What do YOU think caused your FMS????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jorbax, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Jorbax

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    I went to atty for my SSD yesterday. Well, it just so happens that she has degrees in Psychology and Counseling!
    Anyway, I got it all in that appt! LOL
    All of my symptoms began 5 years ago after the birth of my daughter along w/ the death of my father which was at my 8 month mark, (had premature labor begin)....anyway she seems to really belive in the mind/body connection and thinks I need to see a counselor. She was very adamant about this in a kind way. I feel that I have "dealt" with all of that and do not really think there's a need to bring it all up again. I am depressed now but that is due to this $%^^&% fatigue which is killing me here.
    Anyway, I am thinking hormones also may have played a big part in my FM.
    What do you guys think??? Do you believe some traumatic event be it physical or emotional brought your fMS on or????
    Just curious as to your opinions re: what starts FMS??
  2. wle

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    the more I am thinking it may be the DDT and other pesticides and herbicides used on the farm and surrounding area where I grew up. WLE
  3. jadibeler

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    is hereditary. I've had it all my life. My mother was pregnant with me and Dad was scheduled to go overseas (WW11) when she had a bad flare and was diagnosed with MS. Later (much) diagnosis was changed to "myofibrositis" , old name for FM. My daughter started showing symptoms in her teens.

    But I have read that traumatic events can bring it on in predisposed people (autoimmune).

  4. dojomo

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    our toxic environment....dojomo
  5. MiahRoo

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    I think there are many, many causes for FMS. I think toxins all over the place are a big cause. Foods, chemicals and such. I think there is something to do with our systems that is a medical problem that may have been around since birth. (I'm in a fog so please excuse my lack of actual facts/theories at the moment) Also for me I think some of the trauma from my childhood really popped my fibro into gear. (Years of abuse. The emotional stress, devistation from that in my opinion made it all roll into gear. But I think it was there before hand...just not alive and kicking quite yet.) I think carrying around all that stress from my childhood makes my fibro worse on many days. But still seems to be a mystery...I'm doing a lot of reading and research right now trying to link theories together to form my own opinion but I've been really 'foggy' lately so it's been hard to read and remember the facts. Basically at this point I keep hearing all sorts of theories but all in all it's still a 'who the heck knows' kind of thing.
  6. IgotYou

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    I think serious health problems in my early childhood weakened my system - bladder and kidney and tonsil infections nearly monthly for a couple of years, plus two surgeries by age 7. Additionally, I went to high school in a farming area where lots of pesticides were used. I also have a strong genetic leaning toward immune system problems. Finally, undiscovered food allergies for my entire life gradually ate away at my system. I have had symptoms since high school, but it took off in a big way following back surgery as a result of a ruptured disk due to DDD. It worsened after a car accident a year later, then the following two years were VERY high stress.
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  7. BethM

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    I think it really began brewing after a car accident in 1978. The symptoms began to surface more strongly after I had 3 cervical vertebrae fused and multiple bone spurs removed from my cervical spine in 1995. There was an article recently in the library here about cervical spine involvement and fibro, which really made me think about all this. That surgery was necessary and to a degree life saving, since one of the bone spurs was pressing on my spinal cord. No regrets about the surgery, the outcome was good, but sure could do without the fibro!

    My mother, who also has fibro, smoked heavily when she was pregnant with me, and was very stressed. I have fibro, my two older sisters do not. I have to wonder if that, too, is a factor. For the record, Mom hasn't smoked in several decades, but she still feels guilty about what that smoking may have done to my body chemistry.

  8. Pindooca

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    I was in a car accident in 1993
    I had a baby w/epidural in 1998

    I think the car accident was a big trigger, but that the epidural contributed something... my horrible sciatic pain, depression and fog began a few days after the birth.
  9. Danett

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    My problems started when I was 11. Didn't have too many problems after age 13- only occasional.

    More problems after the birth of my two children- finally remitted when my daughter was 5.

    Starting up again the last couple of years. 38- signs of perimenopause.

    It's seems to correlate with whacky hormones for me!
  10. reva727

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    I kinda think I may have had it all my life. I had a friend in high school that used to say he would hate to see what I was like at forty because I was always complaining of aches and pains. If that's not it, I was in a car accident at 16 where I had a skull fracture that may have had a role. Also, when I was 28, my husband left me with two kids to raise. I think it may have been after that when I really started to have problems. That's about when my migraines began.
  11. libra55

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    I have not felt well since the birth of my youngest child 13 years ago. She was a very large baby (almost 10 pounds) and I had a long labor with a vaginal (forceps) delivery. I never felt the same after I had her. I bled for what seemed forever and I never recovered my energy. It was a downward spiral after that as I had to go back to work full time and I just got more and more tired. In 2000 I got Lyme disease which did not get diagnosed properly for a long time. I was diagnosed with FMS that same year.

  12. lease79

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    I had a genetic predisposition to the fms before I actually came 'down' with it.
    I had problems with muscle ache & just not feeling 'normal' from about 11 years of age. I would have to lie down in the beanbag in the corner of the classroom at school with 'weird' headaches. I was told it was my vision, but my vision turned out to be perfect.
    What actually 'triggered' it off I think was either a horrific car accident, where I received a 'whiplash' type injury that wasn't treated, a bruised spine & a bleeding kidney.
    Not long before that I (I think it was before...) contracted an unknown viral infection that alot of the farmers & locals down here were contracting & ending up in hospital with. I passed out in the shower for 20 minutes & when I came too I had a seizure from being unconscious so long. I ended up in hospital for three days, but they only took one lot of bloods & never actually found out what I had :(
    So you can take you pick. It could have been triggered off by one or the other, or maybe the combination of the two was just too much for my body to handle.

  13. Adl123

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    I know what caused my illness. I have a chronic bone marrow infectioon that is centered in my jaw and was caused by a poorly done root canal. The infection took years to affect me and has been growing for over 40 years, very slowly. It took 20 years before I paid any attention to my symptons. The doctor that diagnosed the cause had CFIDS/Fibro for the same reason, and said that, since he discovered this, he had found over 70 people whose symptoms were caused by the same thing (This was in 1998). Most of those got well after taking the proper antibiotics. I am allergic to all antibiotics, so I live with it. The diagnosis was confirmed by a nuclear medicine test and a biopsy. Hope this helps. If your face swells and you have unexplained redness on your face or neck, or unexplained tinitis, you might investigate this cause. The test is expensive but painless and really worth it. Other factors affect it, too. I hope this helps you in your search. Terry
  14. Mrs. B

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    It could have been getting hit by a car going 50 miles an hours at the age of seven or my parents getting a divorce and my mother re-marrying at the age of 6.
    It could also be because of my dysfunctional family or because my mother had CFID even before I was born ( her old time doc called it "battle fatigue") she also had FMS later in life. It could have been because I was allergic to regular milk as a baby and ended up fat & didn't walk as early as I should have. But, I have been thin/normal most of my life.

    I have had some symptoms most of my life so, I don't when or what caused it.

  15. wildzootv

    wildzootv New Member

    I have had lupus since I was little. I would of thought a stressful child hood would of triggered it but I also have 5 siblings but none of them have it. My Dad did have 2 cousins with lupus that past away from it.

    When my husband was deployed to war I stayed here and have been raising our son by myself (family in different states). Now any deployment is stressful......but add WAR into it.....well, I thought my lupus was getting worse, it wasn't....I was developing fibro.

    I guess then because of the lupus I was preconditioned for it.....and then the stress of my husband in war brought it on.
  16. tweety48

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    I think I got fm in my teens {17} {I'am 48 now} I have been in 3 car accidents, had whiplash {never treated} had a concussion from one. I've had mental problems from age 17, but all 5 of us kids have some kind of mental problems, it runs in my family my mom, dad, grandpa grandma 2nd cousins. I have had over the years cerical spine surgery at age 28 that started affecting my vision plus bone spurs {worse than the drs realize. I have also had thyroid problems since age 30 I now talk meds for life, a hysterectomie age 32 colon polps twice, endometrosis, bladder surgery {twice} nose surgery from a broken nose {abuse} gallbladder surgery, gallstones, IBS, Just this week I have started on blood pressure meds its running 170/110. I have chronic degenerative disk disease {1982} The surgon told me I would have to have surgery latter in my life. Plus like all others STRESS. I believe I had fm for most of my like. I wish you all the best in life. Charlie47
  17. wineToU2

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    My symptoms started after swimming in a polluted lake and eating canned fish. I think toxins in the body may be responsible for FMS.
  18. todayisagift

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    I think mine was more emotional. I think it was caused by separation anxiety when I went to school as a young child, I would NEVER want my mom to leave. My anxiety just grew stronger as an adult and never left. Plus depression got stronger too. I think the whole event just traumatized me about going to school. That and I got picked on for being shy, I had a lot of friends when I was younger but I still got picked on for being shy, it didn't matter and it got worse as I grew older. I think that played a big role in my body bringing this on.
  19. hurts2003

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    I was riding an intertube being pulled behide the boat. We hit a wake and I flipped into the air three times feet over head and landed on my neck (Whiplash). I hit so hard it knocked the breathe out of me and split my lifejacket in half. That was July 4th and I came down with a major attack on the day after Christmas. My Dr said between that and the fact that my Mother and Father both had severe Rhuematoid Art. I also went thru some serious stress on the Christmas eve before I got sick.
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  20. HuggyMummy

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    appears to be hereditary - from both sides of my family! (My father and maternal grandmother).

    Triggered at age 6 by 3 separate head injuries (including being hit by a car), various viral childhood illnesses (within about one year) and possibly including dental treatment, which I reacted badly too. From then on, have known no period in my life when I have been free from bad fatigue, except whilst pregnant:)

    'Growing' pains, now lifelong, started at around age 10/11 - presumably connected to changing hormone levels (again these were helped, not hindered, during pregnancy).

    (In connection with other posts re cause, eg neurotransmitters etc - maybe pregnancy helps because either blood flow changes and /or neurotransmitter levels change due to hormonal changes - just a thought:)

    One day even the docs will be able to tell us why we suffer as we do - let's just hope it's in our lifetime - so many have had these DDs without ever having any answers - my dear grandmother among them.

    PS I have had true clinical depression, about 7 years ago, totally unrelated to FMS. And, for me, it was totally dis-similar to the depression I get due to a fibro-flare - which is bad enough, but nowhere as mind-scaringly awful as clinical depression.

    PPS Any one here in UK found an NHS GP who acknowledges existance of FMS? - Would be glad to hear:)

    Bye for now
    aka HuggyMummy