What do you have do to make your day count?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atiledsner, Feb 1, 2006.

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    I have stated several times on here that I am on a search for the rest of my life.....like what am I going to do with it,can I possibly work again,how do I choose what to do.For instance,I sold my parents property.I paid a big chunk of money towards my house.I bought a used truck and a used camper.Everything is paid for except my house.I could live on the money I have left about 2 years.Then I would be broke again.Right now I have no income.I have applied for disability,denied,have an attorney,waiting on a hearing.145 pages of medical reports have gone from my doctors to my attorney.If I get disability they will go back three years for back pay,but then I will only get less than 300.00 a month disability. I am 56, I was married to my first husband nearly 26 years so I can draw his ss when I get 62.I would like to have some fun and not have to worry about income for a while. Somehow I can't give myself permission to have fun.Please respond
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    Sounds as if you're on the right track. Just start slowly.

    Just try a part-time banking position or light office work. If you drive, maybe a flower delivery person. Something not stressful.

    Maybe you just need to get out there and try first, and then that will help you get readjusted to working again, or it will show you your limitations, and give you a better perspective.

    Just a thought.
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    My first ? is why do you only get that amt. of $? Is it
    because you did not work long enough to pay into your SS benefits? I am assuming that is the case. It seems to me that you should qualify for additional finances through the state that you live in, i.e. welfare, food stamps etc. I wouldn't think that you would have to survive on only this.
    I live in California & I know that you would be able to receive additional "State" assistant. Have you looked into this?

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    Just food for thought: you HOPE you will get three years back pay when your disability is approved, but that is not guaranteed.

    When I applied for SSDI, I thought I would get two years, however, it ended up that THEY changed the date and I was only paid two MONTHS backpay. It was a shock, but better than no backpay, and I was just grateful to get it approved on the first try.

    You asked for a response, so I will tell you what I would do if it were me in your situation. I would not have any "fun" right now. I would use what money I had wisely until I saw that first SSDI check in my hand. Then I would have "fun".

    I'm just curious ... why will you get less than $300/mo. for your disability? That sounds like very little.

    If that is all that you will get and you have 6 years until you can draw your ex-husband's Soc. Sec., I don't think I would be spending much money on fun stuff anyway, because you won't have much of a monthly income at 62.

    Just my thoughts,

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    It's great that you have $$ for now, be grateful. Some of us are struggling with how we are going to eat. Fun is how you define it. I didn't get the idea that it had to be big, so what is your energy level? Can you have a hen party, watch movies and have a popcorn fight? Short weekend trips in your camper? Lunch date every Tuesday, take turns preparing food.

    Part of what I heard is the message is your need to get away from worrying. The issues around fibromyalgia can become your life. I put mine in a box and put it in the closet...I doesn't always work for me, but I am learning how not to let the worries about $$ consume me.

    Lastly, you don't have to do what you used to do to have the day count. Sometimes just going one step beyond what you think you have the energy for makes it enough
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    Kendra,Pert,and Janet....I have just gone through so much the last few years....and in these times...there were days when i couldn't buy groceries.
    I spent a lot of money fixing up my parents place after they passed.I even considered staying in their house because I had a lot of disability items added to the house.

    A deck with a ramp,added basket drawers under the cabinets, a water filtering system...

    my house was just more private and I have a lot more room here.Spending the money on my parents house was a must to get anything out of it.Of course I had to pay someone to all the work because i had two surgeries. my husband (2nd husband) was called to Iraq for a year.

    Plus I had to have someone care for me for over a year, after my neck and back surgeries.Over 12 thousand dollars.

    Selling the house took a little longer than I had hoped for.But waiting for the right buyer paid off because I got a lot more for it than people in this area thought it would bring.

    Even though this was supposed to be a healing time for me I still had to contend with what had to be done and see that it was completed.

    Upon my husbands return we got a divorce.Now I have no insurance and no income.

    My 1st husband and I were married nearly 26 years and I was not allowed to work out of the home very much.So not much ss paid in on me.
    2nd husband and I were married almost 13 years.I had a business and was doing great until both parents became termanilly with cancer at the same time.

    I closed my business to care for them.My husband worked but his income was not enough to carry us through.I sold all kinds of things out of my house,and my private collections. I had a beautiful perfume bottle collection.

    I haven't been told i have CFS but have

    lots of the symtoms.

    A friend of mine came here from another country, she had no vehicle and stayed home most a year. I asked her how she got through that year. Her responce was it was a year for her to heal and she needed that. I guess I would like to be responcibility free and have that time to heal too.

    I have lost so many friends to pass on that never got to do those things that they wanted to do ONE DAY WHEN THEY HAD TIME.

    I did go for a job interview or part time floral work.I can't pick up over 10 pounds,can't stand over 15 mins.He never called me back.I have though of working at a local newspaper taking adds,answering the phone.

    I can only handle part time if any time.Banks here need tellers,but they all work full time.More later
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