What do you know about a RIFE MACHINE and electric Zapper.

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  1. Solstice

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    Someone mentioned in another post something about a Rife machine.

    I met someone about a year ago who had one, but I would like more information about what it is, and if anyone has any experience or knowledge about it's effectiveness. I believe it is to deal with infections, and possibly other things.

    And what is an electric zapper. Is this the thing with two bars that you hold and it zaps you with a current. I tried it once last year also, very briefly. Too little use to do anything probably.

    Any info???


  2. Mikie

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    I always hate to do this, but I suggest you do a search on zappers and one on Rife Machines. We have discussed both here. I have a doc's appt. and the subject is not one which can be covered in a paragraph or two.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Kay2

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    I am going to have to have my sister who lives in Nevada,do a write up on this. She has the rife machine and started out long ago with the zapper. It is very hard for me to explain seeings I have never used one. She is VERY knowledgeable SP! about both. The rife is the ultimate though. It does the whole body. I am going to get one when I save my pennys! lol!!! This does come up often and I would really like to be able to help out! Love Linda
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