What do you know about systemic enzymes?

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    I just listened to a tape about systemic enzymes. The lecturer was a Dr. William Wong. Everything he said made sense; the fact that we no longer get many enzymes from fresh foods because the soil is depleted & fruits & veggies sit around in cold storage before they ever reach the grocery stores. He stated that every function in our bodies depends on systemic enzymes. He mentioned fms in particular & said how these enzymes will help w/symptoms.

    The lady who owns the health food store I frequent gave me the tape & suggested that this type of enzyme might be of greater value to me w/my fms than the colostrum I'm now taking. She suggested I ask my doc about it which I will next time I see him, but have no apt. in the near future.

    I would appreciate any info anyone has. If you take them do they work? I seem to think I need to try everything that I hear about, but don't want to waste my money. The Body Balance I take has 7 enzymes (from 30 up to 600 UI's) plus several more that are less than 10 IU's. I don't know if the enzymes I already get are considered systemic or is that a particular enzyme I'm not getting?

    Thanks & take care.....Kathi
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    Search in the previous posts (top of the page) and you will find many posts and interesting articles on this subject.
    Enzymes are essential. If you can only afford one supplement, it should be enzymes, unless you are part of the small percentage of us who have no bowel problems.
    Yes, they work. Before I started taking them, I was losing my hair and sick to my stomach all the time because I could not digest food and get nutrition out of it. I also had bad gastro-esophageal reflux.
    Enzymes have made it possible for me to eat anything except green peppers, and they have totally eliminated my gastric reflux problem.
    The lady at your health food store is correct that only raw foods still have enzymes in them. Of course, if you have a lot of bowel trouble, eating an all raw diet is impossible.
    I do not know of a difference between systemic and other enzymes....maybe she is just referring to getting them into your whole system, not just your digestive tract? That is done by taking them on an empty stomach in-between meals, which allows them to quell inflammation and strip excess fibrin from blood vessels, thus allowing you to absorb nutrition better.
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    So if taken on an empty stomach is the way to go then I guess I'm already doing the right thing. I take my body balance first thing in the morning. I usually don't eat breakfast or if I do it's not till I've been up a couple of hours. What you said about fibrin & inflammation is exactly what the doc on the tape said.

    Think when I go to my fms doc next time I'll ask him if I need both the enzymes & colostrum. The two things are costing me about $45 a month & if I could eliminate the colostrum that would save me about $15 per month.

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

    Take care.....Kathi