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    I have always wondered what people say when they pray. I'm sure you have discussed this before and I hope you don't mind doing it again. I guess there is no right or wrong way to talk to God. Do most people pray for big stuff like ending war and worldwide hunger, for personal help, all of the above?

    When my son was born and was deathly ill I prayed to try bargain with God: "if You will let him live, I will believe." He lived. I have been praying since then that He come into my life and show me the way. I continue to do so.

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    I pray differently than others because my belief is different. I pray in the mornings (because I feel better in the mornings) and thank Him for the many blessings I have in my life. I believe it is important to remember that we have good things in our life and to always be grateful for them. I always ask for guidance through difficulties. I never ask for someone to win the ball game or for someone to beat all the traffic lights going home from work. I do not overburden him with my wants like a child on Santa's lap. Many hugs.
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    I'm with sassy, all of the above and more. I also believe that studying helps us through everything that comes along. When we study, we find answers to a lot. Like prayer. I usually pray before studying, that I will understand as I seek. And I love what sassy said about seeking the scriptures as if for a hidden treasure. The scriptures are treasure to me.
    The way we pray in our family..as you asked...we start with acknowledging God, Dear God..then we give thanks, for the day, for things that have come to pass--saftey throughout the day..for an answer to a prayer for a family or friend member...then we ask..for help, whether it be for someone else, ourselves, for something really needed, but, as his will be done. We ask for safety throughout the day, or night, which ever it is at the time of prayer. We ask for forgiveness for any wrong doings..and we know what it is that we have done wrong. And again, thank him for all that we enjoy at his hand, for we believe that we have everything in our lives because of him. There's a little bit. I feel that we are so blessed in this life of ours. We may not be rich folk, with material things..but consider outselves very much, richly blessed to know God.
    Sounds like Jam is happy in her own/spiritual way. I'm happy that she's happy. :)
    Good talking with you vivian, sassy, and Jam. Hope you all have a great day.
    Jam, do you go to the fibro board very much? I have more questions. I've only looked on there a few times, and think that I saw your name in there. I didn't go in with a specific question, except in the beginning, about chewing ice. :) Anyway, maybe I'll go with a question. I hope you don't think I'm taking advantage, but it sure saves time from getting on the internet and looking things up. I try not to be on here too long at a time..and now some are laughing because I can post long posts...but acutually, not bragging here, can type fast..maybe that came along because I'm in a hurry to get away from this computer light for a time. I have to get up, rest my eyes, then come back. It really hurts my eyes after a while.
    Thanks to all, love, Cynthia
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    Must have posted together. Haven't talked with you in a while. I like what you had to say here also. And, I sure could use one of those many hugs you're giving away. Soft ones I'll bet. You know how those rough and gruff hugs can hurt. I'm in a flare right now. Pretty sensitive all over, but I'm ok. :) Hmm, I like that, never ask someone to win the ball game for us. Good one. :)) The Lord does ask us to do what we can first..I believe that for sure. Do our part. Thanks, love, Cynthia
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    There you are. How have you been?? Nice prayer here. I think she can see how you pray now. With a very full heart of love and compassion. That's great. Have you ever given your real name on here? Just wondered. Hope you are feeling well. I'm doing, ok. Have to get up and get moving..did lots this past Fri..and yesterday. So, just sore. Will get going here in a bit again. Love ya, Cynthia
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    Thanks Tigress, you have a way with prayers that is such a gift. Your words and sentiments are beautiful and so well spoken. I feel them when I read them. How thoughtful your prayers are and so appreciated by me.

    Yes, I believe that when a promise is put out there we should be held to our word. I know there are no bargains with God, but I often ask myself why I do not have more faith when He kept his part of the deal.

    Thank you for showing me how you pray.

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    For those who are nonbelievers...When you pray to the universe or a higher power,what does that mean? Why is that a more plausable belief for you than a Divine Creator? Jeanne
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    Thanks Jam. It's always good to hear from you and how your daughter is healing from her addiction. These groups are lifesavers for me too. I was loosing my mind, trying to control but really enabling. You know the drill. Meetings are an hour away so I only mke one a week; but I found several mtgs online today.

    I like to use positive affirimations also. Visualizations are great too. I use them and know they work. Maybe these are just prayers in visual form.


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    Thanks for sharing and thanks for making a point I wondered about. Praying for important things that effect our lives and others. I never thought to pray for lottery numbers or good weather (oh yes, I have, like to help someone get home safely)and I wondered about it.

    I am trying hard not to start with "God, it's me Vivian." Soon I hope to feel more recognizable.

    Thanks to you all too Cynthia and SJ.

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    that love and goodness will prevail, that evil will be destroyed and suffering will come to an end for all sentient beings. (This is very all encompassing and feels good since i equate destruction of evil, the start of good for all). I pray for my loved ones, specifically recounting what i would like for each. I pray for strength and endurance, to keep doing the right things and not to get tempted into wrong. And to bear up. I recount my worries and ask that they be sorted out. I name and ask for intervention for people I know are suffering some malady or difficult situation or other. In the end i try and round it off by offering thanks for every good thing that has come my way, in my life, and that specific day.

    God Bless
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    Its very simple. I don’t believe the world would be like this if a ‘Creator’ made it. He would not have made it so that lions chase and tear pieces off a deer to survive themselves. Where is the love in that? Genesis says he punished humans. Not animals. Animals don’t have the concept of right and wrong. I don’t believe he would have created fleas to suck the blood off animals humans and make them suffer just so they can survive themselves. I don’t believe snakes would have been created with fangs emitting poison so great, it makes its prey die an agonizing death. And yet the snake is not at fault, if it does not kill, why, then it dies.

    Its not like we can say, oh we are humans, so that’s not our problem. We see. We think. We suffer.

    Its umimaginable to think that one with so much power would use it thus.
    I don’t believe a Creator would make all those waters and wastelands of North and Souuth Pole which don’t sustain life properly. Neither would he create the biggest planet Jupiter a dark dark waste of nothing but ice and gases. Nor would he create Mars, a fiery mass of nothing but hot gases. WHY go to the trouble of creating 10 planets and make ONE livable?

    And look at the differences. One person might say Ive had such a happy life, I wouldn’t change a thing if I were to get to live my life all over again.

    Another would say, Ive suffered so much since a little kid, (abuse, poverty, more weaknesses than strengths, obstacles at every turn in life, debilitating illness,I am waiting to die.

    When they die, they both go to the same place, if they’ve been good. So the one with the happy life gets a double bonus? Happy here, happy there? It was all a macabre game of chance played by someone up? Doesn’t work for me.

    I believe in the power of good and love. And that power emanates from a spiritual centre into which we tap when we pray.

    People approach these questions in different ways. Some would choose to say, we are not meant to know everything. Others would deem the answers too important to their approach to what they believe or not, to apply that reasoning and let it go.

    Mind you, I am only answering your question and saying WHY I don’t believe in a Creator who created this universe. Not that I am right. Or others are right. That question will be solved when each of us die and find out for ourselves.

    God Bless
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    Thank you so much for posting and your post was very informative. Thanks again.
  13. springwater

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    "When God created everything, it was Good. Even the animals were to eat herbs for meat.
    Genesis 1:30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for MEAT; and it was so."

    Do you mean FOOD instead of meat? Because meat automatically assumes an animal was killed and its flesh provides food.

    I wrote a lot and then deleted because it was a repetition of what has already been said by me before.

    Good luck to everyone with their beliefs....may it lead you to happiness and peace and pureness of mind and action.

    God Bless

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    Thanks Sassy for showing me how you pray. I can tell it brings you comfort and peace.

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    Thanks for your response. Regarding animals preying on one another,isn't that nature @ work? If not for that,all species would become over populated and subsequently starve to death for lack of food. While animals may experience pain,they can only react to it. They don't have the ability to understand it or learn from it. Aside from that,the more basic question for me is ,if not for intelligent design(God)how did we get here? We didn't just"happen" on our own. Jeanne
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    I say: Thanks so much; this is amazing!


  17. Rafiki

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    You wrote, "We didn't just "happen" on our own."

    That used to seem a question that begged a rather straight forward answer to me but it doesn't any more.

    It is possible that linear time is simply the way we need to organize experience. It may not exist outside of our experience of it. There may not be a beginning and an end or a time when we happened.

    Just because when we make something there was a time before it was and then a time when we made it and a time when it existed and, perhaps, a time when we broke it and it was no more, does not mean that that is a universal (whatever that really is) law.

    One would think that solid objects are solid if we were to trust our limited understanding but we now know that they are not. Everything is comprised of atoms and there is more space than there is matter in everything, even the most solid thing.

    It seems, according to many branches of science - physics, math... that it is all much more remarkable and amazing than anything we can comprehend. My personal belief, and that's all it is, is that an anthropomorphic deity playing by human rules and seeming to act out of human motivation and emotions is very much a product of the human understanding which was accepted as gospel, so to speak, at the time the Judeo-Christian bibles were written.

    I don't think that the Judeo-Christian G-d does not exist. I think that the common interpretation of those great texts has led to a description of G-d which is insufficient. Again, this is just what I think based on my experience and study. I think that we don't know as much as we think we do. I find that marvelously exciting! I am so grateful for this amazing experience!

  18. springwater

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    THAT is what i am driving at...nature is cruel is it not? But according to the Bible, WHO created nature? GOD. Otherwise it was a dark nothing, this world. Do you really believe God went beserk and struck out at man woman serpent and what have you because of the one act of eating a forbidden apple when he already knew Lucifer his beloved angel did much worse? Do you REALLY believe that?

    Sin entered and paradise was lost. All right. BUT. Look at the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. NO ONE threw a stone at her afer Jesus said he without sin should cast the first stone. Meaning...MAN WILL SIN. And Jesus knew this.

    So by that we can infer, poor mankind was doomed as soon as he was created. If not poor Adam and Eve one of their kids would have come along and eaten that infernal apple. Sickness, scourge, famine, evil, rape, incest, greed, it was all already there waiting to gobble up poor man as soon as he ate that apple.

    As for how did things evolve if not for intelligent design. Leave an abandoned house alone. How does the mould form there? Moulds are living things. Also, how come Noah didnt take a dinosaur aboard his ark. Scientist have proved dinoaurs existed.

    God 'cleansed' the world many times. Sodom and Gomorrrah. Noahs flood. Babel. What happened every single time? Mankind sinned again..and again and again. So what guarantee is there man will ever stop committing sin? Since it seems to be hardwired into our DNA from Adams time. Or rather into the dust from which he was wrought?

    God Bless

  19. bigmama2

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    people say "god is in control" and "everything is part of gods plan" etc. so god planned for mankind to sin and for sinners who are not "saved" to go to an eternal firey hell???? well that is just swell of him! he loves his children so much that he planned their eternal suffering?! what the ...????

    now i know the response will be- "the devil gets people to go to hell." soooo.... wait a minute- i thought god was in control of all? so gods not in control of the devil?????

    none of it makes any logical sense to me. that is one of the many, many reasons i am a non believer.


    ps- wow, i just thought of another question that i never even thought of before. if many of gods children/creations go to hell, and once they are there, they realize they were wrong, that they should have been believers, and repented their sins, - why wouldn't god be happy that they changed and then bring them into heaven? why no second chance?

    these are some of my serious questions.
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  20. Denamay

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    God created the universe which includes our earth, and it was good.

    The devil is a fallen angel who God sent to earth to get him out of his way.

    God made man in his own image, thus man was created perfect and was without sin.

    God gave man a garden on this earth for his own.

    The devil tempted the woman, who gave in to temtation and thus sin entered the word and there was no more garden.

    Every human born from that day forward is a sinner and God can not accept sin.

    God in the form of Jesus came to earth from his place in heaven to fix things up.

    The only thing that God would accept was a sinless sacrifice.

    Jesus who was without sin, gave his life on the cross and fullfilled the requirement.

    Jesus died and came to life again, and then he accended back to his place in heaven and waits for people to believe and accept his gift.

    Those who do not, go to hell to suffer, in the place were the worm never dies.

    Um, I wonder.