What do you think of Near Death Experiences?

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    I am a Christian who believes in an afterlife, but during this past year, I've been interested in NDEs (near death experiences). Though I believe in Heaven and a resurrection, I used to think the standard accounts of NDEs--the out-of-body experiences, the tunnel, the bright light, and an encounter with a divine being--were just hallucinations, wishful thinking, or stories made up by people wanting media attention.

    In the past year, I've read a number of interesting books about these experiences, by such authors as Dr. Raymond Moodie, Dr. Melvin Morse, Kenneth Ring, Don Piper, Kimberly Clark Sharp, Dannion Brinkley, Betty Eadie, etc..

    They certainly haven't answered all my questions, and I'm skeptical about some of these books, but I'm finding I'm reading many of these accounts with great credulity. I also have two close friends who have had near death experiences and have shared them with me. I am having a very hard time believing they can be explained by mere hallucination, chemicals, or an oxygen-starved brain.

    I was just wondering who else believes in these or is just interested in them.



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    I had an acquaintance who worked as a Reg. N. in ICU. He said that if they talked to people within 1 hr. of having a cardiac arrest they would tell you of stories that would curl your hair. He said after the hr. they forgot what they experienced.
    My ex sister-in-law had a patient say to his roommate as he was dying its hot its hot.
    I also had the same experience with a patient.
    I have come real close to dying twice in the past cople of years and I didn't have any expereinces.
    It certainly is an interesting subject and I'm sure there are lots of opinions depending on your belief system.
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    When God takes your hand you walk with him. Blessings
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    I too am a Christian and believe God's Word. I haven't any words of wisdom on this subject except to say, I'm sure there are those who are lying and it's nothing but a hoax, but that's not to say that there isn't those who are telling the truth and have truly experienced what they say they have..

    I've heard stories in church that preachers and evanglelist
    have told, about people who have come back from death experiences. I've heard testimonies by people themself, who have experienced it, and these were Christian people who weren't actors, or had anything to gain by saying it.

    In the bible, Lazerous,(spelled wrong), came back from the dead when Jesus called him from the grave..
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    I believe that God has given some people a second chance when near death. Given a window into what is beyond this life. Some heed what they have seen....others have not. In the bible the rich man that did not repent of his sins who had died, cried out to God and asked if someone could go warn his family of Gods truths on life and death. That Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He became the bridge so we could be with him forever in heaven where there is no sin. John 3:16&17

    BOTH of my parents have had this near death experience. My mother back in 1968. We were in a car accident. They did not have seatbelts in the car or carseats then either. My mother and sister were thrown into the windshield. My mother told us that she saw a long tunnel with a bright light at the end. When she got to the end of the tunnel a person dressed in white told her that it was not time yet and that she needed to go back. When she turned around she was suddenly in the emergency room.

    My fathers experience is different....
    In 1992 after nearly dying from Gillium barre syndrome and while the doctors were "paddling" his heart to start it again, he saw the long tunnel with the bright light at the end. As he went towards the bright light it started to get further away the harder he tried to get to it. That is all he remembers.

    Why Are they different? I believe it is because my father has never accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. He has never accepted the free gift Jesus gave. My mother had. She has seen what life is after death now. She is with Him now. (for the last 7years.)
    Jesus wants NO ONE to perish. No one. God forbids sin in heaven so he sent his Son to be a living attonment for our sins. All we have to do is accept it, repent of our sins and believe. When you do you are a changed person. The bible is Gods word. That is what the bible says....not me. Want verses, I can list the ones referring to my post if you wish.

    with love and respect.

  6. kholmes

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    Thanks for sharing them.

    Somehow, I find them not morbid but very comforting.

    I'd be curious to know if others on this board have experienced anything like this or knows someone who has, and would be willing to share it.


  7. kholmes

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    I love the oil lamp analogy. That's beautiful.

    I'll have to check into that book. It is interesting how people undergoing NDEs apparently leave their bodies and can "see" things that were later corroborated by doctors or people in their rooms. This has evidently happened to blind people during NDEs as well.

  8. Heirloom

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    I have never posted on the worship boards before and have only a few posts on the fibro board. I have been very inspired by many of the comments. As a Christian, I find it very comforting to think of eternity. The lamp analogy is so beautiful, and I love the reference to Matthew Henry's comment about sickness being Job's servant. I would like very much to learn more of his thoughts concerning Job's experiences.

    Each day I think of how God works everything for my good and often consider that He is even in the physical problems I am going through. Of course, I don't believe that He brought illness into my life, but I do believe that He allowed it for His own glory and purpose.

    I know that there is life after death and that eternity is much more real than this earthly journey. Thank you for your inspiring stories.
  9. kholmes

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    That was beautifully put. I am glad you posted and hope you post more.

  10. Pottersclay

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    When my husbands grandmother passed away she looked up at the ceiling and her eyes got really big. She gasped in awe...and then she went to be with the Lord.
  11. kholmes

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    Those were very interesting stories.

    I wonder if more people have similar stories.

  12. kholmes

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    for readers of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN...
    and for anyone else.

  13. kholmes

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    for Cockatoomom!

  14. CockatooMom

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    I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories. I think in the deep depression I'm in I have still been looking for hope.

    I am proud to say that I am a Christian too. I believe God to be the absolute Almighty, and am SO grateful for his son dying for our sins.

    God bless.
  15. tlayne

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    When my dad was dying with cancer the social worker at the hospital gave me a book to read by, Moodie (can't remember the name, and I since passed it on). It was a great help to me!

    The night my Dad was to die, I told him goodbye knowing that I wouldn't see him alive again. I knew deep in my heart that if I was there when he died that it would be harder for him to let go and pass on. I again told him how much he meant to me and how much I loved him. I told him I would be at my grandma's if he needed me, and I would see him tomorrow.

    Early the next morning (4:37 am) my grandma woke me because she said I was sitting up in bed talking to my dad. (Yes, I was sleeping with my grandma, lol!) Around 6:00am my step-mom called to tell me that my dad passed on. Later that day my aunt, whom was with him at this time, told me that he died at 4:37 am. I don't know what we said to each other that morning, but my spirit was at peace even tho I mourned my greatest loss.

    Later, I continued to mourn his passing. Since he belonged to a differnt religion than I, and my 'religion' always said that they couldn't be saved I greived in a differnt way, wanting to know that he was with my loving Lord. My dad came to me in a vivid dream telling me to look at him. He said that he was whole and happy, and please not to cry for him anymore. He was dressed in a glowing white robe. He was the perfect picture of health (so far from the skeleton that cancer had left him with), he was the perfect weight, his beautiful blue eyes shown! There is just no way to describe the background in which he was in. It all was just such love and life that I have never experienced before or since!

    Wow! Just recalling it all, I am so blessed to be given this gift! This man whom I loved so very much wasn't even my biological father, but even the almighty knows the bond that we shared! Love ya all, Tam

  16. kholmes

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    Tlayne: Thanks for that beautiful story. Was the book LIFE AFTER LIFE, by Raymond Moody?

    Omiomi: Thank you for your story, too!

    I am sorry about BOTH of your losses.


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  17. tlayne

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    Yes, I think that it was! I will have to get another copy to pass on. When I get a good spirtitual I always try to pass it to someone in need, and then I ask that they will also pass on. Love, Tam