What do you think of the new forums?

Discussion in 'What do you think of the new forums?' started by PHXenMaster, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. TigerLilea

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    Freida and gb66 - All you have to do to see new messages is click onto "What's New" near the top of the screen underneath the banner and the green line that says "Forums Home" "Forums" and "Members". This new forum format is much better as all of the groups are together in one area, whereas before you had to leave one group to see messages in another group. Now all of the new messages from all of the groups are in one area and you can just click from one to the next. :)
  2. gb66

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    Leah, I sent two posts to the administrator about having a bedbound/homebound section but haven't heard anything back as yet. I hope they got my messages. I think I did it right.

    I noticed you mentioned post polio syndrome or post viral syndrome in one of your other responses. Do you ever wonder if this illness, CFS, is related in any way to some form of polio? My symptoms are so severe, much more so than a lot of folks on this board and it seems from reading your posts , that you are very ill also.

    I know it's hard to measure, but a lot of people do have more energy and are able to do a lot more than others on here. I was able to do a lot in the beginning even though I knew I was ill with something very strange. I did work part-time and went to college part-time for the first 7 years. Then, I just got sicker and sicker despite going to the doctors and doing my best to stay active.

    It was never about giving up or being depressed, I had a lot of things I wanted to do. I just continued to go downhill physically no matter what i did. Was this your experience? It started for me in 1978 with a viral like illness that was about 10 times worse than the mono I'd had as a teenager. I haven't had a well day since that time.
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    I don't like the new forum. I used to come to this forum daily. I rarely come now. I feel like a good resource is now lost to me.
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    HornPlayer, I'm not wild about this new forum, but obviously I'm ok enough with it as I post as much help as I can when I see something that I can add ...and I do enjoy posting other interesting topics, I think, in my opinion anyway....I've been here since late 2006 and don't recall seeing you here in all those years.....

    Why not stick around and post something from time to time....plus there are years of archieves here from many posts over many years......jam
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    Just joined yesterday and I love it here. So much info and so much help :)
  6. I like the layout. A couple of suggestions, the "sign in" is not intuitive. If you aren't logged in the only option is "sign up" (which granted once clicked does let you sign in). Perhaps, changing that button to "sign in/up" or "Login / Register" might make it easier, as well as increase the # of people who do sign up.

    I noticed the earlier question about starting a new post. I've found in other forums I frequent that having a "new post" in addition to a "reply" post within threads is helpful, as quite often we think of new posts to start while reading an existing post, and by the time we jump back out to the top of the forum we (especially those of us with chronic pain related fog) may have forgotten the question.
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    Hi! It's Fighty here! What happened to everything? I haven't been online for over a year and a half, and I don't like it because I can't find mmy way around.

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    Hi Fight! What a happy surprise to see your name here! I hope you will adjust to the new forum, and keep posting.

    One thing I find to be really helpful is being able to read all the former posts in a thread - so much easier to respond to people this way.