what do you do "just for YOU" that might seem an extravagance?

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    So right you are! My first two were obvious mistakes. Young and dumb. They only lasted 6 months each. The girl's dad I was married to for 10 miserable years. He had temporal lobe epilepsy that came out in temper rages. Knocked me out and beat my head on a cement floor while I was already out cold in front of my 3 oldest children.

    Psychiatrist actually inferred I should leave him. (Ethically could not tell me to), but said "I can't tell you to leave this guy, but............" There ya go. My youngest son's dad turned out to be a molester. (I put him in prison for 25 years). My last, I just described. My psych was right. He said 10% of American males are decent marriagable material. The other 90% are flotsam.

    I think also, in that original 10%, ya gotta consider the percentage of already married and totally gay. That doesn't leave much does it? How depressing! Think I will just stick to my cats. :) Maybe, eventually, my X-Navy seal fella will see that he cannot do without me. He's my last bastion of hope. LOL
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    It's when you decide the last thing you need is another man in your life...that's when "Prince Charming" (at least, he thinks so) comes along. :)
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    True. This one, however has been patiently, respectfully, and devotedly waiting almost 12 years for me to tell him it's okay to be more than platonic friends. That's, I think, a keeper. He's admitted he's still very much attracted to me. I'm just waiting to see what he does. ;)