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  1. Marta608

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    We talked about what some of us do with our days, now let's talk about what we eat.

    Since FM darkened my door to join CFS I've been tuned in to what might be helpful and diet came out at the top.

    I've just recently eliminated: bread (except Ezekeil), pasta, rice, dairy (except eggs and lowfat, organic, plain yogurt), most processed foods, refined sugars.... I think there's more..... Anyway, I'm also eating three servings of veggies and fruit with an equal portion of animal protein for each meal (and I'm not a meat-lover). I do like to put a bunch of different fresh veggies in a pan and steam them. Quick and simple - with meat. It's almost the way the cavemen ate and similar to the Candida Caveman Diet, except for the fruit.

    Oddly enough I'm not craving sweets like I did when I did the Candida diet. No doubt because I eat low sugar fruits and my energy seems a bit higher today.....

    So my beloved Drumsticks (giant economy size) sit in the freezer along side all the Lean Cusines and Souffer's meals that are so easy to pop in the micro. And while I eat natural peanut butter, I no longer slather it along with plenty of Smart Balance on Keebler's Honey Lowfat graham crackers. (I've done the research and know that Keebler's is the best low fat graham for this culinary creation.)

    My slacks have quickly loosened a bit and, although that isn't the intention of the diet for me, who among us can't stand to lose a few pounds? Hmmmm, wait. I can think of a few folks. Well, MOST of us, then.

    For snacks, and I do love to snack, I have soy nuts, raw almonds or walnuts. I have apples, fresh pineapple and peaches - and V-8 juice which is probably verboten - and I eat a lot of raw organic carrot strips. Berries aern't in season here yet but I love berries and will add them. I drink lots of water and twice a day I put some Benefiber in it.

    But no more whole oats with Craisins and walnuts in the morning. No pretzels, in fact, no salt! I use a salt substitute instead.

    It sounds hard and from the standpoint of preparation, it is, but I'm going to do this as long as it takes to convince me of its merits or otherwise.

    OK, what about you? It's hard to cook when you're exhausted. How do you manage healthy meals? Or don't you?
    And what food tips have you found that make life easier?

    I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.
  2. UnicornK

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    But I just don't have the energy. I eat fruits and veggies, but for main meals I eat Lean Cuisine or South Beach. Once in a while I actually cook. Then I try to make extra, but it usually goes in hubby's lunches. That's OK. He needs the good stuff too.

    God Bless.
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  3. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Well I am amazed at how much my diet has changed and I am just beside myself as I NEVER thought I would turn into a health nut! Well you can't say never.

    Anyway I stay within the necessary food groups.

    I don't eat nearly at much wheat like Wheaties, wheat bread, etc. I cut out the Wheaties and now eats Cheerios which are oats, and sometime I will eat hot oatmeal breakfast. I have soy milk as my cereal fluid. I noticed a difference within about a week or two and didn't feel so sluggish like I used to when I was eating so much wheat.

    I eat almonds, and other nuts but right now if they can't be chopped then I can't have it as I have temporary fillings for my teeth.

    F&V---I eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables all day.

    Carbs---I added torillas back into my diet--I use the flour, the corn ones and I don't get along too well, wheats ones--I don't eat much wheat.

    I really enjoy wrapping tortillas with spinach lettuce (fresh), romaine lettuce, sliced chicken, a sliver of fresh avacado, some garbanzo beans (mashed--I like to mash them), and wrap that up and it's a meal.

    Each day I make sure that I eat something that has protein in it whether it is chicken, fish, organic beans, etc. I have gotten to a point that I don't eat meat much. Ham is too salty for me.
    Meat has not been attracting me these days. I noticed my parents have not been eating meat either. It is almost like they are following my diet too which makes it easier for me too.

    No candy at all. I don't have too much of a desire for it. If I am really craving something sugary I will eat a piece of fruit and if that does not work, a protein bar, and if that does not work then I will buy some Red Vines and one or two Vines will fulfill the craving. Chocolate, I don't eat it anymore. If I crave it bad, I will have a square and that is it. However I cannot remember the last time I had a craving for chocolate. Months ago!

    I added dairy back in as I need my calcium, I am tired of swallowing so many supplements and I much rather have it come in my foods than supplements. I don't think my body absorbs all of those supplements well enough either.
    I don't see much of a difference. I saw a difference when I added to dairy back and it was a good difference.

    I drink herbal teas--caffeine free and sweeten with Stevia or natural honey.

    No sodas, coffees,cakes, pies, etc.

    For cakes and pies I would have to make them myself--I have a few Fibromyalgia recipes with baking recipes for that stuff.

    My cravings these days are for fruits. Watermelon is in season and I eat tons of that. Cantaloupe, mangos, pineapple, grapes, and the list goes on.

    Right now I am craving for some watermelon but need to have meal right now.

    Vrooommm as fast as a snail....
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  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Everything! But I try to limit my portions. Remember, I said that "I TRY"!!!!!!!! LOL

    I'm a late sleeper. I don't get up until sometime between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. during the week. I get up earlier if I have to go somewhere. I can't sleep passed 10:00 a.m. on the weekends because my DH keeps coming in telling me to get up!

    But .. during the week, I will only have a bowl of cold cereal, 2 cups decaf, for "breakfast" and perhaps a piece of fresh fruit if I get hungry before supper. Then I will eat whatever I fix us for supper -- it's just the 2 of us, so I don't fix much.

    My trouble in around 10:00 or 11:00 pm. -- I like to have a big bowl of ice cream!!!!

    Then, while being on the computer (this message board), I like to snack on a few miniature Milky Ways!!!!

    I am a diabetic and supposed to limit my sweets--but every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth!!!

    I don't drink pop any more because I don't like diet pop -- the aspartame triggers a miagraine headache. I do occasionally drink a Diet Rite brand pop--they have some good flavored pop out.

    I can't drive caffeine products--coffee and pop--due to my heart problems and numerous heart meds that I take.

    So .... I normally keep a lot of water in the refrigerator to get really cold and just drink it.
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have never seen almond butter in the grocery store in my part of the US. Is this something only common on the west coast? Or, do you have to buy it in a health foods store?
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning!

    I see most of us are doing quite well in the raw food department, or at least very healthy foods.

    Prickles and dncnfingrs, I was surprised by the no-no on oats too! In fact I asked specifically about them because oats are so healthy. The answer was that oats are a cereal and no cereals in this diet. I got the book in the mail yesterday so I'll have more info in the days to come. I did read that cavePEOPLE rarely ate grains unless they were unable to find other food. It was an eat grains or starve thing for them.

    As I said, I'm trying this diet for two solid weeks to see if I feel any different. Unless there's an amazing improvement, I will add back a few things I feel strongly about like oatmeal - and a bit of dark chocolate now and then. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is right. I will continue not to eat most processed foods (leaving room for a Drumstick now and again) because I think there are too many preservatives in them for good health. Also the ground doesn't lie fallow anymore to restore nutrients to it so I'll continue with supplements.

    Oh, and dncnfingrs, I haven't seen almond butter here but I can ask the health food store lady. I got some other kind of nut butter once and just had no flavor.

    Off to find breakfast.


  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    And I wish you would start your own catering business! I drooled as I read your post.

    First of all, thank you for your kind words. I am an admirer of yours too. Except for the husband part, I can usually relate well to what you write.

    As for ordering online, I only wish. I go weekly to the store and lug home whatever I need. You're so right about impulse items! I do now have them bag the refrigerated/frozen things separately so I can put only those away first. In an hour or a day I go back and get the other bags. I've only lost a few things so far, like when the bagger got crazy and put frozen turkey in with the bread - back when I ate bread.

    The smoothie sounds wonderful. I make them too and add powdered protein. Also like you, I make a huge salad base for several days ahead, then add last minute things like tuna or chicken, beets and mandarin oranges to one plate of it. I know cutting things up ahead leaves them with fewer nutrients but that routine saves my hide! If I didn't do that, some days I wouldn't eat........ hmmmm, yes, I would; I'd eat junk.

    Today I am thawing five pieces of cod and I'll never eat five pieces. I must make sure the fish is individually wrapped after this. I'll eat some of it tonight with fresh steamed broccoli and raw organic carrot strips. (I'd rather eat at your house.)

    Yes! American foods are so much worse for us than other countries. I've heard of people migrating to this country and getting diseases they never had before in their family after eating our food for a year. They also often walked much more at "home" than we do.

    My cholesterol is about like yours was and I'm going to do my best with this diet. Right now a Drumstick is loudly calling my name from the freezer. It's the first time I've wanted one and I must think of an alternate. Frozen bananas would be good - if I had some. Planning ahead is key.

    Keep up the good work. Sounds like you're doing well with the diet you have. Consider adding magnesium with malic acid if you can. I'm hyping it since I've had such good luck with it.

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I certainly understand that if you're feeling better you're not going to be online as much. I suspect, between you and me, that we shouldn't be online as much regardless; we should be moving more, but we do what we do and judging ourselves is so unproductive.

    Were you bedridden that long with FM?? You poor dear. And no husband around except six hours of the day when he must have had to be sleeping? However did you manage? Grocery delivery would be only one helpful thing.

    I did somewhat enjoy the cod. You see I'm trying, at the request of my PA who belongs to my good new doctor, the Paleo Diet. The worst thing about it, aside from no Drumsticks, of course, is that I'm losing weight even though I'm eating a lot. I'm old enough that I need a few pounds on me so as not to look like a prune. Oh, well, there are worse things - like being very very sick.

    Back to the cod: I try to buy frozen fish because we don't have access to really fresh fish here in the middle of Michigan unless we catch it ourselves on one of our many lakes. We can purchase it unfrozen and they claim freshness but from lake to store is still longer than good for fish. I may need to resort to it anyway because of the portion situation with frozen fish.

    As for frozen yogurt, I do love it but the silly diet disapproves of dairy. As soon as I complete the two weeks I promised of strict adherance to the diet, I will make some wee modifications for myself now and then. Treats are OK once you eat primarily proteins, veggies and fruits. At least I've lost the shin splints that plagued me constantly, whether due to the diet or to the malic acid, I'm not sure. I'll take it anyway I can get it!

    Celexa: oh dear, I have a love/hate thing for this drug. I'm taking 2.5 mgs every third day now and will continue, I think, to eaaaaaase on off. It's completely amazing to me that, on day three, even if I've forgotten, I feel more edgy, more anxious. I check the calendar where I write down when I've taken it and, BING. Three days. I have an appointment with my doctor for a follow up to lab work so I'll discuss it with her then.

    What, if any, meds are you on? Tell me more about you.

    I am certainly feeling better than a month ago, thanks for asking. But I'm feeling fragile. As I said in another post, I fear the pain so I'm treating myself too carefully. This morning I got out my exercise mat, got on it and did some light yoga, stretches, breathing and a couple of reps with my 2# handweights. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I will NOT give in to this without a big fight.

    I'm glad you continue to feel well and can do the things you want and need to do. Please do keep in touch. I wish that we had a way of exchanging email addresses with those here that we click with but unfortunately we do not and I understand why.

    My best to you,


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  10. sascha

    sascha Member

    interesting to read the approach you are trying. i have cfids, and was doing poorly since mid-March. i started reading about coconut oil (books, online) and became convinced enough to give it a try since it was said to contain anti-viral, anti-fungal, immune-boosting, sugar-stabilizing, hormone stabilizing and thyroid therapeutic properties. i felt immediate and huge benefits. i think i then experienced 'die-off' for a period, when for ex. candida dies and your body is getting rid of its toxins. but i continue to have periods of great clarity, energy, strength, and well-being, compared to how i've been for years. and many fewer aches and pains. i'm combining coc.oil (only extra-virgin, unrefined, organic) with a very healthy diet- high protein, very little carb, no sugar/alcohol/caffeine/chocolate/refined carbs. i'm juicing organic vegetables, too. i really am feeling consistently better, and it's tremendously exciting and amazing. i hope to hear more from you on how you are doing. yes, it's labor intensive, but, boy, we sure are worth it. *and i have absolutely no sugar/choc. cravings when i am on coc. oil (@3 TBsp/day- but i had to start off slowly to work up to that point, and i had some reactions as my system got used to it). also- yes- raw almonds and mineral water make a very good snack. i take them wherever i go. Good Luck!! Sascha *i have heard that no/v.low carb diet can be very benficial for FM sufferers.
  11. stagename

    stagename New Member

    Frozen tv dinners are loaded with MSG!! this is a neurotoxin that you don't need! you don't have to be allergic to it for it to be harmful for you. signs of toxicity include headache, nausea, vomitting, diahrea, tingling, numbness, confusion, brain lesions, eye pain...google msg and see.

    eating healthy may be harder when we're so tired, but going the frozen, convenience way may be making you much sicker. the more you ingest, the more it bothers you.
  12. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I eat as healthy as I can.

    I eat lots of whole foods: fresh and raw fruits and veggies (mostly organic), whole grains (oatmeal bread, brown rice, rice noodles, bagels etc), eggs, lean and organic meats, nuts and seeds, cheese, soy milk ... I limit salt, saturated fat and overly processed and refined foods (canned food has a LOT of sodium, steer clear of things with fake sugars and too much starch) I try to eat a lot of "good" oils like canola, olive and peanut and soybean oil (they have lots of mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega 6).

    And I have a fair amount of coffee, green tea, herbal teas ... and as much water as I can (nearly 2 liters a day). And a vice is definitely beer.

    I don't completely restrict any foods I want to eat, I just eat them very seldomly.

    Through a lot of research I've done, I've found that omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, flaxseed and nuts and it can help with inflammation, so I've tried to eat more of those foods.
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Sascha: Interesting about the coconut oil. I'm glad it's helping you - and I'm sure that the rest of your healthy diet is a huge factor too. We definitely should be eating high in lean protein/low in carbs. The book I was talking about refers back to our long ago ancestors and how they ate. Of course that falls a bit flat with me since our Paleo ancestors are DEAD. But as I read and realize in my own years on this planet how much our diets have changed for the worse I have to agree with them.

    Holly: Didn't that post of Gigi's make you hungry?? I had to go forage up an avacado. Best I could do in the moment.

    Stagename: I do know that frozen dinners aren't the best for us........OK, they're bad. It's just that I was so sick and could not stand long enough to cook from scratch. A Catch 22 if you ask me.

    Ellikers: One thing I do like about this, oh I hate to call it a diet but they do, is that you don't have to give up everything you love, you only have to reduce it. For the first two weeks. Which is to say you can move slowly into the eating style and not shock your poor system all at once. You could keep some beer. After all, it's full of B vitamins. ;>)

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    After my very healthy salad for lunch I had a Drumstick. The thought of it was better than the reality and, interestingly enough, about 20 minutes later I had a stomach ache!

    I guess there's more to this healthy food thing than I want to admit. NOT that I wasn't eating what I considered to be quite healthily before but not as healthily as I have been for the past week and a half.


  15. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Marta: Oh trust me, I'm not getting rid of the beer. But it's still a toxin and not good for my body, so I just try to be watchful regarding how much I consume. :) ANd where did you read that it has B vitamins? And which ones?
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Here 'ya go, Ellikers:

    Folates are found in fruit and vegetables, with the highest levels being found in dark green leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, we do not generally eat enough fruit and vegetables. Therefore, nutritionists are focusing their attention on the nutritional value of some commonly consumed folate-containing foods. This forms the basis of a new EU project Folates, from food to functionality which is being led by the Institute of Food Research at Norwich. Among the foods being looked at are rye breads, orange juice, fermented milk products, gazpacho and beer.

    Enjoy! At least in moderation.

  17. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Hmmm ... interesting. I didn't know that beer had folate in it.

  18. oholland

    oholland New Member

    Reading this board over the last six months has improved my diet so much!

    I am now eatting lots of green salads with lean meat and poultry. Raw fruits and cooked fresh veggies (raws ones still hurt my tummy and cause projectile vommitting late into the night). I was eatting wonderful fresh nut butters but for some reason have developed allergies to nuts in concentrated forms so am eatting raw ones in smaller amounts.

    I am so enjoying herbal teas and of course protein shakes. I am getting healthy and hopefully will lose a few pounds too.

    I have added coconut oil, apple cider vinager, probotics, garlic tablets, and magnesium to my supplements and meds and they have all helped in my fight against fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

    I want to thank everyone who provides insight and inspiration to those of us who come here seeking knowledge and help in our battle. I appreciate all I get from this board.

    Again thanks,
  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm coming with you.


    Oops. Misspelled your name.
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  20. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I'm reading that some people here are eating coconut oil. How do you use it? As a general cooking oil? I thought that coconut oil has a LOT of saturated fat (more than the other veggie oils like soybean, peanut, canola or olive) and doesn't have the "good fats" (poly and mono-unsaturated) that those other veggies oils do. If that is something that interests or concerns you, I'd try to substitute conal, flaxseed, soybean, canola and olive oil).

    Here's a list from my nutrition textbook on the foods that have linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acids):
    leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, vegetable oils (corn, cottonseed, safflower, sesame, soybean, sunflower), poultry fat

    linolenic acid (omega-3): oils (canola, flaxseed, sobean, walnut, wheat germ; liquid or soft margarine made from canola or soybean oil) nuts and seeds (butternuts, flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans), vegetables (soybeans)

    EPA and DHA: fatty coldwater fish (mackerel, salmon, bluefish, mullet, sablefish, menhaden, anchovy, herring, lake trout, sardines, tuna)

    Omega fatty acids have LOTS of health benefits- they are a type of polyunsaturated fat (a very good kind of fat).

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