What do you do, to exercise? Or can you?

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  1. ranger

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    He said, "I have a sore shoulder pain sometimes, and my knees hurt on and off. All the Fibromyalgia stuff I read says you should exercise." (Like he ever does.) Says exercise is the number one thing mentioned in caring for ourselves.
    I have trouble with that, as many do. Of course I hurt all over and worsen it with physical activity. Walking aggrivates my back and legs. My doc knows this. I do stretches in a.m. and throughout the day. I also move about, with household obligations. I'm a bit confused on the exercise vs. increased pain and flare problem. What do others do here? It has been my problem that exercising is pushing through pain and causing flare. Is that what they want us to do?
    Confused Mom
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  2. JP

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    sounds like your husband is trying to help in his own way. It is pretty hard for others to relate to this invisible condition. If someone asks me I will usually ask them what was the worst pain they ever experienced and to describe it. Then I find a way for them to imagine spreading that pain body wide 24/7 with no escape and the only option is to learn to live with it and manage symptoms any way you can.

    My partner of 16 years had a bladder infection come on pretty hard Friday night. It became an emergency, out of control pain situation. I was able to pick up medicine and start treatment about 2 hours after the pain was out of control. About 3 hours after taking the medication, the pain was under control and my partner had a pretty bad day Saturday with flu like symptoms and the works. My partner has seen me go through that with my pain condition more times than I care to admit. There is a whole new level of compassion in my home.

    As for exercise, I am forced to keep moving due to the complexity of my pain condition. I have been a walker for years. I have not been walking much the past 2 months due to additional pain and fatigue. I have a serious back problem and hip disease. I just can't push through it right now, and I love walking. It is pretty complicated as far as knowing when to push and when to rest. I wish I had the answers.

    Hang in there...Jan
  3. sumbuni

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    in a magazine I bought yesterday that warm water exercises help those with fibro the most, without causing undue pain and misery for the attempt to exercise. It also said to stay away from cool water. If you have a place that has a warm water pool, maybe you could try this. I think we do here, but I dont have the extra $$$ to go right now. Right now I really do need it!

    God Bless,

    Sumbuni (flaring big time today!)
  4. stillafreemind

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    I never was very good at walking. And I tried to think that doing the household chores was my exercise..not to mention I milk three goats everyday..one I milk twice a day. BUT, this new gal I am going to told me to walk 20 minutes a day. She said start with 5 minutes if you have to, just do it.

    Well..for the last 5 weeks..I have been walking every morning. Between 20 and 25 minutes. What a difference it has made!! I so wish I would have done it sooner. Do not get me wrong, the pain the first week or so was discouraging as heck. Then .. all of a sudden..the pain was gone. And to tell ya the truth..the walking every morning makes my day now. I still have to fight the urge NOT to walk, but after I am done walking...wow, I feel so much better.

    As for your husband..he is right..a whole lot of docs DO want us to walk and/or exercise. I think he is trying to help you. And I know that when we are not feeling good or we are hurting, good, friendly, well meaning advice is sometimes the LAST thing we want to hear.

    I guess I would tell you the same thing I told myself...grin and bear it...grit your teeth and do it. There are plenty of rewards in the long run.

    Good luck ranger! ..Sherry
  5. ranger

    ranger New Member

    It's not that I have anything against exercise, esp. walking. But in the last 2 months, I have a newfound back problem, whereby it is stiff and very sore lower back and in my scapulas/both, hard to move shoulders/arms sometimes. Just doing what I need to survive hurts like H E double toothpicks. And I've tried pushing thru my pain in effort to exercise /walking. I find my pain and disability to be sooooo much worse, I wonder if there isn't more to me than others. I tried to read your bio but it was blank. Are you working? I know you have goats to milk and stuff. Are you quite functional all day? If so, I am happy for you. My doc has me doing stretches whenever I can and had me get a yoga tape (but I fund it too challenging). I can't do what you say. I could walk a minute and another minute back. But I am afraid of worse pain everyday. It's like, if I breathe wrong, I can start something. Tissue paper muscles? It feels like it. Anyway, this is how I am. Thought it fair to tell you. Hubby wants me back the way I was.
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  6. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    No..unfortunately I havenot been able to work for the last four years. The last job put me on the couch for a year.

    I have had two herniated discs. I know what shoulder and arm pain are. I have only been being treated by this nurse for five weeks. In that time..I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how much more I can do and enjoy.

    I am sure you hurt when you try to do this stuff..heck I still have those times when I first start out. But gradually it is getting better. And I think my husband would have loved it if he would have known me when I did not have this..unfortunately he has never known me when I have been well. Heck..I started with alot of this stuff when I was six..I cannot even remember what it was like to be well. I am now getting a good glimpse of it though...and I aint stoppin til I get there.

    Good luck...hope your pain lessens up for you. ...Sherry
  7. ranger

    ranger New Member

    I didn't mean to imply that you weren't as sore as me. I just applaud your ability to still get out there and walk. But like you said, a little at a time. :) What do others do with exercise?
  8. ksp56

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    For me; walking, and repetitive exercises don't work well. They aggravate my lower back pain, no matter how I wean myself into the program.

    I have found two tapes which help me. One is a stretching tape, which I really like and the other is Yoga for beginners. Was the tape you used, for beginners?

    If my muscles are tight in the morning, these tapes help to loosen them up. But if I am not feeling well and try them, everything hurts. It's difficult, because one day these tapes are great for me, and then some days, they only make my pain worse. No matter what the doctors tell me, I have to listen to my own body. It seems to know, better than most medical people, what is best.

    The yoga tapes (come in a set of two, one for am, other for pm) I bought at a discount store. The stretching one I ordered from a large book, music, ect., website online. The instructor's name is Karen Voight.

    Just thought I'd add my two cents!

    Gentle hugs,


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  9. CdnGirl

    CdnGirl New Member

    Ranger, sometines we just have to listen to our bodies BUT.....if I listened to my body, I don't believe that I would be doing as well as I do. Often I head to the gym (or streets for a light jog) dry heaving, dizzier than all hell, sore all over and brutal headaches )or migraines. When I get moving I find that within 10 minutes my body starts reacting in a positive way. I loosen up and my mind starts to clear. What do I find that is best? Personally, I am a runner. I love to run. When I have a huge flare up I run slow and not so far. Recently I started biking and rowing. I never thought I would like rowing but it is amazing for my upper body. Especially on the days that my legs feel like lead and fatigue in a matter of minutes. To balance my exercise program out, I do a light muscle conditioning class (or a Personalized program in the weight room). And finally to become well balanced, I try to keep either Pilates or Yoga in my weekly exercise regime. This may sound like a lot, but like you, I read that exercise was a key factor to staying ahead of the flare ups, so I put every effort forward to stick to a program. Most of the time it works.

    Good Luck!
  10. wildzootv

    wildzootv New Member

    I know...... I've heard it too and on the days it hurts just to lay in bed I wonder how am I suppose to exercise?

    I hear water exercise is good for us, as walking but heck there are days it is a struggle to get from one end of the house to the other!! So I've been doing Body Flex. It is not strenous at all and gives me more flexiblity over time. It's been a long time since I've done yoga but I"ve heard that's good too.
  11. KellyT

    KellyT New Member

    In addition to whatever exercise program you decide on, you need to include some combination of physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and adequate pain medications. I once tried just exercise and ibuprophen... I crashed and burned. Now, I'm doing exercise and physical therapy four times a week, and I get a massage once a week. Still trying to find a pain med that works long-term... but, at least I'm making it this time.

    Hope this helps. Kelly
  12. j9miller

    j9miller New Member

    I have asthma, TMJ, Osteoarthritis (jaw, neck & possible lower back), reverse curve of the neck, two ruptured discs in the lumbar spine, sciatica, fibromyalgia, diabetes/PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome - caused insulin resistance which got worse and turned into the diabetes - just dx 8/28/03), and hypothyroidism so I am a big mess :) I am also overweight.

    I walk two to three times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time five to six days a week. I was only walking 2x a week back in May then I bumped it to 3x in June and then on August 25 I started this new schedule. So far so good. Of course, I do hurt like hell but I know that it is something I NEED to do. It is good for me and my body to do this.

    Start slow and add slow. Speed is not important. Just get out there and walk - for your health.

  13. nancyb16

    nancyb16 New Member

    My energy level seemed to always be down especially after working as a nurse,the work can be stressfull plus standing and walking and bending really exacerbated my back pain. however the more I hurt the more I would eat and usually lots of carbs. Well in May of this year I joined CURVES for excercise and motivation to try to lose weight again. I can't begin to tell you how much more alert I am and energy to burn sometimes. I do get the days I'd rather go home and plop in front of the TV and veg out but last week I was feeling this way and I still,decided to work out, and I felt better all weekend. So I am again a beleiver in excercise. Love Nancyb16
  14. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    I started Curves 2 weeks ago and am amazed at how well I feel afterward.
    I had started walking before dinner about 5 weeks ago. Just for 15 minutes and not trying to break any records.
    Work full time and really have to push to do either of these things.
    I think the effort I make to breathe deeply while exercising
    is a big factor in feeling better after.
    I am thankful that at this point I can 'push' to do these things.
    There are times when I wonder the next day or usually more like 2 days after if I went overboard cause I really suffer but I think in the long run it is helping me.
    This past Sat. I had a really 'off' day and thankfully was able to just lay low and do minimum domestic duties.
    It is truly a day to day moment to moment to moment battle to stay moving, working, exercising, living life.
  15. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I too have found walking to be the best exercise after much trial and error. I also use a walking stick sometimes. It really helps a lot. I liked what someones doctor said about your legs and going to hurt whether you walk or not so why not walk. It is so true.
  16. achy

    achy New Member

    I have FM/CFIDS/Deg. disk disease (moderate), bulging disks, and pinched nerves in my spine. Add Astha to the list....No matter what I do I hurt. Just keeping up wiht the house was overwhelming and then I was supposed to walk?
    Well, one day of being so tired of being tired and fed up wiht this new "life" I decided to take controll and do something about it. Everybody kept saying walk..walk..walk.

    I knew I couldn't do anymore chores than i was doing, so I took a different approach. I cut out one thing and replaced it wiht walking. I wouldn't make the bed..who sees it anyway? or I'd put the dishes in the sink to soak and I'll do them later...

    I started by walking around the house...inside, room to room. Carried a SMALL basket wiht me and pick up, dropped off along the way. Then I'd venture outside in the late evening and just walk around 1/2 the house...then around the house..bit by bit I'd add another 20 ft or so.
    I love being outdoors anyway so why not get my exercise at the same time? Enjoying the plants and birds is a great distraction from the pain too.

    Now, two months later I can walk 1/2 mile, up and back my hilly dirt road/driveway. There are days I can't do it, my hips are killers and my fatigue gets pretty bad, but most days, even if I well up in tears I make myself go, and rarely do I wish i hadn't. I get a great scense of accomplishment and actually enjoy it...it's "my time".

    Common ranger,If I can do it, you can do it...baby step by baby step.

    Warm fuzzies
  17. beeleaf

    beeleaf New Member

    Exercise is something both the rheumy and the pulmonary docs have recommended to me. Walking around the yard hurts, and walking on concrete hurts more. No room for a treadmill. So, I got one of those small trampolines & started walking on that. Began with 2 whole minutes. I'm now up to 15 minutes. Whee! The cool thing for me is that the trampoline's lack of hard surface seems to be easier on the hips, feet, etc. & I don't run out of breath so quickly on it.

    While pool exercises are probably better, I'm just not likely to stick with anything I can't do at home, by myself, when I'm doggone good and ready. ;~)
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