What do you do when pain meds dont work?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by damz68, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. damz68

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    For the last three days my back has been on fire. It is like a super sensitve burning skin sensation that starts in the middle of my back and radiates up through my shoulders and neck to my face and arms. Everytime th AC kicks on it burns more, but at the same time feels super cold. It feels like icyhot/bengay has been rubbed all over the area. My back sweats a lot too.

    Meanwhile, my legs feel like they have been beaten with a bag of rocks and wrung out like a wet towel. This is a great description of my pain and I am far from over exsaserating(spelling?).

    It seems like when I have extra pain I sleep less and have more of a dizzy/foggy/spacy feeling, common sence. The docs have always just put me on a drug and that is it. The drugs, 500mg lyrica, 25mg elavil, gabapentin, neurontin and ultram have never worked at all. I deal with this pain 24/7 but from 5-20 days a month it is super bad. And, it has been that way since getting sick 3 years ago! However, before I became ill I did deal with the leg pain 3-5 days a week. Not near as bad though.

    At the moment I am on no pain pills. I have been free of Lyrica for 11 days now and got to that point by slowly weaning myself. It just so badly upsets me that lyrica was suppose to help, but did not. I just cant see spending the rest of my life like this.

    What can I do and why dont docs look into what is causing the pain instead of just putting me on another med that wont work?

    Does anyone here have pain like this?
  2. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    Thanks. The only thing on your list I do not do is eliminating sugar. I do eat sugar on cereal and I have a coke in the morning.

    As far as stress goes, how could you not be when you work to raise a family and then become sick for 3 years. I have never had a doc come out and tell me what is wrong with me. It is, I think you have CFS, I think you have Fibro or I think you have lyme. My wife now supports me while I take care of the kids and I am not doing a good job. My boy is going to start school this year barly knowing how to write his name and being too shy. Just waiting for my disability for three years, I guess they think I should be working. Eliminating stress would be imposible.

    So you get the burning skin Too?
  3. hanna4175

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    i can certainly relate to what you are feeling.. my old doc had me on oxycontin for three years.. it worked great but i didnt want to be on that anymore. you may want to ask your doctor about the pain patch..it works good as well.. my doctor doesnt like to give that out.. but if i were you i would ask about it.. you put one on every three days.. i swear it works..i wish you luck my friend. i suffer the way you do .. every day is a challenge for me as well..ask your doctor about the patch and let me know what he says..

    take care
    hanna xo
  4. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    I have heard the patch worked, but I am sure it is expensive and I just lost medicaid so I guess I am on my own for a while! We are in that bad spot where so many Americans are with no insurance and we make just over the limit for help but only enough to pay bills
  5. hanna4175

    hanna4175 New Member

    duragesic is the name of the patches.. and yes they are quite expensive.. ten dollars per patch i believe.. talk to you doctor and see what he can do for you hon.. mabey he has some.. though they are a heave narcotic he may not.. worth asking about though.. good luck to you sweety.. im in canada and thank god i dont have to pay for any of my meds..my meds a month are almost 800.00 and its all covered.. hubby works for honda and they have great benefits there.. i hope you find some relief soon.

    love hanna
  6. kellyann

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    I have a lot of the burning pain like you describe in your post. I am in terrible pain most of the time. And you know what? I have Lyme disease. I just took a peek at your bio......you love the outdoors and nature. Is it possible you could have been bitten by a tick on one of your outdoor excursions? I just found out I have Lyme after beng sick for about nine years. I am being treated with antibiotics right now. No, it's not easy, but at least I know what is making me sick and I am working towards treating it. There is a Lyme Message Board on this site, check it out! You'll find lots of information and meet some great people. I don't mean to keep harping on about Lyme, but do you know how close the symtoms match between fibromyalgia and lyme disease? Well, there are some symptoms more likely to be lyme. Have you been tested?
    I'm only trying to help,
  7. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    I have been getting treatment for lyme for last year. 6 months oral, 6 months iv. I have not had any improvement. While they had me on a one month break i lost medicaid and Dr. (Dr. J) got in trouble so I am without help for the moment but have enough abx. to continue. I think I will start back with mepron and minocin, I will just repeat there protocol, same dose and duration.

    What do you think?
  8. kellyann

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    that would be a good idea. Sometimes it takes time to clear out all the different stages of lyme. I am on Mepron right now, it makes me really feel rotten. But, that is supposed to mean it is working. Does the Mepron make you feel worse? I don't know about the other drug you mentioned, I haven't tried it. I read somewhere( I think on the Lyme board) that Mepron is supposed to help with coinfections from lyme, like mycoplasma infection. Don't give up, try and get well!

    Take Care!
  9. Nancy

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    When I'm having a flare and my meds aren't keeping up with the break through pain, I will apply a heat pack to the area bothering me the most. I never knew why it worked but have recently read that the heat signal takes priority over the pain signal in the brain..or the heat signal reaches brain first..not sure which..but it does work for me. As soon as the heat begins to ramp up in my painful area, the pain begins to subside. It is often the only thing other than my TENS unit that will give me any relief. There are several types of heat packs out there on the market..some with menthol some without. You have to be careful about electric heating pads and falling asleep..but these other types are great for helping you drift off to sleep. Also, check with doctor to make sure that you don't have any other condition that might not "mix" with heat. If you can ask for physical therapy, the TENS (a electrical stimulation systme) can help control the pain. If your doctor orders one for your home use, medical insurance companies often cover the costs of a home unit. I know that it's a blessing when my pain is out of control in a specific area...just apply electrodes, turn on unit and go about the activity I must do...otherwise, no moving about.

    It's taken me six years of learning different methods of conrolling my pain. I've even done my Lamaze breathing..remember labor pains? Biofeed back is also another method to use. I'll focus on laying on a hot sandy beach with the sun focusing on my painful areas.

    I know that pain will be with me everyday and sometimes it brings me to my knees. Yet these few methods work for me when meds don't... Hope you can find some peace from the pain.
  10. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    might qualify for.Ask your doctor

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