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    MVP, Hyaluronic Acid and Hyaluronidase
    People often develop mitral valve prolapse and other heart ailments after contracting rheumatic fever. It may be in part because the bacteria that cause rheumatic fever emit an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase breaks down hyaluronic acid. By dissolving the associations between the hyaluronic acid cells in connective tissue, bacteria can move through tissues that would otherwise pose a barrier to the spread of the organism. So if bacteria enter the body by breaking down hyaluronic acid in heart valves, then that would provide a logical explanation of why the valves then become defective.

    The herb echinacea is said to be helpful in combating cold and viruses, in part because it inhibits the activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase. This anti-hyaluronidase action is involved in regeneration of connective tissue destroyed during infection and in the elimination of pathogenic organisms creating the infection.

    A lack of hyaluronic acid would provide a logical explanation why people with connective tissue disorders not only have many symptoms linked to defective connective tissue, such as lax joints and stretched out heart valves, but also why they tend to have a high rate of bacterial and viral infections. It would also explain why symptoms of MVP often appear or increase after a viral illness. If a person's hyaluronic acid is less than robust, perhaps this make it easier for bacteria to break through their protective hyaluronic acid barrier.
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    Interesting information. I too was a sickly child. I had to try hard to keep up with the other kids and was sick a lot. I was diagnosed with MVP 24 years ago and FM about 8 years ago and went on SSD. I'm also hypothyroid as many here are. They found that while on the journey diagnosing the FM.

    I have no other heart problems and take medication for my MVP which has done a great job for me. Things like extreme fatigue, some meds, and illness can make it more symptomatic.

    I'm just hoping that having had it for so long that it doesn't lead to the need for a valve replacement at some point. I'd like to skip that thank you. I think maybe we have enough to deal with.

    Thanks for the info!

    Always Hopeful,

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    I have been fighting this DD for about 12 years now and JUST came upon some info regarding the possible connection with Hyaluronic Acid...I have asked my gastro to request a Serum HA blood test for this...I am anxious to see what the results will turn up...

    I understand it is in the fluid in your eye as well as the synovial fluid...Caught my attention when I read into it...

    I also believe that there is a strong connection to MVP. I have had many tests, some heart related and they never find anything...I have been considering contacting a cardiologist in the near future, an acquaintance, to help me with this aspect...

    My husband believes the fatigue MUST be heart-related...My Mom was sickly all her life, all her docs said because of rheumatic fever as a child, eventually she had the Mitral Valve replaced (over 25 years ago, not sure if I mean replaced or repaired)...The more I think back, the more I realize she had many of the same complaints I have...

    I, like many others here, don't take meds and can barely swallow vitamins and supplements...I am looking for the cure! With all of us learning from one another, I have to keep positive and think that someday WE WILL...Better Days Are Coming!

    Sorry if my reply is somewhat "FOGGY", at almost 8pm I am lucky I am sitting upright...You understand...

    Again, gentle hugs to you and Moose, thanks for a great topic of discussion, Alicia
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    That's an interesting thought. I have been on HA for a long time now to combat wear and tear on my joints. ( 30 plus years in the saddle ... literally ) have caused some problems in ankles, knees and hips.

    Won't it be wonderful if I have been protecting myself in other ways while trying to help my joints?!

    Thanks for posting this ...... Elsa

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