What do you do when you are too sick to do anything?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by thelionrose, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. thelionrose

    thelionrose New Member

    Sometimes I am too weary and suffering from too much brain fog to be able to even watch tv, read, or listen to the radio. I live alone and most of my friends work,or live in other counties. How do you keep yourself from going crazy during these times?
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  2. sandyblue

    sandyblue New Member

    To get through alot of the really bad days I have my three dogs that I love dearly. One is LuLu and I have her trained to be the "alpha dog" and she even says "mom" in a deep growl. The second is my "cowdog" aka australian shepard that I trained to argue with me, and she is good at it. And my third one actually dances around the house. So as you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy when no-one is around and I cant do much else.
    take care and God bless
  3. Scapper

    Scapper New Member

    I usually watch mindless TV. It seems to be the only thing I can do.

    When I'm too sick to have any noise at all and cannot get out of bed, I lay in bed in the dark and just pray! My body calls the shots and I have to listen (basically).

    I know how hard it is, everything requires energy.

    I know I don't have a ton to offer you but I just wanted you to know you were not alone :)
  4. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I have alot of days like this. I'm someone who can lose myself in tv when I don't feel like doing anything. I just space out. Brain fog can really do a number on us. I have more of that and fatigue than anything. My sis wants me to go to college online but I'm not sure I can concentrate good enough. Sure can be depressing,can't it. Don't have much advice to offer either but I've found out it sure helps when you come here and know that someone is on our side.

    Take care,Keke
  5. lightnerbride

    lightnerbride New Member

    I watch reruns of shows that are enjoyable to me but don't require my true attention(law and order, CSI, etc always seems to one on on some channel) and surround myself with my pets, they're my babies. It's no wonder I ended up with 7 very attached cats (so much for being independant animals) and my little poodle. I figure they love me no matter what and they even help wash away my tears. I was also at one time a lic. vet. tech. so as a softy I couldn't help rescueing a few.
    I also rely heavily on several bubble baths a day and sleeping as much as possible.
    Best Wishes,
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I always tell myself "I am taking one day at a time". Are you able to get out of the house?

    You might consider going somewhere you can just rest and watch the world go by, people watch. Like at a mall.

    I take a tote bag with me each day. I take along magazines, my cell phone, crossword book and yes, my meds if needed.

    I spent many years inside the house when I was sicker. I now am unable to stay at home during the day, even if I don't feel well.

    We all find out ways to cope and adapt to this illness. I guess the word is adapting. We may never be like everyone else, but sometimes you can't assume other people have great lives, even though they look happy.

    I have to laugh at myself, as I have found many ingenious ways to adapt. I live close to a very nice hospital. Sometimes I will have lunch in the cafeteria there, then sit and people watch in a nice lounge area. It is actually very interesting and no one notices me.

    Sometimes, very nice people strike up a conversation with me.

    Remember you don't have to be like anyone else in this world. You are dealing with your challenges the best way you can. You have good and bad days. On those bad days, try to remember your blessings.

  7. happyy

    happyy Guest

    hello, I am Carmen. I been batheling with my Fibromyalgia
    situation for almost 5 years now. and let me tell you that is so HARD and DIFFICULT I couldn't go back to my permanent
    job ever. I suffer from Depression, Sleep problems, and so
    much more. the only way I can deal with all this, is taking my medications, which keeps me drowsiness, dizzy and
    tired. But when I look around I can see that some other
    people feels and looks worse than me, and that makes me feel that I am an important person, and that I have to deal
    with the situation, and live with it and accepted that I
    have it, even if I don't like it... Please take my opinion
    and hope its works,.
  8. tcales

    tcales New Member

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member


    I think that when our bodies and minds are that exhausted we need to do nothing. Meditate, breath, rest, breath some more. Think about good things. Did I say breathe?

    Honora would be so proud of me.... ;>)

  10. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Like Marta said:
    I lay in a quiet dim room and practice relaxation excersises, listen to quiet classical or instrumental music sometimes, breathe, do the relaxation exersises again, doze - you get the idea. I don't watch the type of TV shows someone else mentioned because they are negative. trying to focus more on positive things is good. Never watch the news LOL!! I do listen to audiobooks a lot.


  11. sascha

    sascha Member

    be in that sort of state of collapse- too far under to read, listen to radio, have tv going; and at times it soothed and distracted me to just lie with eyes closed and kind of sit back so to speak and see what came into my mind. pictures would come and would be interesting to me.

    that weird way-down-under feeling is so strange. i remember feeling as though falling sleep took too much energy!

    you just must chill out totally when required. wait for an upswing. keep working your program or searching for ideas to try, and never ever give up! best, sascha

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