mental, physical and emotional abuse, were his favorite tools. He plagued me and my kids on a daily basis for the 5 years we lived together. My accident took place shortly after we began to cohabitate. His abuse was mild then, compared to his behaviors after we married.

    I married him, thinking that I'd never be able to work again and would not be able to support my family. (I know that sounds awful, but desparation makes one do things one would never generally do). He got worse after we got married and thought he had me totally under his thumb. That marriage only lasted 23 months. As soon as I was well enough to attempt to go back to work, he was out the door. But, unfortunately, the FM was not. That was 14 years ago.

    I truly believe it started there and culminated with the auto accident. As far as the meds go, I only take 3 scrips. The rest of my treatment is a combination of herbalist recommend diet, supplements and self-taught homeopathic methods. I only know that without the Lodeine XL and the Flexoril, my body becomes a living "he-double hockey sticks". So, they do help.

    So far, the only thing that's ever affected my liver was the Bactrim they put me on after the surgery for 6 months. That, I managed to clear up on my own with lots of spring water and megadoses of vitamin D. The doctor I wound up going to decided that I'd healed well enough that my liver was going to be ok without the original recommended gastrointestinal exploratory surgery to look for blocked bile duct. So much for unnecessary surgery!!

    I'm glad you're okay after your upset cart incident. Glad you can have a sense of humor in spite of how much it must have hurt and how much you love your cart. :)


    Try the lilac warming oil in an oil warmer. Walmart has a really good lilac oil scent in the candle section. Less embarrassing than dealing with your neighbors and you can smell it any time you wish, and blow out the candle when you've had enough "smelly therapy", as I refer to it. I guess, without realizing it, I have more little extravagances than I thought I had. It's amazing how many "little" things make one feel just a little happier.

    Speaking of happier---I called the prescription shoe people and told them that my $180.00 shoes weren't working for me. Good news! They were guaranteed for a year if you were not happy with them, they didn't work for you, or even if a piece of stitching came loose! So, Tuesday, she's coming out to my place of employment with a selection of different shoes for me to try and I can choose a new pair that work better! Woo hooo!!!

    Life is good!! One more extravagance to be fixed. :D Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!

    Love And Happy Dance to all!
  19. Windytalker

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    Dar...I've been married 3 times. My 2nd was just like your ex! They certainly do make miserable husbands!! Aren't we lucky to be rid of them...Oh Yea!!!
  20. Darrae

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    So right you are! My first two were obvious mistakes. Young and dumb. They only lasted 6 months each. The girl's dad I was married to for 10 miserable years. He had temporal lobe epilepsy that came out in temper rages. Knocked me out and beat my head on a cement floor while I was already out cold in front of my 3 oldest children.

    Psychiatrist actually inferred I should leave him. (Ethically could not tell me to), but said "I can't tell you to leave this guy, but............" There ya go. My youngest son's dad turned out to be a molester. (I put him in prison for 25 years). My last, I just described. My psych was right. He said 10% of American males are decent marriagable material. The other 90% are flotsam.

    I think also, in that original 10%, ya gotta consider the percentage of already married and totally gay. That doesn't leave much does it? How depressing! Think I will just stick to my cats. :) Maybe, eventually, my X-Navy seal fella will see that he cannot do without me. He's my last bastion of hope. LOL